Diapers for Knox Community Hospital

"I feel so blessed to be able to give in this way. Many many family members and friends have suffered losses at many stages in pregnancy, and the losses just break my heart.

My Grandmother, my best friend, told me of the loss of her firstborn, this was back in the time when they didn't intervene, just let nature take its course. She carried their child full term, 2 months after learning his heart had stopped, before delivering him still. She carried that memory all of her life, even through Alzheimer's, and it has stayed with me as well. I don't think she ever had a physical memento of this child and that breaks my heart.

Grandmother was a seamstress, so I know I have her guiding hand and heart in this. I do this in honor of her memory and in honor of all of the angel babies and parents. I also think what we do helps the nurses that guide the families through this terrible time. I have worked in the medical field for many years, not as a nurse, but, I have witnessed the grief they go through with each and every loss. I know they carry every one in their hearts too."  ~Jodi

These 48 diapers have been donated for the angel families at Knox Community Hospital of Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Message from Grandma Carol

Teeny Tears ambassador Carol is a special angel grandma who tirelessly sews her heart out in the great Northwest for angel babies everywhere.  She sews in  memory of her grandson, Carter.
"I had heard that friends we have gone to church with for many years were expecting a grandchild. We had known their daughter through growing up in church. Our husbands work together. This couple was young, married, and they were expecting their first daughter. We then heard there were problems with the baby and then we heard that the baby had died at approximately 16 weeks. 

When I heard that news, I felt we needed to go over and tell them how sorry we were. I had been working on diapers, so I took 2 tiny pink diapers and Jana made me cards. I wanted to leave one with Gramma and one with mom and dad. We stopped at the Gramma's house; they were all there. I gave them the diapers. We said we were sorry, hugged, cried and left. 

It was a very short visit. I saw the look on their faces: the grief, anguish, sorrow, tears, what if, and why. I have been thinking of them ever since. I wake up and night and think of them and pray for them. Does this affect any of you this way? I have been staying up till 11 at night sewing diapers. I am always in bed by 9:30!! These folks are just beginning their journey of grief. Thanksgiving, Christmas. 

I am thankful for Teeny Tears. Do I grieve? Yes. Am I sad Carter is not here with us?  Yes. Is there an empty place in our family circle? Yes. Am I SAD the country needs so many thousands of tiny diapers a year?  YES.  But I have a way of turning that grief into something positive. I know seeing YOUR babies NAME on a card is acknowledging he WAS here and WAS so very important, and a PERSON!! 

After we gave them the diapers, our friend said, 'Carter and Cohen and your whole family are making a difference in people's lives.' 

 Actually: Teeny Tears has made the difference in OUR lives!"

Thank you, Carol, for everything you do to bless the lives of angel families!

For Love of Grace

"My name is Melissa and I stumbled upon your blog after the traumatic loss of my little girl this past April. Your blog was truly a God send. You see, I have had four little angels that have graced my heart, and my life. However, only for a short time were we able to be together. 

I experienced my first lost at 17 1/2 weeks; he was a sweet baby boy. Six months later I was surprised to see that I was expecting again. I thought for sure God was going to give me a miracle. He did, but not in the way I expected it to be. I again faced the loss of another baby. More cautious and leery about pregnancy, we chose to wait longer for our hearts to heal. When I finally almost felt whole again, I found I was expecting. Again my sweet baby returned to heaven. If you are counting this is 3 in just under a two year span. 

So, being extremely careful and with the watchful eye of doctors and specialist, I tried again. I was excited about this baby. I knew that it would be ok. It had to be... right? Well, I went on a rollercoaster of a pregnancy. At five weeks into the pregnancy I had an ovarian cyst rupture. Which caused me to bleed internally. Usually this would go away and all would be fine. It was not fine for me. I continued to bleed every day until I went into preterm labor at 24 weeks 2 days. Something caused me to go into labor. Being from a small town in Idaho they didn't have the resources to keep my tiny baby girl alive. And knowing the extremely difficult journey my baby would have to go through to stay alive, we choose to hold her and love her. She lived for two hours. And in those two hours I was able to experience heaven, and be able to hold an angel. 

Back to the reason why your blog was a heaven sent. The hospital where I delivered didn't have a diaper for my little Gracie. They did the best they could, with what they had. They used a 4x4 gauze pad that we taped around her. Like I said, they tried, and I am truly grateful for that. But in the back of my mind I felt like I had to do something, and I had to give something back. When I found the diapers, I knew that this was the thing for me to do. So I rounded up my family and we made diapers, and dresses, and bracelets, and blankets. Through the loss of four babies, I felt like I really needed to reach out and help other women. I wanted to make their experience just a little more bearable. I wanted to give them one more thing that they could hold on to. One more thing that made them feel like their baby wasn't forgotten. So thank you for helping me be able to provide that.  

I want to donate these diapers in behalf of my little girl, Grace Faith Daseler. We have made 100 diapers to donate in her memory. Thank you for doing what you do! It means more than you'll ever know."  ~Melissa, Grace's mommy

Angel princess Grace with her little "diaper" made out of 4x4 gauze pad and medical tape.

Bereavement gowns and outfits...
Bracelets and blankets...
100 Diapers...

These beautiful remembrance items have been donated in memory of Grace Faith Daseler to Logan Regional Hospital in Logan, Utah and Franklin County Medical Center in Preston, Idaho.

Fox Dog Designs Part #2

Fox Dog Designs has made another delivery of precious little bereavement diapers.  These 112 diapers were donated for the angel families of Howard County General Hospital in Columbia, Maryland.
(One of our Teeny Tears volunteers is also the mastermind behind Fox Dogs Designs, "Where Creativity Meets Charity".  In fact, she launched her shop to help support her own diapering "flannel habit"!!  50% of the proceeds from these awesome cloth wipes go toward making Teeny Tears diapers!  See the other charities supported by Fox Dog Designs and visit their shop!)

Teeny Tears In the Texas News!

Texas volunteer Siouxsie's sister was stillborn at almost full term;  Siouxsie joined our project in order to do "anything that helps these grieving families have some love and support."  She has really rallied her community to the cause, inviting friends, family, neighbors, churches, and youth groups to participate in the Teeny Tears project.

Together they have donated 700 diapers so far to 6 hospitals, including two recent donations to Christus Spohn in Corpus Christi, Texas (120 diapers) and Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee (164 diapers).  Many more diapers are currently under construction for future deliveries.  If "everything's bigger in Texas", that surely includes the hearts of these wonderful volunteers.

Siouxsie's efforts and a diapering event were recently highlighted in their local newspaper, The Anna-Melissa Tribune
A HUGE Thank You to the entire Anna-Melissa diapering contingent!!

For Love of Cassidy Part #3

The team that has taken on rural Utah communities has donated again to commemorate the due date of their angel princess.  Carrie and her friends and family donated 40 diapers to 2 more hospitals, including the facility where Cassidy was born.

Carrie making a delivery.
A thank you card and a gift of memento diapers for the staff that served their family.
"My goal when I first heard about Teeny Tears Diapers, was to have 100 completed by Cassidy's due date. It's only been three months, but my little "Small Town Support Group" has done some great things! We've done a bit more than 100 diapers :)"  ~Carrie
These diapers were donated in memory of Cassidy Jane Austin to Ashley Valley Regional Medical Center in Vernal, Utah and to Uintah Basin Medical Center in Roosevelt, Utah.

"As the sun was going down, I took my boys to the Angel of Hope statue. We released some balloons to their sister, and left a white rose in remembrance of our sweet Cassidy Jane Austin. It was a hard, but beautiful day." ~Carrie

Angelitos Part #2

Angel mama Laura V. continues her special work to bless the families of her community... and beyond.  We highlighted this sweet volunteer in a previous post.  She had been sewing gowns blankets and diapers by hand for many months to honor her 6 angel children, a sacrifice and dedication that touched many hearts.  Following our post, she received a special gift in the mail of a sewing machine of her very own.  She now can sew and serve with much greater speed!

She recently made donations to 4 additional hospitals in South Texas.

"I made 120 pairs of diapers, a total of 240. They are for 4 hospitals: Valley Baptist in Harlingen, TX, Rio Grande Regional in McAllen, TX, and McAllen Medical Center, McAllen, TX. and Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, TX.  I will donate 30 Memory Boxes to each hospital and each memory box has a pair of our lovely diapers. Maybe this isn't much, but each diaper was sewed with much love. I wanted to make the donation during this month because it will be one year since my 3 little ones went to heaven; the donation is in their memory."   Laura V.

"Hice 120 pares de pañales un total de 240 pañales,son para 4 hospitales.Valley Babtis-Harlingen,tx.Rio grande Regional-Mcallen,tx.Mcallen Medical Center-Mcallen,tx.Knapp Medical Center-Weslaco,tx. Boy a donar 30 cajas dmd memoria para cada hospital y cada caja lleva un par de los hermosos pañales,talvez no fue mucho lo que llegue a cocer pero fueron hechos con mucho cariño. En esta ocasión quise hacer la donación en este mes porque mis tres chiquitos cumplen un año de que se fueron al cielo y es poreso que es en memoria de ellos."  Laura V.

Teeny Love In The Triangle

Once upon a time, I (Megan B.) was a digital scrapbooker. Megan K. was also a digital scrapbooker that followed my blog and downloaded my free templates.  When my life became, er, "complicated", I left the scrapbooking world to pursue our family adventures.  Unbeknownst to me, she began following our NICU and loss journey and remained a lurking stalker for some time  :)

Megan K. and her friends wanted to contribute to the diapering cause in their community!  Just call these awesome gals "Angel Threads" in The Triangle, North Carolina.

"We are all connected by motherhood and the joys and pains of this most challenging privilege. I can only hope to provide some small piece of solace for a mother enduring something I can only imagine. 

These diapers will be made with love, in honor of Samuel, Nicholas, Dex, and in honor of my friends who have had losses earlier on in pregnancy, yet still know a heartbreak that only a mother can know.  Thank you for this opportunity to find gratitude even in the most challenging moments of motherhood."  ~Megan K.

These diapers have been donated to the Children's Hospital of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
"I was very inspired by how many people wanted to help, even though it was only ever a small group that could get together with lots of mommy schedules." 
"It filled my heart to deliver those diapers, knowing that this small token would provide a memento for families facing an entirely unexpected tragedy surrounding a sweet baby with whom they had already fallen in love. Sadly, the 65 pairs we delivered won't be enough to fill the hospital's need for a full year. It makes my heart heavy to know that at this one hospital, about 100 families per year have to go through such heartache. So - more diapers are yet to come!" Megan K.

For Love of Tenley

The Sandy Central Stake S.W.A.P. Committee (Sisters with a Purpose), Julie P., The Quilted Castle, and the SLC Diaper Divas recently combined efforts to make a donation of diapers in memory of Tenley Grace Zitting, who passed away July 21, 2011. To read more about Tenley's story and her mommy's journey since her passing, you can visit and follow "A Mother's Love" blog here.

"It amazes me how such a tiny soul can make such an impact on one’s life. I’ve not only seen this once, but I’ve seen this in so many tiny babies. From the moment we find out we are carrying a child or our partner finds out we are with child, our whole life changes. It’s no longer about you; it’s about what’s best for the baby. It becomes a race to become the best parents you can be even before their arrival. You suddenly become selfless and put this tiny beings needs before yours. She touched so many lives in the short life she lived. She’s touched people hearts who don’t even know her or I. She gave me new friendships I would never have without her, and she took away friendships that were meaningless. She taught her mommy so much and definitely came here for so many reasons. She’s made me such a strong woman and learned who I am and who I want to be. She changed the person who I am for the better. I have felt her with me more in the last month than I have ever. She has been with me holding my hand through some of the hardest milestones of grief. She was created to become an angel, she’s mommy’s angel of hope. She’s bringing so many positive people & things to my life. She’s taught me what family means and what beauty is made of. She’s still doing so much and she’s not even here. How is that even possible? She is my angel, my everything, my baby girl."  Hanah, Tenley's mommy.
With fabric from Julie P. (thank you so much!), SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa, Jeannette, and Megan B. made 98 beautiful diapers for the angel families of Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Large ones...
And small ones...
The Sandy Central Stake S.W.A.P Committee ("Sister With a Purpose") transformed fabric from The Quilted Castle into 104 precious diapers for the same facility, Atlanta Medical Center.
Thank you again, Quilted Castle, for making a donation of diapers possible!
All 202 diapers have been donated in memory of sweet Tenley and the legacy she leaves behind.

"There are mothers who give birth to babies, too good for this world of men. ... They touch our lives for a moment, then travel Home again."

For Love of Blake and Shane Part #8 and #9

When dedicated diaper enthusiast Holly lost power from Frankenstorm Sandy in New Jersey, she used her phone to post this message in our Facebook group:

"How am I going to sew with no power!?!"

Of course, the rest of us were far more concerned about our friend's safety, but it still made us laugh... a lot.  With that kind of diapering attitude, imagine my lack of surprise when a few days after power returned to her home, she informed me that she had two shipments of diapers ready to fly!  Holly, you are awesome.

Holly sent 144 precious bereavement diapers for the families at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Salem, Massachusetts.
 She sent another 70 diapers to Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.
These diapers have been donated in memory of her sweet boys, Blake and Shane.

Aiden's Project and Project Linus

Aiden's Project was created in loving memory of Aiden Grace Kimbrell to provide bereavement support for families that lose a pregnancy or a newborn.  They provide memory boxes for the angel families of Medical Arts Hospital in Lamesa, Texas with a blanket, tiny baby rattle, candle, Bible, bear, CD, and now diapers.
Aiden's Project also provides memory boxes to local funeral homes and when Aiden's mommy learns through the grapevine about a family in the community that did not receive a memory box for the loss of their angel, she has been known to drive a memory box right to their front door.  Aiden's legacy has touched families in Lamesa, Dawson county, Colorado City, Plainview, and beyond.  Eventually, Aiden's Project hopes to be able to provide memory boxes to all those who stand in need.

Be sure to "Like" Aiden's new page on Facebook!

We were honored to provide 10 diapers made by the Green Family to Aiden's Project.

When the Northern Utah chapter of Project Linus learned about Teeny Tears, they very generously donated 68 exquisitely handcrafted teeny tiny itty bitty blankets to our headquarters for the families that we serve.
We sent 5 of these precious treasures to Aiden's Project.

"At Project Linus, a non-profit organization, we provide homemade blankets to children in need. Our blankets are lovingly made by adults and children from all walks of life and many different sources."

Thank you, Project Linus!

And we love you, Aiden's Project!

SHARE of LaCrosse, Wisconsin

We really love the National SHARE organization and have been privileged to donate through several of their chapters.  These 60 diapers were made by the Green family and donated through SHARE for the angel families of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

The Preemie Project, From Dex's Cousins

'Diapers for Dex', from Aunt Heather, Uncle Jason, and the Beauchamp Cousins

"Four years ago our little twin nephews were born, much too early at 28 weeks.  They were victims of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and Dex did not survive, while Crew spent months in the NICU fighting for his life.  That day began an emotional journey of healing for my sister's family, and for their extended family as well.  One year ago, my sister launched an incredible service organization called Teeny Tears, which provides tiny, handmade, flannel bereavement diapers to be given to families who suffer this devastating loss.

They are truly blessing the least of God's children, and their families, through their time, love, and service, not to mention helping many who have walked this road before, to heal themselves as they want to turn around and bless others that come after them.  (Please click on the following links, as they tell the story much better than I can in my own words.  Our other sister, Courtney, wrote a wonderful post about Teeny Tears, and Teeny Tears was also featured on Life After NICU.)

Our family wanted to make some diapers to surprise Megan on their birthday, and to donate to a hospital in need.  We worked all through General Conference week-end to make one batch.

And then later in the following weeks to make another batch.  Even children can help!

This project has become so much a part of our family over the last year since it's launch, and we got really excited to do this.

The tiny little diaper sets, tied together in pairs.

All ready for shipping!
We love you so much, Megan and your beautiful family.  And we love you, Crew, you sweet little miracle.  And we love you, Dex, our precious little Angel cousin.  All of our love!"  ~Dex's Aunt Heather

These 88 precious little diapers have been donated to The Preemie Project! The Preemie Project is a fantastic organization that seeks to provide much-needed comfort and support to critically ill infants and their families in newborn intensive care units in Iowa. They also provide bereavement clothing and items of remembrance to grieving families who have suffered a loss.