Diapers in Phoenix!

We have volunteers located in Arizona that made donations to 5 hospitals this month!  Many thanks to  Jacki, Stephanie, their friends and families, and the Young Women of the Cooley Park Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Together these volunteers donated 262 diapers for angel families in their community, with many more currently under construction for additional Arizona hospitals.

Some of these precious diapers were donated in memory of Ruby Huggans.
Others were made in memory of all angel babies gone too soon.
Jacki and family making deliveries!
For the angel babies of Arizona.
These diapers have been donated to:
Northwest Medical Center in Tucson
Banner Baywood in Mesa
Maryvale Hospital in Phoenix
Phoenix Children's Hospital of Phoenix
Threads of Love, Sun Lakes --  Serving Chandler Regional in Chandler

For Love of Cassidy, Part #2

"Because a hospital's a hospital, no matter how small." Carrie, Cassidy's mommy.

We wrote about angel mama Carrie when she made her first delivery to a small Utah hospital. She has since provided diapers to ten additional rural Utah hospitals.

"I have a sweet place in my heart for small towns, because I lived, until I was 9, in Paragoonah, UT population 500. I now live in a pretty small town, and when I found out they only have 6 angel babies a year in my local hospital, I wanted to find somewhere else to send diapers after getting them taken care of. The list of hospitals already being served didn't have too many small hospitals, so I of course wanted to take all of the ones that didn't have adoptees! We've now gotten packages of between 2-5 sets, to 10 small hospitals in UT. The remaining one on my list is my (other) hometown, so if anyone lives in Cedar City, maybe you could take a diaper in person and hopefully get approval :)

My mom donated gender neutral material, because I realized that we wouldn't want a baby boy dressed in pink- if they only have 1 angel baby per year.
We then had a little long distance party, with my sister Kathy and cousin Heather cutting, while my mom sewed.
After my first diaper party a few months ago, I realized that I can't even thread the machine without help, so I have been cutting out diapers and sending them to friends/family to sew. I now have my own Diaper Diva, Aracely (Anna to me) who is always willing to sew for me! I sent some gender neutral cut outs to her, and with all of these helpers, we were able to get the orders filled.
We also got to deliver some in person! After meeting at my aunt's house, which is in the middle of the state, we dropped them off on the way home. I've loved thinking of parents, who are far away from official support groups, getting some special handcrafted gifts for their precious babies.
I was asked to start some sort of support group by our nurse at the hospital, so I've started a Facebook group called, "Small Angel Babies, Small Town Support." We're making care packages, sharing thoughts and ideas, and setting up diaper parties-- of course! Thanks, Teeny Tears for inspiring me in so many ways."
These 60 diapers made for angel families at 8 rural Utah hospitals have been made in loving memory of Cassidy Jane Austin.

They have been donated to:
Bear River Valley hospital in Tremonton
Beaver Valley hospital in Beaver
Brigham City Community Hospital in Brigham City
Delta Community Medical Center in Delta
Fillmore Community Medical Center in Fillmore
Garfield Memorial Hospital in Garfield
Heber Valley Medical Center in Heber
Kane County Hospital in Kanab

Do You Shop Online??

Do you make any purchases online?  Chances are that your favorite stores are members of iGive.com and they will donate a portion of your online purchase to your favorite diapering cause, Teeny Tears!

Thousands of stores are giving back to their communities by participating in iGive.com:

Carter's donates 1.2%
Hancock Fabrics donates 1.6%
Joann.com donates 3.2% (including gift cards!)
Old Navy donates 1.6% (including gift cards!)
Amazon donates .8% of your purchase**

And so. many. more!

**Amazon is a little weird in that you need to route through www.igive.com/Amazon for it to track and donate.  Most other participating stores track automatically with your installed button.

Does this cost me anything?
NO!  Registration is FREE.  There are no fees at any time for your participation.  No cost to you, nice donations for Teeny Tears!

How does it work?  Do I have to know which stores are participating?
You do not have to know which stores are participating.  When you register for iGive.com and choose "Teeny Tears" as your cause, you will download the icon to your toolbar.  Whenever you purchase through a participating store, the purchases and donations will be automatically calculated!  There is nothing for you to do except shop as normal!  (And you have to keep the button installed for at least 90 days or it will reverse the bonus!)

How much will this benefit Teeny Tears directly?
When you sign up for iGive.com and choose Teeny Tears as your cause, iGive.com will give a $5 bonus to Teeny Tears just because you registered!  If you make an online purchase within 45 days of signing up, Teeny Tears will receive ANOTHER $5 bonus!  Beyond that, any purchases you make through participating stores will donate a small portion of your order directly to Teeny Tears.

What if I never shop online?  Would this still help?  What can $5 do for Teeny Tears?
$5 for Teeny Tears will purchase enough flannel, safety pins, and thread to soften the road of approximately TEN grieving families.  We are passionate about providing modesty and dignity to the worlds tiniest angels.  We shop sales and rely upon the generosity of others.  We appreciate every scrap of fabric that is dropped on our doorsteps, each stack of diapers that arrives in the mail, and every dime that is contributed for shipping expenses and diaper-crafting materials.  $5 would indeed be a meaningful contribution to our project.

Register for iGive today!  Click here!

The Pink Thimble -- Angel Babies and NILMDTS

We received a beautiful donation of pure white flannel from The Pink Thimble!

The Pink Thimble specializes in fun fabrics by the yard as well as unique, affordable decorative pillows and pillow covers.  Find their shop online and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

We were able to transform their sweet fabric into 80 diapers for angel families in Salt Lake City, Utah.  These diapers were donated to Heidi V., creator of Angel Babies and dedicated volunteer photographer with NILMDTS.

There are far too few NILMDTS photographers to serve the families of Salt Lake County.  If you are interested in being trained as a volunteer photographer for these special sessions, please contact angelbabiesinfo@gmail.com for more information!

These diapers have been made with love by Diaper Divas Vanessa and Megan B., in memory of Elizabeth JaneHeidi's precious daughter.
  Teeny little diapers and "large diapers".

Thank you, Pink Thimble, for your fabric!  And thank you, Heidi, for tirelessly serving the angel families in your community.

For Love of Carter, From Gramma

This picture of dedicated diaper activist and angel Gramma Carol on vacation makes me smile every time I look at it.  She sews in memory of her grandson, Carter, and shares her story.
"We make diapers for Teeny Tears. We started after the loss of our grandson Carter. I have loved sewing little things for babies for many years. I love quilting. We first heard about Teeny Tears when looking for "preemie" clothes, when we knew Jana's boys would most likely be early. The word "bereavement" popped up in my search, along with these patterns for tiny diapers. I immediately closed the page and said, well that's NOT what I am looking for!!

God had other plans for my Grandsons. They would, indeed be born early, at 25 weeks and Carter passed away. His identical twin brother Cohen spent 4 months in the University of Washington NICU. He is now home and giving us all a run for our money! We want to remember Carter's life and the Teeny Tears diapers were a wonderful way to do that, and sew for others who were bearing the incredible pain of losing a child. Carter has changed our lives in many ways and we want to remember how much he means to our family, what a fighter he was, and how incredibly much we love him and miss him. Working on these diapers is very healing. I am constantly AMAZED by the Moms who have suffered such loss, now give their time, money and family resources to make these diapers for other families.

When I saw "Citrus Valley Medical Center 60 diapers" on the waiting list, I was thinking I could do that by myself and do it in memory of Carter. I just really wanted to do it, not sure why. So I started in. Of COURSE I was not doing ANY of this by myself!! When I say WE started doing diapers, it really is WE. Jana is our commander, we have MANY faithful friends who cut, flip, sew, iron, ribbon and pin! ALL of our family has been involved and I am amazed at how far reaching it is. So THANK YOU ALL who help us make these diapers for these precious angels. It really is a sacred thing when you hear someone got one of the diapers or blankets. You are glad they did, but SO sad and burdened that they did.

Cohen helping with the diapers in memory of his twin brother, Carter.
I left a diaper for Carter at Heavens Gate, ID. Elevation 8429 feet! It was as close as I can get for now, little Buddy!
Grampa flipping diapers.
Thank you to all the NWWDD (North West Washington Diaper Dreamers)! This has been such a part of the healing for this Gramma. The grief is so hard to bear at times. I want it all better for my daughter and I want Carter here. It's a hard place to be. But the friends we have made thru Carters life and loss have been such a blessing." 

These 60 diapers have been donated to Citrus Valley Medical Center in West Covina, California in memory of Carter Garen Kimmel.

You can follow the many creative adventures of Carol on her blog!

For Love of Blake and Shane Part #7

Angel mama Holly and her family recently sent a donation of 52 diapers for the angel families at Arnot Ogden Medical Center, of Elmira, New York.  These diapers have been donated in memory of Blake and Shane Mendelsohn.

With help from big brothers Jake (left) and Luke!  Jake did some sewing and pinned the finished diapers.  Luke helped count and package up all of the diapers.  They worked on these diapers on October 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, pausing during their labors to light a candle for the boys.  

For Love of Mara

When Mara's mommy contacted me to see if we had any participating hospitals in her area, it was such a blessing for the angel families in her community.  As it turns out, we had a high-risk and high-bereavement-need hospital on our waiting list that was just 10 minutes down the road from their family.

Her water broke just shy of 21 weeks and Mara Grace was born silently to this world in on May 30th of this year, 2012.  No medical reasons were found, no answers given.  Her grieving family just passed the tender day of what would have been her due date on October 5th.  To honor her sweet memory, Mara's family donated 100 diapers to the angel families of Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

"I think I would most like to say thank you to Teeny Tears for giving me something to do in my daughter's memory.  The hours I have spent cutting, sewing and preparing these diapers has been one of the most therapeutic things for me in my grieving process.  I really believe sewing these diapers helped me grieve and comforted me at the same time. While I hate to think of anyone else going through what we did, I hope that having a homemade diaper for their precious bundle helps in some small way.

My hobby is sewing for my children (I have three living children) and this project has allowed me to continue making things in Mara's memory so I do not feel she is being left out.  It has been a saving grace." ~Katrina, Mara's Mommy

Who Is Using Teeny Tears Diapers?

Below you will find a list of bereavement support organizations as well as a PARTIAL list of hospitals by state that are already using Teeny Tears diapers!  These are facilities that have already received at least a one-year supply of diapers; this list does NOT include those that are on our waiting list or whose requests are otherwise currently "in process".  Also, with our rate of growth and new hospitals requesting services weekly, this list is perpetually outdated.  To find out if your hospital has already approved a donation of Teeny Tears diapers for their facility, email teenytears@gmail.com.  Our participation list grows and changes daily.

Also, many facilities on this list have been recently fully stocked with diapers and are not currently accepting additional diaper donations until their supplies diminish.  Before preparing a delivery of Teeny Tears diapers for a hospital on this list, you must email our headquarters to find out how many diapers the hospital might need and approximately when they may be interested in receiving more.  Storage space at hospitals can be minimal and we want to make sure we don't overwhelm them.  Some hospitals also have very specific arrangements with local volunteers.  We are organized meticulously in order to not trip over the efforts of others.

If you would like to get your hospital involved in our project, please visit our "getting started" page by clicking here!

Contact headquarters regarding your intended deliveries, even if they are going to a hospital that has already received them in the past!  The information is critical for our coordination and distribution efforts!  DO NOT drop off Teeny Tears diapers to a hospital on this list without clearing it with Teeny Tears headquarters first.  Email teenytears@gmail.com with any questions.

If you are a hospital or bereavement support organization in need of diapers, please click here.


Baptist Medical East of Montgomery
Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham
Flowers Hospital in Dothan
Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville
Mobile Infirmary in Mobile
Princeton Baptist Hospital in Birmingham
Regional Medical Center in Anniston
Shelby Baptist Hospital in Alabaster
Southeastern Alabama Medical Ctr. in Dothan
Springhill Medical Center in Mobile
St. Vincent's East in Birmingham
St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham
University of Alabama Med. Ctr. in Birmingham
UAB Medical West in Bessemer

Alaska Native Medical Center of Anchorage
Alaska Regional in Anchorage
Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau
Central Peninsula General in Soldotna
Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center in Fairbanks
Fairbanks Memorial in Fairbanks
JBER 673rd Medical Center
Kanakanak Hospital in Dillingham
Mat-Su Regional Med. Ctr. in Palmer
Norton Sound Regional in Nome
Petersburg Medical Center in Petersburg
Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage
Sitka Community Hospital in Sitka
South Peninsula Hospital in Homer

Arrowhead Hospital of Glendale
Banner Baywood in Mesa
Banner Casa Grande in Casa Grande
Banner Del E Webb in Sun City West
Banner Desert Medical Center
Banner Estrella in Phoenix
Banner Gateway in Gilbert
Banner Ironwood in SanTan Valley
Banner Thunderbird in Glendale
Banner University Med Ctr in Phoenix
Benson Hospital in Benson
Carondelet Holy Cross in Nogales
Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital in Tucson
Chandler Regional in Chandler
Cobre Valley Community Hospital in Globe
Flagstaff Medical Center in Flagstaff
Kingman Regional Medical Center in Kingman
La Paz Regional Hospital in Parker
Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Gilbert
Mountain Vista Medical Center in Mesa
Northern Cochise Community Hospital
Northwest Medical Center in Tucson
Page Hospital in Page
Phoenix Children's Hospital of Phoenix
Scottsdale Healthcare Med Ctr. in Osborn
St. Joseph's in Phoenix
Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Fort Defiance
Tuba City Regional Health Care in Tuba City
Tucson Medical Center in Tucson
University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson
Verde Valley Medical Center in Cottonwood
Yavapai Regional Medical Center in Prescott Valley

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould
Baptist Hospital in Little Rock
Bradley County Medical Center in Warren
Delta Memorial Hospital in Dumas
Forrest City Medical Center in Forrest City
Great River Medical Center in Blytheville
Helena Regional Medical Center in Helena
Johnson Regional Medical Center in Clarksville
Medical Center of South Arkansas in El Dorado 
Mena Regional Health System in Mena
Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith
National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs
North Arkansas Regional Med. Center in Harrison
Northwest Medical Center Bentonville
Northwest Medical Center Willowcreek
Quachita County Medical Center in Camden
Siloam Springs Medical Center in Siloam Springs
Sparks Regional Hospital in Forth Smith
St. Bernard's Birthcare Center in Jonesboro
UAMS of Little Rock
Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville
White River Medical Center in Batesville

Adventist Health Feather River in Paradise
Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaster
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton
Barstow Community Hospital in Barstow
Centinela Freeman Regional Medical in Inglewood
Citrus Valley Medical Ctr. of West Covina
Community Hospital of San Bernadino
Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs
Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz
Fairchild Medical Center in Yreka
Good Samaritan Hospital of San Jose
Hemet Valley Medical Center in Hemet
Henry-Mayo Newhall in Valencia
John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek
Kaiser Oakland Medical Center
Kaiser Permanente Anaheim
Kaiser Permanente Fontana
Kaiser Permanante Moreno Valley in Moreno Valley
Kaiser Permanente Orange County in Irvine
Kaiser Permanente Redwood City
Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa
Loma Linda University Med Ctr in Loma Linda
Long Beach Memorial Med Ctr. of Long Beach
Los Robles Reg. Med. Ctr. in Thousand Oaks
Mad River Hospital in Acrata 
Mayers Memorial Hospital Distr. in Fall Rivers
Mendocino Coast Hospital in Fort Bragg
Mercy Mount Shasta in Mt. Shasta
Montclair Hospital Medical Center in Montclair
Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton
Palomar Health Downtown in Escondido
Redlands Community Hospital in Redlands
Redwood Memorial in Fortuna
Robert E Bush Naval Hosp. in Twentynine Palms
San Antonio Community Hospital in Upland
San Diego Naval Medical Center in San Diego
San Dimas Community Hospital in San Dimas
San Goronio Memorial Hospital in Banning
Santa Clara Valley Med Ctr of San Jose
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Scripps Encinitas
Scripps Mercy Hospital in Chula Vista
Sharp Chula Vista in Chula Vista

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley
Sonora Regional Medical Center in Sonora
St. Bernadine Medical Center in San Bernadino
St. Joseph Health Petaluma Valley in Petaluma
St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka
St. Jude in Placentia
St. Mary Medical Center in Apple Valley
Sutter Davis Hospital in Davis
Sutter Health Memorial Medical Ctr in Modesto
Sutter Lakeside Hospital in East Lakeport
Sutter Medical Center in Santa Rosa
Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento
Tulare Regional Medical Center in Tulare
UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco
Victor Valley Community Hospital in Victorville
Weed Army Hospital in Fort Irwin
White Memorial Medical Center in Piko Rivera

Aspen Valley Hospital in Aspen 
Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville
Boulder Community Foothills Hospital in Boulder
Children's Hospital of Denver
Children's Hospital of Aurora
Denver Health Medical Center in Denver
Estes Park Medical Center in Estes Park
Evan's Army Community Hospital in Fort Carson
Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette
Kit Carson County Memorial in Burlington
Littleton Adventist Hospital
Longmount United Hospital in Longmount
Lutheran Medical Center in Wheatridge
Medical Center of Aurora
Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland
Memorial Hospital Central in Colorado Springs
Memorial Hospital North in Colorado Springs
Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango
North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley
Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo
Penrose St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs
Platte Valley Medical Center in Brighton
Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins
Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver
Prowers Medical Center in Lamar
Rose Medical Center in Denver
Skyridge Medical Center in Lone Tree
Southwest Memorial in Cortez
St. Anthony North Hospital in Westminster
St. Joseph's Hospital in Denver 
St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo
St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction
Sterling Hospital in Sterling 
Swedish Medical Center in Englewood
University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora
Vail Valley Medical Center in Vail
Valley View Medical Center in Glenwood Springs
Yampa Valley Medical Center Steamboat Springs

Connecticut Children's Med Ctr. in Hartford
Danbury Hospital in Danbury
Day Kimball Hospital 
Hartford Hospital
Manchester Hospital in Manchester
St. Francis Hospital and Med Ctr. in Hartford
UCONN Children's
UCONN Health Center in Farmington
WW Backus Hospital

Beebe Medical Center in Lewes
Christina Care Health Services in Newark
Kent General Hospital of Dover
Milford Memorial of Milford
Nanticoke Memorial in Seaford
Nemours/A.I. Dupont in Wilmington 

All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg
Baptist Hospital South in Jacksonville
Baptist Hospital Nassau in Fernandina Beach
Bay Medical Center in Panama City
Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg
Brandon Regional Hospital in Brandon
Broward Health Med. Center in Fort Lauderdale
Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cape Canaveral
Central Florida Regional in Sanford
Florida Hospital in Altamonte
Florida Hospital in Celebration
Florida Hospital DeLand
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical in Daytona Beach
Florida Hospital South in Orlando
Florida Hospital Tampa in Tampa
Florida Hospital Waterman in Tavares
Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach
Gulf Coast Medical Center in Panama City
Halifax Health Med Center in Port Orange
Holmes Regional Medical Ctr. in Melbourne
Indian River Hospital in Vero Beach
Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami
Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in Bradenton
Leesburg Regional Hospital in Leesburg
Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton
Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville
Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood
Parrish Medical Center in Titusville
South Lake Regional Hospital in Clermont
St. Vincent's of Jacksonville
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Wellington Hospital in Wellington
West Boca Medical Center in Boca Raton
Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando
Winter Park Memorial Hospital in Winter Park

Wuesthoff Medical Center in Rockledge

Athens Regional Medical Center
Atlanta Medical Center of Atlanta
Cartersville Medical Center in Cartersville
Cobb Wellstar Hospital in Austell
Dekalb Medical Center in Decatur
Doctor's Hospital Augusta
Emory Johns Creek Hospital in Johns Creek
Georgia Regents Medical Center in Augusta
Gordon Hospital in Calhoun
Gwinett Medical Center in Lawrenceville
Houston Medical of Warner Robins
Mid Town Hospital in Atlanta
Mid Town Medical Center in Columbus
Newton Medical Center in Covington
Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville
Northside Hospital in Atlanta
Northside Hospital in Forsyth
Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville
Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge
Piedmont Mountainside Hospital in Jasper
Piedmont Newnan Hospital in Newnan
Rockdale Medical Center in Conyers
Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale
St. Mary's Hospital in Athens
Wellstar Kennestone in Marietta

Castle Medical Center in Kailua
Hilo Medical Center in Hilo
Kauai Veteran's Memorial in Waimea
Kona Community in Kealakekua
North Hawaii Community in Kamuela
Tripler Army Medical Ctr in Honolulu
Wahiawa General in Wahiawa
Wilcox Memorial in Lihue

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital
Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot
Cassia Regional Med Ctr of Burley
Eastern Idaho Regional Med. Ctr. in Idaho Falls
Franklin County Medical Center in Preston
Gritman Medical Center in Moscow
Madison Memorial in Rexburg
Mountain View in Idaho Falls
North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding
Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello
St. Alphonsus in Boise
St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston
St. Luke's of Boise
St. Luke's Jerome in Jerome
St. Luke's Magic Valley in Twin Falls, Idaho
Steele Memorial in Salmon
Syringa Hospital in Grangeville
Teton Valley Hospital in Driggs
Walter Knox Hospital in Emmett
Weiser Memorial Hospital in Weiser

Adventist Bolingbrook in Bolingbrook
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital of Hinsdale
Adventist La Grange Hospital in La Grange 
Advocate BroMenn of Bloomington
Advocate Christ Hospital of Oak Lawn
Advocate Condell Hospital of Libertyville
Advocate Good Samaritan in Downers Grove
Advocate Good Shepherd of Barrington
Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village
Anderson Hospital in Maryville
Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's in Chicago
Blessing Hospital in Quincy
Carle Foundation Hospital in Champaign
Centegra Hospital in Huntley
Centegra Hospital in McHenry
Central Dupage Hospital in Winfield
Children's Hospital of IL in Peoria
Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago
Edward Hospital in Naperville
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital in Elmhurst
Evanston NorthShore of Evanston
Galesburg Cottage Hospital in Galesburg
Graham Hospital in Canton
Loving Arms Crisis Pregnancy Ctr in Taylorville
MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn
Memorial Hospital Carbondale
Memorial Hospital in Belleville
Memorial Medical Center in Springfield
Morris Hospital and Healthcare Centers in Morris
Mount Sinai Hospital of Chicago
Northwest Community in Arlington Heights
Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago
OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria
Presence Mercy Hospital in Aurora
Presence St. Joseph's Medical Center in Joliet
Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney
Rush Copley of Aurora
Rush Medical Center in Chicago
Silvercross Hospital in New Lenox
St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates
St. John's of Springfield
St. Joseph's Hospital in Aviston
St. Mary's in Decatur
Trinity Birthplace in Moline
Valley West Medical Center in Sandwich
Vista Medical Center East of Waukegan
Woodstock OB Department in Woodstock


Community Howard Regional Health in Kokomo
Dekalb Family Birth Place in Auburn
Elkhart General Hospital in Elkhart
Hancock Regional in Greenfield
Indiana University Health Arnett in Lafayette
Indiana University Health Bloomington
Indiana University Health University in Indianapolis
Methodist Hospital in Gary
Methodist Hospital in Merrillville
Morgan County Hospital in Martinsville
Parkview Women's and Children's in Fort Wayne
Porter Regional Hospital in Valparaiso
Riley Children's Hospital NICU
Riverview Hospital Maternity Center in Noblesville
St. Elizabeth East in Lafayette
St. Francis Hospital in Mooresville
St. Joseph's Hospital of Kokomo

Alegent Health Creighton Mercy in Council Bluffs
Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines
Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo
Floyd County Medical Center in Charles City
Fort Madison Community Hospital
Genesis East Campus in Davenport
Great River Med Center in West Burlington
Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines
Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines
Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids
Mercy Medical Center Clinton in Clinton
Mercy Medical Center North Iowa in Mason City
Methodist Hospital in Des Moines
Methodist West in Des Moines
St. Luke's Cedar Rapids
Trinity Hospital in Bettendorf
Unity Point in Cedar Rapids
University of Iowa Children's in Iowa City
University of Iowa Hospitals/Clinics in Iowa City

Geary Community Hospital in Junction City
Irwin Army Community Hospital at Fort Riley
Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Lawrence
Mercy Regional Health Center in Manhattan
Norton County Hospital in Norton
Ramsom Memorial Hospital in Ottawa
Research Medical Center in Kansas City
Shawnee Mission Med. Ctr. of Shawnee Mission
Stormont Vail in Topeka
University of Kansas in Kansas City
Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan
Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg of Pittsburg
Wesley Medical Center in Derby

Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville
Baptist Health in Paducah
Baptist Hospital East in Louisville
Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington
Lourdes Hospital in Paducah
Springview Hospital of Lebanon

Abbeville General Hospital in Abbeville
Beaureguard Memorial Hospital in Deridder
Dauterive Hospital in New Iberia
Hancock Memorial in Bay St. Louis
Lafeyette general Medical Center
Lake Charles Memorial Hospital
Lakeview Regional Medical Center in Covington
Lane regional Medical Center in Zachary
North Caddo Medical Center in Vivian
North Oaks Hospital in Hammond
Ochsner Medical Center in Baton Rouge
Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson
Ochsner Northshore Medical Center in Slidell
Saint Tammany Parish Hos. in Covington (NICU)
Slidell Memorial Hospital in Slidell
Touro Infirmary in New Orleans
Women's Hospital in Baton Rouge
Women and Children's Hospital in Lafayette
Women and Children's Hospital in Lake Charles

Goodall Hospital in Sanford
Maine Medical Center in Portland

Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis
Baltimore Washington Med Ctr in Glen Burnie
Carroll Hospital in Westminster
Children's National Medical Center in DC
Garrett County Memorial in Oakland
George Washington University Hospital in DC
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Johns Hopkins Bayview of Baltimore
Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring
Howard County General in Columbia
Howard University Hospital in DC
Meritus Health Center in Hagerstown
Mount Sinai in Baltimore
Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury
Shore Health Systems in Easton
Southern Maryland Hospital in Clinton
Union Hospital in Elkton
University of Maryland Medical Ctr in Baltimore
Upper Chesapeake Medical Center in Bel Air
Walter Reed National Mil. Med Ctr in Bethesda
Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma
Western Maryland Reg. Med. Ctr in Cumberland

Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport
Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield
Baystate Springfield Medical Center in Springfield
Charlton Memorial Hospital in Fall River
Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton
Holyoke Medical Center in Holyoke
MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Salem
St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford
Tobey Hospital in Wareham

Allegiance Health in Jackson
Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo
Charlevoix Area Hospital in Charlevoix
Detroit Medical Center in Detroit
Genesys Regional of Grand Blanc
Harper University Hospital of Detroit
Henry Ford Bloomfield Hospital of Bloomfield
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in Wyandotte
Hurley Medical Center in Flint
Hutzel Hospital in Detroit
Marquette General Hospital in Marquette
Mercy Health Hackley in Muskegon
Munson Medical Center in Traverse City
Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord
Portage Health in Hancock
Providence Hospital in Southfield
Providence Park Hospital in South Lyon
Sparrow Hospital in Lansing
St. Mary Mercy in Livonia
Sturgis Hospital in Sturgis
Three Rivers Health in Three Rivers
University of Michigan Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital
West Shore Medical Center in Manistee
William Beaumont Children's in Royal Oak

Fairview Range Hospital in Hibbing
Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville
Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina
Maple Grove Hospital in Maple Grove
Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park
Monticello Hospital in Monticello
Minneapolis Children's Hospital in Minneapolis
Park-Nicollet Clinics
Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia
Sanford Bemidji Medical Center in Bemidji
St. Cloud Hospital in St. Cloud
St. Mary's Hospital/Mayo Clinic in Rochester
United Hospital of St. Paul

Hancock Medical Center in Bay St. Louis

Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis
Barnes Jewish West in St. Peters
Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City
Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar
DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton
Golden Valley Hospital in Clinton
Hannibal Hospital in Hannibal
Missouri Baptist in Sullivan
Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville
Progress West in O'Fallon
Ozark Medical Center in West Plains
Scotland County Hospital in Memphis
St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Louis
St. Clare Hospital in Fenton
St. Luke's Hospital in Chesterfield
St. Joseph Health Center in St. Charles
St. Joseph Hospital West in St. Louis
St. Mary's Hospital in Clayton
Texas County Memorial Hospital of Houston

Barrett Hospital in Dillon
Benefis in Great Falls
Bighorn County Medical Center in Hardin
Billings Clinic Hospital in Billings
Bozeman Deaconess in Bozeman
Community Medical Center in Missoula
Frances Mahon Deaconess
Holy Rosary Hospital in Miles City
Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Kalispell
Livingston Memorial Hospital in Livingston
Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton
North Valley Hospital in Whitefish
Northern Montana Hospital in Havre
Sidney Health Center in Sidney
St. John's Lutheran Hospital in Libby
St. Peter's Hospital of Helena
St. Vincent's Hospital in Billings
Wolf Point Trinity Hospital in Wolf Point

Annie Jeffrey Memorial County Health in Osceola
Antelope Memorial Hospital in Neligh
Bergen Mercy Medical in Omaha
Boone County Health Center in Albion
Community Memorial Hospital in Syracuse
Cozad Community Hospital in Cozad
Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha
Freemont Area Medical Center in Freemont
Great Plains Medical Center in North Platte
Henderson Health Care Services in Henderson
Immanuel Medical Center in Omaha
Johnson County Hospital in Tecumseh
Lakeside Hospital on Omaha
Midlands Hospital in Omaha
Ogallala Community Hospital in Ogallala
Perkins County Health Services in Grant
Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff
Sidney Regional Medical Center in Sidney

Banner Churchill Hospital in Fallon
Burns Funeral Home and Memorial Garden
Centennial Hills Medical Center in Las Vegas
Mesa View Regional Medical Center in Mesquite
Nye Regional Medical Center in Tonopah
Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno
Southern Hills Hosp. and Med. Ctr in Las Vegas
Summerlin Hospital in In Las Vegas
University Med. Ctr. of Southern Nevada in LV
Valley Hospital in Las Vegas

New Hampshire
Alice Peck Memorial Hospital in Lebanon
Catholic Medical Center in Manchester
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon
Elliott Hospital in Manchester
Littleton Regional Healthcare in Littleton
LRGHealthcare in Laconia
Memorial Hospital in Conway

New Jersey
Cape Reg. Med. Ctr in Cape May Courthouse
Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune
Hunterdon Healthcare in Flemington
Monmouth Medical Center in Longbranch
Morristown Medical Center
Overlook Medical Center in Summit
Princeton Medical Center in Princeton
Riverview Medical Center of Red Bank
Robert Wood Johnson Univ. in New Brunswick
Robert Wood Johnson Univ. in Somerset
Somerset Medical Center in Somerville
St. Clare's of Denville
St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick
University of Princeton in Plainsboro

New Mexico
Alta Vista Regional Hospital in Las Vegas
Carlsbad Medical Center
Geral Champion Regional Medical Center
Gila Regional Medical Center
Holy Cross Hospital in Taos
Los Alamos Medical Center in Los Alamos
Lovelace Women's Hospital in Albuquerque
Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces
Mimbres Memorial Hospital in Deming
Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque
Presbyterian Lincoln County Med. Center in Ruidoso
Presbyterian Plains Regional Med Ctr. in Clovis
Presbyterian Socorro General Hospital in Soccoro
San Juan Regional Med Center in Farmington
University of new Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque

New York
Albany Medical Center in Albany
Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira
Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis
Brooks Memorial in Dunkirk
Catskill Regional Medical Center in Callicoon
Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca
Chenango Medical Center in Norwich
Cohen Children's Medical Center
Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson
Cortland Regional Medical Center in Cortland
Crouse Hospital in Syracuse
Ellenville Regional Hospital in Ellenville
Glens Falls Hospital of Glens Falls
Golisano Children's Hospital of Rochester
Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern
Hudson Valley Hospital Center
Katz Women's Hospital
Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton
Massena Memorial of Massena
Mount Sinai of NYC
North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset
Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck
Nyack Hospital in Nyack
Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown
Rochester General Hospital in Rochester
Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo
St. Anthony Community Hospital in Warwick
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital in Newburgh
Stony Brook Hospital of Stony Brook
Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester
SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn
Sydnye Blatt Oakville Trafalgar Hospital
Thompson Hospital Birthing Ctr in Canandaigua
Vassar Brothers of Poughkeepsie
UHS Wilson Medical Center of Johnson City
Unity Hospital in Rochester
Vassar Brothers Medical Center
Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla
White Plains Hospital Center in White Plains
Women and Children's Center in Buffalo

North Carolina
Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville
Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern
Cartaret General in New Bern
Children's Hospital of NC in Chapel Hill
Forsyth Hospital of Winston-Salem
Frye Medical Center of Hickory
Halifax Regional of Roanoke Rapids
Lejeune Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, NC
FirstHealth Moore Regional of Pinehurst, NC
Onslow Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville
Randolph Hospital of Asheboro
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Vidant Medical Center of Greenville
Wake Forest Lexington Med Ctr in Lexington
Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg
Women's Hospital of Greensboro

North Dakota
Altru Health System in Grand Forks
Essentia Health of Fargo
Jamestown Regional Medical Ctr in Jamestown
Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake
Mercy Medical Center in Williston
Sanford Birth Center in Bismark
Sanford Medical Center in Fargo
St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismark
St. Joseph's Hospital and Med Ctr in Dickinson
West River Health Services in Hettinger

Adena Health System in Chillicothe
Akron Children's Hospital in Akron
Akron City Hospital in Akron
Atrium Medical Center in Middletown
Aultman Birth Center in Canton
Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati
Clinton Memorial in Wilmington
Dayton Children's in Dayton
Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati
Kettering Medical Center in Kettering
Knox Community Hospital of Mount Vernon
Madison County Hospital in London
Mercy West Hospital in Cincinnati
Miami Valley of Dayton
Southwest General  Hosp. in Middleburg Heights
University of Cincinnati Hospital in Cincinnati

Children's Hospital at St. Francis
Clinton Memorial in Wilmington
Comanche County Hospital in Lawton
Integris SW Medical Center of Oklahoma City
Jackson County Memorial Hospital in Altus
Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City
Moore Medical Center of Moore
Norman Regional Healthplex
OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City
St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City

Ashland Community Hospital
Charles Medical Center in Bend
Girod Birth Center in Lebanon*
Legacy Good Samaritan in Portland
Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg
Mid Columbia Medical Center of The Dalles
OHSU Doernbecher's Children's of Portland
Providence Medford Medical Center in Medford
Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford
Sacred Heart Medical Center in Riverbend
Salem Hospital in Salem
Samaritan Albany General Hospital in Albany
*Samaritan Lebanon Community in Lebanon
Samaritan Pacific Communities Hosp. in Newport
Santiam Memorial Hospital in Stayton
St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland
Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
DuBois Medical Center in DuBois
Einstein Hospital in Montgomery
Geisinger Medical Center in Danville
Geisinger Wyoming Valley in Wilkes-Barre
Hazleton General Hospital in Hazleton
Heart of Lancaster Regional in Lancaster
Heritage Sewickley in Sewickley
Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook
Jameson Hospital in New Castle
Jefferson Hospital in Philadephia
Lancaster General Health in Lancaster
Magee Women's of UPMC in Pittsburgh
Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton
Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Hershey
Somerset Hospital
St. Luke's Fountain Hill in Bethlehem
Sun Home Health and Hosp. in Northumberland
UPMC Magee
West Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh
Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg

Rhode Island
Landmark Medical Center in Woonsocket
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket
Westerly Hospital in Westerly
Women and Infant's Hopsital in Providence

South Carolina
Aiken Regional Medical Center in Aiken
AnMed Health in Anderson
Bon Secours St. Francis Eastside
Carolina Pines Regional Medical Ctr in Hartsville 
Carolinas Health System in Florence
Clarendon Memorial Hospital in Manning
East Cooper Medical Center
Grand Strand Medical Center
Greenville Memorial Hospital
Hilton Head Hospital on Hilton Head Island
Marlboro Park Hospital in Bennettsville
Medical University of Charleston
MUSC Children's Hospital
Oconee Medical Center in Seneca
Palmetto Health Richland(NICU) in Columbia
Piedmont Medical Center
Regional Med Center of Orangeburg and Calhoun counties
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
Trident Medical Center in Charleston
Tuomey Regional Medical Center

South Dakota
Avera St. Luke's in Aberdeen
Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City
Sanford Aberdeen, in Aberdeen
Sanford Children's Hospital in Sioux Falls

Baptist Memorial Hospital in Covington
Centennial Women's and Children's Hospital in Nashville
East Tennesee Children's
Erlanger Hospital of Chattanooga
Gateway Health System in Clarksville
Johnson City Medical Center
Methodist Germantown Hospital in Germantown
Niswonger Children's Hospital
Parkridge East Hospital in Chattanooga
University of Tennessee Med. Ctr. in Knoxville

Baylor Fort Worth
Ben Taub in Houston
Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center in Fort Hood
Cedar park regional Medical Center
Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos
Christus Spohn of Corpus Christi
Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth
Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas in Austin
Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi
Harris Methodist Southwest in Fort Worth
John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth
Knapp Medical Center of Weslaco
Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital in Houston
McAllen Medical Center of McAllen
Medical Arts Hospital in Lamesa
Medical Center Hospital in Odessa
Methodist Hospital Child & Heart in San Antonio
Methodist Stone Oak Hospital in San Antonio
The Methodist Hospital in Houston
Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in San Antonio
Oakbend Medical of Richmond
Parkland Hospital in Dallas
Providence Hospital of Waco
Rio Grande Regional of McAllen
Scott and White Hospital in Round Rock
Scott and White Memorial of Temple
South Texas Health System in Edinburg
St. David's in Georgetown
St. Luke's Baptist Hospital in San Antonio
Starr County Memorial in Rio Grande City
Texas Presbyterian of Allen, Texas
UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas
Valley Baptist of Harlingen
Valley Regional of Brownsville
Wadley Regional Medical Center of Texarkana
Women's Hospital of Houston

Alta View Hospital in Sandy
American Fork Hospital
Ashley Valley Regional Medical Center in Vernal
Bear River Valley hospital in Tremonton
Beaver Valley hospital in Beaver
Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding
Brigham City Community in Brigham City
Cache Valley Specialty Hospital
Castleview Hospital in Price
Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi
Davis Hospital an dMedical Center
Delta Community Medical Center in Delta
Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George
Fillmore Community Medical Center in Fillmore
Garfield Memorial Hospital in Garfield
Gunnison Valley of Gunnison
Heber Valley Medical Center in Heber
IMC of Murray
Jordan Valley of West Jordan
Kane County Hospital in Kanab
Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful
LDS Hospital of SLC
Logan Regional Hospital
Lone Peak Hospital in Draper
McKay Dee of Ogden
Moab Regional of Moab
Mountain View Hospital of Payson
Mountain West Medical Center in Tooele
Ogden Regional in Ogden
Orem Community of Orem
Park City Medical Center in Park City
Pioneer Valley of West Valley
Riverton Hospital of Riverton
Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
San Pete Valley in Mount Pleasant
Sevier Valley Medical Center in Richfield
St. Mark's of SLC
Timpanogos Hospital of Orem
Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt
University of Utah in SLC
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City

North Country Hospital in Newport


Chesapeake Regional in Chesapeake
Culpepper Regional Hospital in Culpepper
Inova Loundoun in Leesburg
Lewis-Gale Medical Center in Salem
Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk
Riverside Shore Memorial in Nassawadox
Sentara Leigh in Norfolk
Sentara Obici
Sentara Princess Anne
Virginia Baptist of Lynchburg


Allenmore Hospital in Tacoma
Auburn Family Birth Center
Central Washington Hospital of Wenatchee
Deaconess Medical Center of Spokane
Evergreen Hospital Medical Center in Kirkland
Good Samaritan in Gig Harbor
Good Samaritan in Tacoma
Holy Family of Spokane
Island Hospital of Anacortes
Kadlec Hospital of Richland, WA
Kennewick Hospital of Kennewick
Lourdes of Pasco
Mid Valley Hospital in Omak
Mount Carmel Hospital in Colville
Northwest Hosptial an Med Ctr. in Seattle
Othello Community Hospital in Othello
Overlake Hospital in Bellevue
Prosser Memorial in Prosser
Providence Hospital in Everett
Providence Pavilion for Women and Children of Everett
Providence St. Mary of Walla Walla
Pullman Regional Hospital in Pullman
Sacred Heart of Spokane
Salmon Creek Hospital in Vancouver
Seattle Children's Hospital
Skagit Valley Hospital of Mount Vernon
St. Joseph's of Bellingham
St. Joseh's in Tacoma
Swedish Hospital in Edmonds
Swedish Hospital in Seattle
Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma
University of Washington in Seattle
Valley Hospital of Spokane
Walla Walla General Hospital of Walla Walla

Washington, D.C.
Children's National Medical Center
George Washington University Hospital

West Virginia
Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington
City Hospital in Martinsburg
Grant Memorial Hospital in Petersburg
Jefferson Medical Center
Logan Regional Medical Center
Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley
Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glen Dale
Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown
United Hospital Center
Weirton Medical Center
West Virginia Univ. Children's in Morgantown

American Family Children's Hospital in Madison 
Aurora Medical Center in Grafton
Aurora Sheboygan Mem. Hospital in Sheboygan
Beloit Health System in Beloit
Crossing Rivers Health in Prairie du Chien
Gundersen Health System in La Crosse
Hudson Hospital in Hudson
Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater
Langlade Hospital Birthing Center in Antigo
Mayo Clinic Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse
Mayo Health Clinic in Barron
Mayo Health Clinic in Eau Claire
Mayo Health Clinic in Red Cedar
Memorial Health Center in Medford
Meriter Hospital in Madison
Ministry St. Joseph's in Marshfield
St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Marshfield
St. Joseph's Hospital in Milwaukee
St. Mary's Hospital in Madison
Tomah Memorial Hospital in Tomah
Vernon Memorial Hospital in Viroqua
Wheaton Franciscan Health St. Francis in Milwaukee
Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury

Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in Cheyenne
Evanston Regional Hospital
Hotsprings County Memorial in Thermopolis
Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie 

Ballaret Healthcare
Casey Hospital in Berwick, Victoria
Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide
Launceston General Hospital in
      Launceston, Tasmania
Mater Mothers Hospital in Queensland
Monash Medical Center in Clayton, Victoria
Mount Gambier and District Hospital in Mount          Gambier, South Australia
Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Queensland
Women and Children's Hospital in Adelaide

Banff Mineral Springs Hospital in Banff, Alberta
B.C. Women's Hospital of Vancouver, B.C.
Birth Partnership Midwifery in Cardston, Alberta
Calgary Foothills of Calgary, Alberta
Canmore General Hospital in Canmore, Alberta
Cardston Health Centre in Cardson, Alberta
Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge, Alberta
High River Hospital in High River, Alberta
Lois Hole Women's of Edmonton, Alberta
Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary, Alberta
Pincher Creek Health Centre, Pincher Creek, AB
Regina General of Regina, Saskatchewan
Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary
Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon
Moose Jaw Union of Moose Jaw, Sask.
South Health Campus in Calgary, Alberta
Sturgeon Medical Center in St. Albert, Alberta

Princess Anne Wing Bath Hospital in Bath, England

US Naval Hospital Guam

Roosevelt Hospital

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