The Hug Factory Workshop

You may remember the wonderful English Family, who has donated diapers and blankets to New York, Alabama, Georgia, and Guatemala.

You can now find them on Facebook as The Hug Factory Workshop!  While they continue to provide blankets and Teeny Tears diapers for bereaved families wherever they are needed, they also make blankets, kangaroo care carriers, and cuddlers for preemies and sick children in Montgomery, Alabama and through Pishamitas Con Amor in Guatemala.

During a holiday delivery to Baptist Medical Center East in Montgomery, Alabama, the Hug Factory Crew delivered 20 diaper and blanket sets and included with some of them--inspired by angel mama Katrina--a matching diaper Christmas tree ornament.
All packaged up into matching diaper/blanket sets
The Hug Factory Workshop beautiful created quilts, kangaroo slings, and fleece preemie-cuddlers for Guatemalan preemies!

NICU kangaroo carriers, modeled by The Crew!

Getting ready to sew up some cuddlers
 All ready for delivery!
Preemie quilts by Nana
The English Family originally adopted a request for bereavement diapers from Pishamitas Con Amor when it came over the Teeny Tears wires many moons ago. Since making that original connection, they have become close friends of Pishamitas and kind benefactors to the Guatemalan families that they serve.

The The Hug Factory Crew provides a wonderful service for preemies and angel babies.  Go "like" The Hug Factory Workshop on Facebook!

MJ's Memories

The Northwest Diaper Dreamers recently made a wonderful donation of 200 diapers for the angel families served by MJ's Memories, a division of Project Sweet Peas.

"MJ's Memories was started in memory of our son, Michael Joseph Skaggs, who we called MJ. MJ was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). CDH occurs when the diaphragm does not fully form, allowing the stomach organs to enter into the chest cavity, severely hindering lung and heart development. MJ lived for 35 amazing days before passing away in the arms of his mother on August 29, 2009. MJ is loved forever by his mother, father, and twin brother, Will.

MJ's Memories is part of an incredible organization called Project Sweet Peas. We are a local project that donates care packages to families who have babies in the NICU. Our amazing MJ lived his entire life in a NICU and we know just how heart wrenching and difficult days in the NICU can be.

Project Sweet Pea was started by a group of parents and grandparents who have one thing in common, we have all experienced what it is like having a critically ill child in the ICU. Through our experience we came together for support and comfort. Now it is our turn to give back.

Our gift bags are filled with items to treasure such as, baby blankets, camera's, hand molds, stuffed animals, booties, hats, lotion, soap, lip blams, and much more! They also include items for parents like journals, pens, crossword puzzles, antibacterial hand soap, tissues, gift cards and much more!" ~Megan, MJ's mommy

To read more about MJ's story, please click here.

"MJ is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Thirty five days was not nearly enough, but he will remain in our hearts forever." ~Megan, MJ's mommy
As the grandmother to a single surviving twin herself, NWDD Carol was pleased to be able to donate to MJ's Memories, and she had help from her granddaughter and husband!  "Any diapers, gramma?" is asked frequently by the young turner/ironer.  Grampa knows where to find them and just helps himself.

Carol made one very special diaper, inspired by angel mom Katrina.  She created a diaper ornament for MJ's family.
When MJ's Memories received our diapers, they packaged them up along with a collection of memory boxes for Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, Kansas as well as Children's Mercy Hospital of Kansas City, Missouri.
Visit MJ's Memories online and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

For Love of Jaime

Angel mama Melissa donated 72 diapers for the families of Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, Arkansas in memory of her sweet Jaime Rae.

I have always loved to sew! Prior to Jaime I had been thinking for a while that I needed to find something to do with my 'talents' to help others. Little did I know what God had planned! I had help with the diapers from my mom, grandma and aunt.

We named our baby Jaime Rae Hendrix after my father and father-in-law. My heart says Jaime was a girl but I won't know until we meet in heaven. Until then, Jaime is always in my heart. ~Melissa, Jaime's mommy

To read Jaime's full story, please click here.

For Love of Jemma, Quilts and Jewels

THANK YOU, Quilts and Jewels!  Due to your generous contribution of fabric, the SLC Diaper Divas were able to make 178 diapers for the angel families served by:

Reknown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada
Virginia Baptist Hospital of Lynchburg, Virginia
The Preemie Project in Iowa

These diapers were handcrafted by Vanessa, Barbara, Jeannette, Domonique, Megan K, and Megan B. in loving memory of Jemma Jayleen Lester.
We made larger diapers...
We made smaller diapers
We made diapers from the Riley Blake Summer Song collection
For love of Jemma...
"Born to my husband and I at 22 weeks and 4 days gestation our sweet Jemma Jayleen Lester was born early to us due to premature labor on January 28, 2010 she was 11 inches long and 1 single solitary pound. This is her story...

When you of think of having children you dream of all the things you see in the movies. Happily married couple with healthy happy children. You never dream that simply getting pregnant would even be an issue. It took 10 years to even be diagnosed with PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and 5 years of actively trying to get pregnant before the chance to be come parents was upon us. It took many tests, surgeries, trials and ultimately 4 attempt of IUI (inter-uterine insemination) my husband and I were finally pregnant. I knew right away it had worked this time for only a few days later things tasted weird and I just felt a little off.

Week 5 could not come fast enough we were having our first ultrasound and oh how exciting it was knowing we will get to see our little ones heart beat. The day came and after 45 minutes of ultrasound and taking pictures we knew we were having twins. We were so excited and relieved when suddenly to our surprise the the ultrasound tech said uh oh... my heart sank and I asked what was wrong. She told me she had to get the Dr and I almost passed out with fear. I asked why and she told me there might be third. The Dr came in and confirmed yes there are three, I cried and my husband laughed. We always wanted children and now we were going from NONE to DONE. Our dreams were coming true I was going to be a mommy my dream was coming true!

I was sick every day really sick the only safe times of the day were 10 am to 6pm. And the worst time of all was 4am I think that is when I became a human jungle gym, but I was simply delighted to be pregnant and was trying to contain my happiness while keeping my fears at bay. The most interesting thing to me while pregnant with triplets is even if I was feeling well if all three of them started moving I would get motion sickness. I knew there was a risk of miscarriage and with multiples the chance of it was heightened. I was just waiting and waiting for time to go on so I could let go of my fears. With Triplets I was considered high risk so I saw the Dr every two weeks. Each appointment they had to do an ultrasound with the Dr simply to be sure there were 3 heartbeats and every other with Maternal Fetal Medicine. Week after week all was going well.

I had several scares, but at At 20 weeks my Dr was elated at how well I was doing and thought he could extend my pregnancy past the 36 weeks they usually deliver triplets at. He said he would not be surprised if we went full term. This was the first time he showed excitement and was telling me how much he liked to do multiple birth deliveries. He seemed excited at ease with no worries which made me more excited and I released all the fears I had. I just knew all would be OK now. I hugged my ever growing belly and thanked them for making me a mommy. I told my husband and I think this was the first time ever since he heard the words I am pregnant that he even relaxed at all. We were having two boys and a girl!

Monday January 25th I felt odd and could not sit in certain positions. I had woken up to a feeling like I had been kicked extremely hard between the legs. I called the Dr's office both of them my old and new one and was told all is fine. I went to work but only for a short time. Later that evening after my husband had went to bed I started not feeling good and having some strange pains. They began to get more and more intense so I thought it was a false labor Braxton Hicks. I called the Dr's on call was instructed to go to the hospital immediately. I was not fearful because I had let all the fears go and knew all we be all right. I woke my husband and told him to get ready. We needed to go to the hospital because the Dr said so even though I did not feel it was necessary. A few minutes later I was in the worst pain of my life and I felt like I just needed to go to the bathroom. My husband drove us to the hospital and I simply could not wait to go to the bathroom. Upon arrival all was calm as I undressed to put the gown on a nurse hooked me up to some machines and then I hear lay down your in labor lay down now. I am confused but do what I am told and now fear sets in. How could this be all is fine I have been told all is fine I am suppose to possibly even go full term. A few mins later another nurse appears and says she is going to check my dilation. She begins and immediately stops says I feel feet and hits and emergency button. Quickly my room is filled with staff. I am being strapped to the bed and being turned upside down while needles in both arms are going in and people are shouting all kinds of things. Most of this was a blur and all I can remember thinking is all will be fine I know it will be fine. I know it I can feel it, all will be fine.

Jemma was breach her sac was not broken but she was in the birth canal. It was her that had been kicking me all day I was in premature labor and she was wedged. Had she not have been I would have lost them all at home. The plan was to have her simply slide back into me. The Dr came (my new Dr because of insurance changes) and went over all possibilities with us and advised us that we had decisions to make. None of these decisions would be easy and no one should ever be placed in this situation. I spent the next 2 days upside down on medication twice the toxic dose you're suppose to. My lungs were filling with fluid and we (myself and all three children) were becoming septic since her sac was exposed to the outside elements. Time had run out the Dr said we had to make a decision or he would because he had to think of my safety over all else. So we then made the best decision we could at the time (one I still question today).

We were going deliver our sweet girl and then try and stop labor and have a cerclage put in place and try to remain pregnant with the two boys. They did not know if this would work and they had not done it before but were willing to try. So there we have it, the decision is made at 0800 the next morning if nothing had changed I would be delivering our Angel. I had to call and see what arrangements could be made for services for her since she was not far enough along for them to even try to save her. This hospital did not help until 25 1/2 weeks. There was one other Hospital that helped early at 23.4 or 23.5 weeks but no one at 22 weeks and 4 days that my sweet angel would be delivered on. I was able to make arrangements for the plot next to my mom so at least I knew she would not be alone and would be placed beside her grandma.

I made the few calls to family that I could force myself to and then spent the rest of the night thinking it would all work out she is going to be fine she just has to. We will all be fine just give me more time. The next morning nothing had changed; we had to go through with the decision. They were ready for me and wanted to wheel me in. I asked for a few minutes alone (they said one nurse had to remain with me) I cried for a few minutes, held my tummy and told my little girl how sorry I was. I asked the nurse how long I would have with her before she passed. I was told not long. I asked how long and was told 15 mins would be a long time.

0753 am Thursday January 28, 2010 our beautiful baby girl Jemma Jayleen Lester at 1 lbs and 11 inches long was born an "Angel to her Brothers, Princess to her Parents,and forever loved by mommy and daddy.. She was the most beautiful thing I did ever see. She was licking her lips and curling up her body. They wrapped her in a blanket and placed her in my arms while they continued to operate on me to save her brothers. While in the room I asked if my husband to hold her and he said not yet she needs to be with you right now. A short time later I was wheeled from surgery back into my room where her adopted grandma was waiting with open arms. I looked at my little girl quickly offering her to Grandma hoping she would get to see her while she still had breaths in her. After a few mins she was given back to me and my husband sat back and held her telling her how much we loved her and always would. 1 hour went by and she was still with us I asked really was there nothing they could do for her and was told no. More family came (a few we allowed) and we spent some more time with her. We took a few pictures and had the hospital come in and take a few pictures. Hour two she was still with us.

After every hour I would question my decision because how could this be how could she still be with us. At 5 hours and 7 Min's her last breath turned to perfect wings meaning my life forever changed at 1pm. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath and gave her a small kiss while holding her hand thanking her for coming into my life as well as giving her brothers a chance. My husband and I kept her with us making sure she knew how much we loved her and thanked her for making us parents and saving her brothers. The hospital made a remembrance kit for her and I remember thinking where is her diaper she needs a diaper. There was no diaper for my little one and this saddened me but was grateful for what they were able to do for us. NILMDTS Now I Lay Me Down to sleep also came and took some beautiful pictures of her and our whole family My husband, me and my pregnant belly with her brothers. I did not want her to go and I did want her to leave my room but I had to now think of my boys and her brothers. After all if it were not for her (being wedged) I would have lost them all at home days ago. 10 pm that evening I asked my husband to give her to the nurses knowing this would be the last time I would ever see her. I needed him to take her for I would not willing giver her up. My sweet Jemma... my baby girl had sacrificed her life to save her brothers and that is the way I see it and why she will always be their angel.

The next day (Friday) we had another ultrasound done and met with the Dr's all was looking well but would remain in the hospital on bed rest. Now because Jemma's placenta was fused with one of Jemma's brothers placenta's they delivered her and not the placenta which meant they did not know what this would do. Not sure how sick I would get, or what impact this would have to her brother she was fused with. They could no longer do anything to stop labor and would not be providing any pain medicines or medicines to stop labor for this would hide infection if any. I was to stick it out on my own trying to keep my contractions at 8 or less an hour. I knew I could do it I had to my Jemma just gave the ultimate sacrifice for them her life. The following day (Saturday) my husband had to go to the cemetery with out me and make arrangements for Jemma. I can not even imagine what he was going through at that time I can not even comprehend it. I was in the hospital doing better I was now able to sit and walk to the bathroom (only) with help. Sunday things went a turn for the worst I was leaking amniotic fluid and they were concerned a sac from one of the boys had burst. I went back on bed rest and had an ultrasound scheduled for Monday morning. Monday morning my husband was with my for the ultrasound but then had to go to our little girls services at graveside. They did not see anything wrong and believed the fluid to be coming from Jemma's remaining sac. The Dr's said more decisions had to be made but not until after Jemma's services. They would return to us later that afternoon. That afternoon after talking with the Dr's it was decided that I should go to the other hospital better suited to help with their Micro Prematurity. They were now just over 23 weeks and felt this would be the best option for them. I was then transferred to the other hospital.

Once at the other hospital I discovered that if I were there to begin with they would not have even stopped labor and tried saving the boys they would have delivered all three and we would have lost all three. We spent the next several days fighting many battles. Only relief I had was that because of my sweet little girl Jemma Jayleen her brothers were going to have a chance. At exactly 24 weeks her brothers were born. I did not feel the tragedy I did after her birth but acceptance happy to know that at least because of her they had a chance. I just kept thanking her for her sacrifice and wishing for her to be there. The boys ultimately survived because of her and I am so thankful. Her brothers have their own story but because of her they were given a chance.

Today almost 3 years later there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Jemma and am thankful for her. However it is hard to look at the faces of my two liitle boys wondering if they will ever know how special she was and is. Will they ever truly know what her life and death means to them. Occasionally when I see the boys play I imagine Jemma next to them. I sometimes imagine that I see her shoving a doll in the back of a dump truck or another car seat while looking in the rear view mirror. Who knew such a small individual would have such an impact on so many. She truly is an Angel to her brothers. I know my life has forever changed because of Jemma and no longer take any day with her brothers for granted. I still dream of her and picture Jemma with bright green eyes looking directly into me.

I love you, my daughter, sweet Jemma Jayleen..."  ~Karleen, Jemma's mommy
Visit the Quilts and Jewels shop and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

A Christmas Gift and Unexpected Personal Healing

"My parents have been blessed materially and live in a finite space with things they already have and love, so for several years we have chosen to do service projects on their behalf at Christmastime in place of a gift they neither need nor want. To this end, for 2012 we decided to make Teeny Tears diapers in memory of my cousin's angel baby, spending what we would otherwise have spent on a gift, on fabric and supplies. 

Taking advantage of a fantastic fabric sale, we were able to make nearly 50 sets of diapers. Working on them had an unexpected consequence for me personally. Many years ago I had a miscarriage that was traumatic for me and initiated over a decade of physical health problems. At the time, I was unequipped emotionally to grieve in a healthy way and very wrapped up in the physical healing and caring for my young family. 

 As I began work on the Teeny Tears dipes for my parents, I found myself grieving my own child, whom I had named but never been able to hold. So I went back to the fabric store and bought some more fabric for her, and made some in her honor as well. I worked on them privately and found the time spent on them to be healing. In my case, God unexpectedly soothed my own wounds as I tried to soothe others."  ~Jeanine

These diapers have been donated for angel families at St. Peter's Hospital in Helena, Montana and Providence Holy Family of Spokane, Washington.
A Chri

Jonathan's Joys

Kaitlin's Angels sent us some sweet flannel pieces that we were able to transform into diapers for Jonathan's Joys.
These diapers were handcrafted by SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa, Domonique, and Megan B (that's me!) in loving memory of Jonathan Alexander Tillman of Jonathan's Joys.  Jonathan's Joys makes memory boxes and bags for local hospitals to pass on to new angel mommies and daddies.
"The mission of Jonathan's Joys is to bring small memento's to families like myself who have to face losing a child, whether it be from stillbirth, miscarriage, or infant loss. Jonathan's Joys main mission is to bring small joys to these families so they do not have to walk out of the hospital empty handed." ~Jennifer, Jonathan's mommy

To read more about Jonathan, who passed away at 2 months and 20 days old, please click here.
Thank you, Kaitlin's Angels, for making this donation possible!

For Love of Everly, Raindrop Memories

Sweet angel mommy Olivia has been cut-cut-cutting diapers for Raindrop Memories for many months.  Recently, she took the sewing plunge!

She hosted an angelversary diaper-making event in memory of her own little angel, Everly Jean Allen, making 500 diapers for angel families.
Everly was taken from us, in a sense, the moment she was given to us. Words can't express how much I miss her, how much I wanted to see her grow up with her big sister, how much joy she would have brought to our lives. For her I do everything because I couldn't do anything. She led me to Teeny Tears & Raindrop Memories. We get the honor of making the lives of grieving families even the slightest bit better because we've been down that road and know the smallest gestures mean the most.
In August 2011 we decided we wanted Shelby to be a big sister.  In October we found out our dream came true! 3 months flew by, Shelby was about to turn 1 & we got the phone call that changed our lives forever. We put on big smiles for Shelby's party & waited anxiously for the appointment. We saw a specialist, he gave us the worst news we will ever hear. Ever. She had anacephaly. No chance of survival. 
January 20th is her angelversary, just shy of 20 weeks. It's her day; she deserves this and so much more. ~Olivia, Everly's mommy
Volunteers working with Raindrop Memories have sewn more than 2500 diapers for angel families so far!  They have donated more than 1300 of those diapers and are ready to spread their angel love to many more facilities in need!

From Sea to Shining Sea

One of our volunteers noticed that we had not yet delivered teeny tiny diapers to the teeny tiny states of Delaware, Rhode Island, or Hawaii.  She immediately set out to remedy the situation. Then sent a few more to Alaska!  She provided 336 diapers to 12 hospitals, including:

Beebe Medical Center in Lewes, Delaware
Kent General Hospital in Dover, Delaware
Milford Memorial Hospital in Milford, Delaware
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in Pawtucket
Nanticoke Memorial in Seaford, Delaware
Hilo Medical Center in Hilo, Hawaii
North Hawaii Community Hospital in Kamuela, Hawaii
Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii
Wahiawa General Hospital in Wahiawa, Hawaii
Wilcox Memorial Hospital in Lihue, Hawaii
Sitka Community Hospital of Sitka, Alaska
South Peninsula Hospital in Homer, Alaska
THANK YOU!!  You are wonderful!!  xoxo

For Love of Joshua and Matthew

My neighbor and friend Nicole donated precious flannel to our project, thank you Nicole!  We took that wonderful gift and turned it over to the 11-year old scouts of the Copper Oaks Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for cutting!  They did a marvelous job, such sweet sweet boys!
Once the scouts prepped them for sewing, Vanessa took over and whipped these little cut outs into 52 precious diapers for angel babies!
We donated them in memory of Joshua Daniel Arnold and Matthew Luke Zahniser.  
"Each hospital has a meaning to me. Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center is where I had my son Joshua. He was born sleeping on May 20, 2009 at 18.5 weeks. It is also the hospital my grandmother passed away in on August 26, 2012. Every year this hospital has an annual Baby Memorial that I attend. This year will be my 4th year going and this year, I will be giving a speech.Norfolk Sentara is the hospital I was born in and the hospital my father passed away in on January 24, 1996. Jameson Memorial is where I found out I miscarried my second child Matthew, at 8 weeks on January 2, 2011.

Joshua's full name is Joshua Daniel Arnold. He was 3.6 oz and 7 1/4" long. He was born at 10:28am on May 20, 2009. Cause of death is unknown, but he had down syndrome. He was cremated and burried on June 7, 2009 in Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Matthew's full name is Matthew Luke Zahniser. Miscarried on January 2, 2011. I found out around 1pm. Cause of miscarriage is unknown.

Both of my children are named from books of the bible. I was hesitant to name Matthew. I didn't know his gender, I thought people would think it was weird. So, he was always "Baby Z." But, after talking to people I realized it wasn't weird at all. So, my fiance Jamy and I discussed what we thought "Baby Z" would be. I felt a boy and before I told him, he said boy also. I then read Heaven is for Real and there is a paragraph where Colton talks about meeting his sister in heaven. When asked what her name was, he said she didn't have a name because she was never named. So, I'm confident in our decision to name Matthew.

Both of my children were wanted so much. They were loved the minute those tests showed pink lines, and a + sign and the words PREGNANT. I am forever changed by them and have known no greater love. I have no othwr children, except for my soon to be step children, Jamy Jr., 8, and Shirley, 9.

I run a page on facebook called Angels in Heaven ( We sell jewelry for a friend Patty makes and she donates a portion of the proceeds to us so that we may continue providing bags. We provide information about our bags and anything I post anything I feel can help someone. If I help one person, its amazing. I've already had a woman tell me its because of my story of naming Matthew, that she named her child. I've had a woman send me alerted thanking me for all I do. Those things make all of this worth it.

I also run a support group on facebook ( The people that are a part of both the page and group are an amazing and supportive group of people."  ~Michelle, Joshua and Matthew's mommy

For Love of Blake and Shane Part #11

Holly and her family have made another precious donation of diapers in memory of their little boys, Blake and Shane. To commemorate precious Shane's birthday and angelversary, 100 diapers were donated for the angel families at Monmouth Medical Center in Longbranch, New Jersey.

For Love of Mara Part #3

The family of Mara Grace has donated another 120 teeny precious diapers for special angel families served by Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.  Thank you so much! xoxo