For Love of Natalie

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #1

"My name is Melissa Newberry. My husband, Arthur, and I have been married for almost 7 years and have two beautiful boys together. After our youngest son turned 4, we decided that it was time to add a third beautiful baby to our family. I learned I was pregnant In April 2012, and in June we were given the news that I was carrying our first daughter! I had always wanted a little girl of my own, and I felt like the luckiest woman on Earth.

Everything progressed normally during the pregnancy until Monday, August 6, 2012. I woke up that morning with some cramping. I didn’t think too much of it at first and just took it easy, but things just got more and more painful so my husband and I left for the hospital. I was 23 weeks pregnant. It took a little over an hour to get there and by the time we arrived, I knew that I was going to be delivering my daughter that afternoon. Because I was in active labor, there was nothing that could be done to stop me from giving birth, and at 7:31 p.m. my daughter, Natalie Ann Newberry, was born. Due to the odds of her survival, my husband and I made the hardest decision to hold and love on our little baby for however long God let us have her. She held on to my husband’s finger, and died in his arms 61 minutes after her birth.
I really struggled with coming to terms with losing Natalie. I had so many plans for her, and so much love saved up, and didn’t know what to do with it. I had a huge desire to do something to help other families that suffer the loss of their baby, but I had minimal sewing skills, and every idea I came up with was already being done.

Until I stumbled upon a Facebook post of a picture of a tiny diaper from Teeny Tears.

Natalie had been dressed in a beautiful layette, but had no diaper that was small enough to fit her, so she went without. Once I saw that photo, I immediately knew in my heart that this is what I wanted to do to help other families and to honor my daughter. The diapers looked easy enough to sew and there was a definite need for them in my area. After learning more about the Teeny Tears organization, I asked some members of the infant loss support group I attend if they wanted to help out. Maranda Tyra, and Shannon Atwood-Edds offered to join me in making the diapers, and Maranda and I set out to recruit hospitals, starting with Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, which was the home of our support group. We got an enthusiastic YES from Baptist and we were off!

Maranda became an invaluable help to me, and a close friend. We decided to put together our own little group with the purpose of staying organized and providing support and information regarding our distribution of Teeny Tears diapers. Hence, the Angel Mommies of Arkansas was born.

We are currently in the process of recruiting more hospitals, and have big plans to provide the dignity of a diaper to as many babies and families as possible. I can’t express enough how much Teeny Tears has helped me to heal from losing my sweet Natalie. I felt so lost, confused, and helpless…and now I have something positive to focus on that not only will provide some comfort to other angel mothers, but also a way for me to honor my baby girl and to keep her memory alive.

I believe that the biggest fear a mother has after losing her baby is of that baby being forgotten. Teeny Tears has brought me comfort in knowing that through my work with them, Natalie will never be forgotten…and that we can assure other angel mommies that their babies matter, and will always be remembered too."

Maranda and Melissa making their first delivery!

These sweet diapers were donated to Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

For Love of Natalia

"Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it." ~Wilferd Peterson

In memory of Natalia Tatianna Grace Edna (those were all her names) we just call her Natalia or Nat

"I sew these wee teeny diapers thinking of my 2nd beautiful daughter.

In 1989 the pregnancy was a surprise, which all of my babies were but this one…wow…my 1st daughter Tabitha was all of 9 months old, of course in diapers, with bottle in hand not walking yet and wham the stick turned blue…but…hey, I had one baby how difficult can another be?

Having no medical insurance at the time I went to one prenatal appointment where I was told well, you had one healthy baby, this one should be just fine as well, no need for an ultrasound, just take your vitamins yadda yadda yadda…((sigh))

Almost right on time, perhaps a week early, I went into labor. My first baby was about 3 ½ days worth so I really wasn’t looking too forward to this aspect of the adventure; my labor didn’t progress so I was given pitocin to get the show on the road; no one bothered to tell me this might hurt a bit. Finally the moment came!  After 11 hours of back labor, another sweet baby girl was in the world, but she was purple and had a very quiet breathy cry. To make matters worse I was bleeding quite a bit so was left on the pitocin for another 11 hours. Needlessly to say the breast feeding didn’t happen since I couldn’t sit up for the pain. When I finally held my tiny daughter she was less purple but not by much, we were told she had a heart murmur and a little jaundice and we were sent home. Still without insurance and concerns I had about my baby’s weak cry, not wanting to eat, and not sleeping well was just put to me being an over anxious mommy…

After 28 days of seeing my baby lose weight, and basically being told to calm down and change formulas I brought my baby to the ER, mind you still no insurance, we were left in the waiting room for almost an hour until a man with a huge cut to his hand was called and he told the nurse my baby could take his turn. Natalia was turning blue, the jaundice wore off and my baby was blue. While we sat and waited for the doctor to see her she finally drank a full 4 ounces of formula…I was elated…little did I know…

They did a chest X-ray thinking perhaps my asthma was passed on to Nat, but it wasn’t. My tiny daughter who lived this long had only half of a heart, half of her heart never developed. This deadly defect sounds like a slight murmur looks much worse; Natalia had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. As we live in a farming community with just a regulation hospital at the time, my baby was bundled up and sent to Children’s Hospital & Clinics in Minneapolis where we learned even more devastating news. Her defect was fatal if left untreated and we were actually told we could just let our baby die if we wanted to…um…let that sink in…let my baby die?!? Is that really an option?!? Then we were told had we insurance Natalia could be put on a waiting list for a new heart but since she was so small and had struggled for 28 days out of the womb there was no real hope a heart would arrive in time. Then onto option # 3: surgery with a 30% chance of survival. Well we chose door # 3. After a very long but basically successful surgery we got to see our super tiny baby again. She was no longer blue, in fact she had pink little cheeks, and she was beautiful. Even with the machines, tubes, and the owie running down her chest, she was perfect in my eyes. We were pulled to one side and told they couldn’t stabilize her after the surgery, she had tried to survive untreated too long. After 2 hours of them all trying to stabilize Natalia, she slipped away on her 29th day of life having never opened her eyes again.

We waited patiently in a little room to say good bye to Natalia, so tiny, she finally arrived, no more tubes no screaming machines, just her with her Kewpie doll curl of black hair, her tiny nose, perfect chin, rose bud lips in a massive t-shirt, probably newborn but by now she had shrunk to less than 4 pounds, almost swallowed up in a big warm blanket. It was hard to find her tiny hands and feet so I could count her tiny perfect fingers and toes one last time.

She was quite teeny, thankfully my older daughter had a baby doll almost the same size as Natalia, so I took off the tiny flannel nightgown and sent it to the funeral home with a diaper for her to wear for the viewing. The diaper was massive even being a newborn size, had I thought of it I would have sewn up a tiny diaper, I had all the ingredients but go figure I didn’t think of it till much later.

Now so many years later, I’m a mom to 2 beautiful adult daughters and 2 gorgeous grandchildren. All healthy! I witnessed my grandbabies born, pudgy pink and screaming…such a sound of rejoice! With every new pregnancy I have the same worries about their hearts, thankfully with my youngest daughter I got an ultrasound to look right at her heart so I knew it was all there and in working order. We did the same with the grand kids…better safe than sorry!

I’ve been sewing for a group called God’s Tiny Angels based in West Virginia for oh, 3 years or so now. We sew for at risk preemies and newborns across the country, also making burial outfits and blankets for the teeny babies that don’t survive. I’ve also made Angel Pockets, a tiny square blanket of flannel with a built in pocket to hold tiny stillborns that I send to HCMC here in Minnesota as well as God’s Tiny Angels. I found Teeny Tears almost by accident when I say it noted on a friends blog. All I can say is THANK YOU too all the angel families who make these teeny diapers for all of the teeny and micro teeny babies to wear so their mommies can count those perfect fingers and toes before saying good bye."  ~Elaine, mommy to an angel

Whether making bereavement items for God's Tiny Angels or hospitals on the Teeny Tears waiting list, monkeys for Operation Sock Monkey, or quilts for the local children's heart clinic, Elaine likes to involve her grandchildren in her many charitable projects!  You can follow her crafty adventures on her Wicked Blog-i-ness Blog!

Elaine and her grandson Oliver donated their first batch of diapers for the angel families served at Banner Churchill Hospital in Fallon, Nevada.
These diapers were handcrafted in memory of HLHS Angel, Natalia Tatianna.
Elaine is the seamstress behind Yane'z Wee Lovies, the wee cottage industry of quilts, lovies, burp cloths, machine embroidered bibs, sock monkeys, sock dolls, sock monsters!  Yane'Z Wee Lovies helps fund Elaine's philanthropic adventures!

For Love of Asher

Today is December 25th -- Christmas, a sacred and holy day for millions of people around the world as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

For one family in Seattle, Washington, today has additional personal meaning.  Asher Charles McKinley was expected to make his much-anticipated earthly debut on Christmas Day 2012.  Instead, he came silently into the world on October 23rd, at 28 weeks.

"Words cannot express the heartache one can feel in coming so close to having everything you could ever want, only for it to drastically change in the end. Words can also not express the peace, love and greater understanding which can come from soul altering events like this...

I have noticed a subtle whispering in my soul to be kinder, more patient and above all grateful for the amazing life we lead, trials and all. I realize not everyone has the opportunity to carry a child for any period of time, let alone give birth and hold that child in their arms. We feel blessed, watched over, cared for and above all overwhelmed by the love and support which has been manifested to us...

While at the hospital one of the nurses said, "hold tightly to one another". Even though we felt an endless amount of love for each other before, the mutual love and understanding we now have is one which will be forever be imprinted on our souls."  ~Lisette, Asher's mommy

Read more about the lessons Lisette has learned by clicking here.
Amongst other treasures in his memory box, Asher received a Teeny Tears diaper set through NILMDTS that had been created by our Northwestern Diaper Dreamers and a precious blanket from Minutes of Gold.  Bravely facing her grief head-on, Asher's mommy transformed her baby shower into a service project legacy for Asher. In memory of their son, Asher's parents decided to make layette sets for the angel families of Swedish Medical Center.   These layettes would include gowns, hats, blankets, and diapers.

"Several months ago we picked out a date for my baby shower. For the first time I would be the guest of honor instead of the hostess. I was really looking forward to a day to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby with friends. Flash forward a month, we were faced with the untimely passing of our son and I was asked if I wanted to cancel my baby shower or do something instead. After thinking long and hard about this, I eventually decided to proceed with a service project instead of a baby shower. Initially, I thought the easiest thing to do would be cancel the event, but I soon realized the more good brought about because of the passing of my child the better...

Several of my friends have struggled with what to say or do to help me, but in the end helping with their hands is what I will appreciate most. I am no longer grieving the loss of my baby shower, but excited for the opportunity to help a group of women fulfill a need they never knew existed...

Our first Service Night was a grand success. We had an excellent turn out and everyone worked hard well into the evening. I think it is safe to say an enjoyable time was had by all, but most importantly we were able to make some great headway on our donation goal... We decided to tackle diaper, hat, blanket and gown making all in one night. Whew! We quickly learned which projects are the most time consuming and did our best to divide and conquer given our individual skill sets. Almost everyone left with a project to take home and I know many hands will be busy over the coming months in Asher's behalf. I left that evening with a heart full of gratitude and a bag full of goodies to donate to other families in need."  ~Lisette 

Relief Society sisters in their congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rallied together for a second Service Night:

"It is with a full heart I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the sisters who came out to support me on our second Service Night. There are not many places you can rally forty women together from all walks of life who are ready and willing to roll up there sleeves and devote an evening to helping out. I also wanted to thank all of you who have diligently supported me over the past couple of months. I have not only been lifted up by your prayers, but amazed at your capacity to selflessly give. Service Night was Relief Society at its best and the gospel truly in action...

The items we have been working on are for celestial beings and will touch the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. A blanket or a diaper might not seem like a big deal to you, but they will most likely become someone's most prized possession and one of only a few physical reminders their loved one was here on earth."  ~Lisette

Asher's daddy Cameron, Lisette, their friends, family, neighbors, and Relief Society sisters have donated 56 completed layette sets for the angel families of Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington, as well as 40 additional diapers sets.  A BIG thanks to all those that generously gave of their time, talents, and materials in the true spirit of the season for a special project in memory of the McKinley Family Christmas Angel.

You can follow the every day adventures of Asher's inspiring family on their blog!

For Love of Cassidy Part #4

Carrie and her "small town sewing angels" recently completed 110 diapers for angel families in Arizona and Virginia.

We had a family party to make most of the diapers for two of the hospitals that we adopted from the Teeny Tears waiting list! 
When I got to my grandma's house, this is what greeted me! My 91 year old Grandma Scott has been sewing up a storm, and my cousin found her sewing more diapers a few weeks ago! Thank you, Grandma Scott! This shipment had some of my favorite material...  The froggy diapers are my all-time favorite so far!
The Virginia hospital needed blankets as well, so my volunteers started making some of those too. My little group is always so willing to do more than first expected.  Since I'm more of the organizer, it always humbles me. Most of the blankets and diapers don't match, but they are just so precious!
My 21-month old helping me put the diapers into the bag. He's learning how to use scissors, and has cut a few diapers- right in the middle where it couldn't be fixed!! But for shipping, he was being "grown up" helpful :)
Look at these manly teens sewing/flipping! My husband was also cutting out tons of material, but he hates his picture to be taken!  But I was so happy for the help!!  ~Carrie, Cassidy's mommy
These diapers and blankets have been donated in loving memory of Cassidy Jane Austin for families at Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital in Tucson, Arizona and Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Nassawadox, Virginia.

For Love of Andrew and the Hudspeth Four

An angel family shares their story of love and loss, and their diapers with angel families in Nevada.

"In The summer of 2010 we went on a anniversary trip to Disney World to celebrate Our 20th Wedding anniversary. When we came home much to our delight, we discovered there was a little souvenir that had come home with us. We were so delighted! We had been trying to add to our family for several years and had given up. I had some of the same difficulties I had suffered with previous pregnancies. Things always worked out and we were positive things would be ok. The baby was growing and everything was looking good. In fact I was measuring 4 weeks ahead.

Sept.29 2010, I lost a very large blood clot and knew this was not my normal bleeding. We rushed to the doctor; they could not find a heart beat. We were sent to a near by hospital for an ultra sound.

In a small room we saw on a screen a still little one. His legs and arms were crossed and his head was bowed. It looked so much like he had said a prayer and gone to sleep. We were in Shock. The complete and utter heart wrenching grief I was feeling put me into labor. It was one of the hardest days of our lives!!

I was afraid to look at our little one. I had seen him sucking his thumb, kicking, twisting, turning. That is how I wanted to remember him. The doctors were not able to find anything wrong. Andrew Elijah was a perfect baby in every way.

We have lost three more pregnancies since that day. Our last little one in July 2012. I am not sure why we were chosen for this trial in life. But I want to turn it into a positive experience, the only way I know how.

It has been very healing for me to cut and sew each of these little diapers. Knowing I can help another family in such a hard time is a comfort to me. I really feel like I was lead to this group to not only make a difference for others, but finally allow myself to let go of a lot of grief and heartache." ~Jana H.

The Hudspeth family made and donated 380 diapers for angel families in Nevada, including Mesa View Regional Medical Center in Mesquite and Summerlin Hospital in In Las Vegas...

As well as Centennial Hills Medical Center in Las Vegas....
And Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas.
These darling diapers have been donated in memory of the Hudspeth children: some in memory of Andrew Elijah Hudspeth, and some in memory of The Hudspeth Four (including Andrew).

Thank you so much, Hudspeth Family, for sharing your story and your gifts of love and compassion.

Everlasting Love -- For Love of Zoe

Thank you again to The Quilted Castle for your donation of beautiful flannel to our cause!  Vanessa, Barbara, Jeannette, and Megan B. -- four of our Salt Lake City Diaper Divas -- transformed your fabric into a beautiful collection of diapers for angel families in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada.

"What if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears." ~From the song 'Blessings' by Laura Story
"I thought your little diapers were absolutely adorable and I think the more we can give parents a sense of realness to their baby, the more relevance it gives to their grief. People need to realize these are much loved babies that are being lost." ~Michelle, Everlasting Love

We made a donation of diapers to a wonderful bereavement support organization in Saskatchewan, Canada.

"Everlasting Love is a place where you can find others who have been through loss and understand how you feel. We have resources to support you as you make your journey through grief. We supply layettes to women in Moose Jaw and surrounding areas in person and through our local hospitals. These layettes are given so that we mommies have something to keep that was in contact with our babies. I know just how precious and important the memories are that we make in those few moments we have with our babies. I also know that our arms ache to hold something. My aim is to help make those moments as special as I can, to give you something to hold. I want to help you honour your babies and keep their memories alive in your hearts."  ~Michelle, Everlasting Love

132 precious diapers were donated in memory of Zoe Dueck, who was born still at 22 weeks on August 2, 2010.  You can follow her mother's journey and learn more about Zoe's birth on their blog, and visit the the Everlasting Love Facebook page.  (Don't forget to "like" them!)
Zoe's Song

"She should have joined us in mid-December
Maybe played Jesus in the Christmas play
She left us too soon, but we'll love her forever
'Cause she left her little footprints in our hearts

She left her little footprints, her tiny little footprints
She left her little footprints on our hearts

She left her little footprints, her tiny little footprints
She left her little footprints on our hearts

We wanted to hold you and tell you about Jesus
Now He can hold you and tell you about us.
Your mama's heart is breaking, so badly wanting you to hold
'Cause you left your little footprints in our hearts.

Oh, we'll see you soon, I know
As soon as we get to Heaven
But you left your little footprints, your tiny little footprints
You left your little footprints in our hearts.
Left your little footprints in our hearts."

~By Zoe's Daddy

Find Everlasting Love on Facebook!
Thank you, Quilted Castle! Don't forget to "like" the Quilted Castle on Facebook!

Diapers for Kaiser Permanente of Orange County

We had a sweet volunteer contact us from California, willing and eager to create diapers for angel families.  Thank you so much, Kate, Tamra, and Maddie!!  They adopted a hospital request on our waiting list! Kaiser Permanente of Orange County is a worthy facility that goes the extra mile to do everything they can for grieving angel families in their care.

"Here are the photos from our adventure!  I recruited my sister-in-law Tamra and 14-year old Maddie (a girl from our church's young women youth program) to help me with the diaper project.  The three of us made this batch of diapers.  However, we now have many others who are interested, so after the holidays we have some sewing nights scheduled to make more diapers!
We all went to Kaiser to deliver the diapers together.  We weren't really sure what to expect; we thought we might just be dropping them off.  We met with Colleen, who turned out to be the sweetest lady ever!  She was so excited about the diapers and so grateful and appreciative.  She brought us around and showed the tiny diapers to her coworkers and everyone was so impressed and so excited. 
Colleen sat us down in her little office and showed us a slide show of everything that the hospital does for bereaved families and talked about the staff training that they do.  They even train their nurses to make these tiny beaded name bracelets and have beading kits at the nurses stations.  It was pretty impressive.  After meeting Colleen, I was ready to switch my insurance and go to Kaiser!  I'm sure many hospitals have similar programs in place, but we were really impressed.

They also have a little courtyard with a memorial stone and fountain -- each year they have a memorial service and invite the families that have lost precious little ones.  It was a very sweet experience and we are all excited to get more diapers done!"   ~Kate  
Thank you again to Kate, Tamra, and Maddie for the beautiful collection of precious diapers you provided so selflessly!  And thank you, Colleen, for serving your angel families with such compassion, devotion, and love!

Diapers in Calgary, Alberta!

The mastermind behind 3 Little Thimbles is using her sewing gifts to bless angel families in Calgary, Alberta -- rallying her community to the cause along the way!

"I have never had the tragedy of losing a baby; I had a few scares in my first two pregnancies but was blessed with 3 amazing children (3 in 2 1/2 years...and no -- none are twins!). I decided in September to start my own sewing business out of my home, where I could sew things for babies, which I have always loved doing. The response was amazing and a dream come true. But I felt like I should be giving back to my community and that when I came across Teeny Tears. Someone had posted the link on a page that I was on and the second I read what Teeny Tears did I knew I wanted to help! My uncle was born with two heart chambers 40+ years ago and my Oma had no idea anything was wrong until he passed at 3 days old. It still plagues her and I have seen first hand her mourn that loss even to this day. So losing an infant has always been close to my heart...especially seeing loved ones go through the pains of miscarriage.

So I took on the project of supplying the Calgary area with diapers! But I did not do it alone! I organized 2 evenings with women from my church and friends to meet and just make diapers; one of those nights was right after a snowfall of 20 cm and they both lasted well over 5 hours. With the help of these dedicated women, all 100 sets were complete!

A HUGE Thank-You to:  Nikki Kish, Noel Matchett, Melanie Craig, Vanessa Eves, and Vanessa's freind  (whom I totally forgot your name.....I'm sorry, I'm terrible with names) I just wanted to say that this has been the most amazing experience for me. I posted a small request for flannel on a local swap site and the reaction was amazing! People literally have been leaving fabric at my doorstep and complete strangers come to my house to get fabric to make into diapers and return. I have met some of the most amazing women and am amazed at how my community has responded! I even dedicated portions of profits from my business go straight to buying flannel. I know that this is the beginning of something that not only will help hundreds of families, but has helped me just as much!"  ~Chelsie Rosner

These 200 diapers were donated to Calgary Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.
3littlethimbles is a Lethbridge home-based business that specializes in sewing and crafts (for babies, kids and a few things for Mom). Portions of all profits go straight to Chelsie's new Teeny Tears addiction!

Eli's Hope

Eli's Hope is a faith-based non-profit organization in the Chicagoland area that seeks to bring hope to families with a child in the NICU by reaching out in practical ways.  This project was founded in honor of Eli, who arrived at 30 weeks in 2005, weighing in at only 3 pounds. Seven years later, Eli is a strong, healthy little boy with a ton of energy!  To read more about Eli's Hope and the little guy who inspired his family to serve the little ones in their community, click here.

"Because of our own personal experiences, we at Eli's Hope are on a mission to share the love and hope we received from Jesus Christ with the families of NICU babies. We don't want NICU parents to experience the feelings of lostness and isolation that we felt. We strive to provide hope in the midst of sorrow, and peace in the midst of chaos. Because even if you have family nearby, good health insurance, and a great hospital, many NICU families are still missing the support they need to make it through, without feeling like they're drowning.

Having a child in the NICU is never an experience that anyone is prepared for. And the long-term effects of being born early or sick can linger for years. Eli's Hope is here to help make the rough places smooth for NICU families, only by the grace of God." 
~Jessica, Eli's mom

These are some examples of how Eli's Hope serves the families in their community.

A sampling of possible NICU Gift Bag items -- educational materials from MedImmune, care package from Graham's Foundation, scent blanket, gift card, tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, journal/pen, family magazine, hat, letter from Eli's Hope, and postcards from Life After NICU and Papas of Preemies.
Some of the many hats that have been knit and crocheted for NICU babies.
Bereavement items, including gowns, hats, burial buntings, and Teeny Tears diapers.
Part of the mission of Eli's Hope is to provide bereavement gift bags when a family experiences a loss.  They recently introduced their first Teeny Tears diapers to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois, handcrafted by Eli's Hope volunteers.  They also donated special gift bags for NICU parents and children's books for the siblings of NICU babies to read in the waiting room.
Thank you, Eli's Hope, for making an important difference for the families in Chicagoland.

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The Stitch Sanctuary, For Love of the Yeats Babies

Thank you so much to The Stitch Sanctuary for your beautiful flannels!
With lovely fabric from The Stitch Sanctuary, Salt Lake City Diaper Diva Vanessa handcrafted 76 diapers for angel families served by Touro Infirmary in New Orleans, Louisiana.

These diapers were made in memory of the Yeats Babies.  Ally says about her experience with 7 miscarriages and one amazing living son, "I guess more than anything, I'm grateful. Grateful to have Zach. He's my reminder. I am a Mom. God is good. Blessings abound. Life while challenging at times, is wonderful. And you can never give up hope. Hope for momentary lost angel babies and future full arms and hearts."  ~Ally

You can read more of Jason, Ally, and Zach's story here.
All of the fabrics that were used to make these precious diapers for angel families in New Orleans can be found on The Stitch Sanctuary's online shop.

For boys, you can find beaded stripes or stars and dots.
For girls, you can find colorful dots and pink pizza pie.
Thank you so much, Stitch Sanctuary!  Don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

For Love of Hunter Part #2

Thanks to the Green Family, we were able to make another donation of diapers to Angel Babies!  Angel Babies has been created to bring comfort to those who have lost a child.  Angel mama Alisha makes free memorial graphics as well as as a line of memorial keepsakes available for purchase.

These diapers below were handcrafted by the Green family.  They have been made in memory of Hunter Grace and will be donated in memory boxes to Tobey Hospital in Wareham, Massachusetts, where Hunter was born still at 17 weeks on December 17, 2009.  Sweet Hunter would have been three this month.
To learn more about the memorial graphics and keepsake items that Angel Babies provides, please visit their Facebook page and don't forget to "like" them!