Small Town Collaboration

Volunteers from four different organizations came together for an Angel Sewing Day!

Participants in this wonderful event:
Small Angel Babies, Small Town Support
Angel Parents of Uintah Basin
Small and Simple Things
Davis 2nd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
These diapers were made in memory of:
Aaron William Howells
The Slaugh Babies
Seamus Nathan Crowley
Saimone Lynn Barlow
Kayson Randy Allen
Andrew Collin Christensen
Breckin Daniel Law
Diapers from this special event were donated to:
Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota
Nye Regional Medical Center in Tonopah, Nevada
Littleton Regional Healthcare in Littleton, New Hampshire
A huge thank you to these wonderful groups for their diapering efforts for small town angel families!


The Teeny Tears volunteers are AMAZING!!

I have chills. And tears. I am so sad that the need for these diapers is so vast, but I am truly amazed by what has been done by all those that love and serve these teeny tiny angels and their families. More than 25,000 diapers for more than 12,500 angel babies have been traced, cut, flipped, trimmed, sewn, packaged, and delivered to a hospital or bereavement support organization in the United States, Canada, and Guatemala. With many thousands still under construction around the world.

Believe me when I say that it takes an entire army to diaper the angel babies of the earth, but together we are making it happen. With miracles every single day, one Teeny diaper at a time.

Kaitlin's Angels, Quilted Castle

Thanks to The Quilted Castle, the SLC Diaper Divas were able to make a donation of 24 little diapers for the angel families served by Kaitlin's Angels.

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #5

The Angel Mommies of Arkansas have made another delivery of Teeny Tears diapers for angel families.

This is an Angel Daddy of Arkansas trimming diapers!

These 160 diapers have been handcrafted by the Tyra Family.  Some have been handcrafted in memory of the three Tyra Angel Babies.  You can read more about these precious Tyra Family angels by clicking here.  Some have been sewn in memory of Stevie Kolb.  All have been donated for the families served by St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Thank you, Arkansas!

Blankets for Fillmore!

Volunteers for Small Angel Babies, Small Town Support donated beautiful teeny blankets for the angel families of Fillmore, Utah.

Blankets for Kaitlin's Angels

Ashley from Spokane, Washington sewed teeny little blankets for a Personal Progress value project!  Thank you, Ashley for your sweet service for angel babies!
These beautiful blankets were donated to Kaitlin's Angels, a wonderful bereavement support organization that serves families in New York State.
For love of Kaitlin Terra Herne.

Find out more about Kaitlin's Angels on their blog and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

Northwest Diaper Dreamers

Our amazing volunteers in Washington State, known here as the Northwestern Diaper Dreamers (NWDD), have donated more than 4400 diapers as well as countless blankets and swaddlers for grieving families across the United States.  We are ever thankful for their generosity, enthusiasm, and dedication to angel babies and their families left behind.

Some of their recent shipments have provided for the yearly needs of the following facilities:
Central Washington Hospital of Wenatchee, Washington
Island Hospital of Anacortes, Washington
Providence St. Mary of Walla Walla, Washington
Walla Walla General Hospital of Walla Walla, Washington
NILMDTS of Seattle/Tacoma, Washington
NILMDTS of McMinnville, Oregon
NILMDTS of Carmichael, California
Alaska Native Medical Center of Anchorage, Alaska
Henry Ford Bloomfield Hospital of Bloomfield, Michigan
Wadley Regional Medical Center of Texarkana, Texas
Dekalb Family Birth Place in Auburn, Indiana
St. Mary's Hospital of Grand Junction, Colorado
Springview Hospital of Lebanon, Kentucky
St. Joseph's Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Diapers and blankets by Kim for Lebanon, Kentucky.
Diapers by Bronwyn for Auburn,  Indiana
Diapers, diapers, diapers!  (And hats and blankets/swaddlers!)
"We love doing this project and are continually amazed and overwhelmed that we have the support to continue making diapers. We appreciate all of our helpers who cut out endless amounts of diapers and all of those who come to our "diaper parties" to help out. This would not be possible without all the wonderful help.

Our local quilt shop (Tangled Threads Quilt Shop) has a sign posted and we have many people donate flannel. They even let us hold diaper parties at their shop!! 

All of the diaper sets are sent with small cards and an angel's name along with the Teeny Tears website. We have been honored to hear from a few families who have received the diapers, although it's always bittersweet as we wish no one ever needed the diapers.

We donate a fair amount of diapers in Carter's name, but we also donate in other angel babies names. I feel like it's some small thing that I can do to help other baby loss moms. There is something about seeing your baby's name written down for others to see that validates their presence in this world, no matter how brief. I've said it before but this has been such a healing project for me in so many ways and my mom and I often call it our 'diaper therapy'."  ~Jana, Northwestern Diaper Dreamer

THANK YOU, Northwestern Diaper Dreamers!!

For Love of Douglas, Benoit Designs for The Preemie Project

Thanks to Benoit Designs, we were able to donate another collection of designer diapers for angel families.  This lovely collection was donated to The Preemie Project.
"Douglas was my parents' first born, about 3 months early, weighing 2 lbs 1 oz. I think I was in elementary school when I found out about him. My mom is not a person to open up about things like this. I also saw his baby book, and his tiny little footprint. I remember crying because I had a brother that died who I'd never meet on earth. Whenever I make it to the cemetery in my hometown I visit his grave also.  

Having a son of my own, I cannot begin to imagine going through a loss. Sometimes it is hard to understand God's plan. My nieces and nephews know about Douglas too. My niece Ella, 7 at the time, kept telling me I should name my son Douglas. Little did she know we had chosen his name for our son's middle name. Douglas would be 42 years old if he had survived. Sometime I wonder, and my dad has voiced his same feelings too, about what he would be doing today. I wonder what he would look like. My two older brothers look quite a bit different from each other. I will always love the brother I've never met." ~Stephanie, sister to an angel

These 112 diapers for The Preemie Project have been handmade by SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa and Megan in loving memory of Douglas Wayne Goldinger.
Thank you so much, Benoit Designs, for your generous contribution to our diapering cause!
And thank you to The Preemie Project, for the great work you do for the families you serve!

For Love of Mara Part #4

The family of Mara Grace has donated 16 beautiful little diapers for special angel families served by Adventist Hinsdale Hospital of Hinsdale, Illinois.  Thank you so much!

The Tie That Binds

Northwestern Diaper Dreamers Carol and Warren share their diapers with teeny hospitals in Washington State.

"This year started out as the last year ended. With Teeny Tears Diapers. Working on these tiny diapers for special angels has been really healing for me. . We started getting requests for small hospitals in Washington. I was really touched by this, as we had vacationed twice in Eastern Washington the past summer and as I saw the road signs for all these little hospitals I thought perhaps a few Moms in early labor MUST make it into these hospitals and need diapers. I told Jana that next time we plan vacation, I will phone ahead and see if they have a hospital and need diapers. I would LOVE to make a diaper delivery in person.
Christmas was really hard for me this year. My Grandson Carter passed away in June 2011. I think I was so busy that first year, trying to help my daughter and her family and be sure they were ok, I did not have a lot of time to process what I had been thru.You never stop being a mom! I was elated that my daughter was having a baby and then TWINS! Nothing can take the memories of that JOY away from me. While still struggling with my grief. I am also thankful for the times we shared thru Cohen and Carters birth. I did not have a page in my “mom advice book” dealing with the loss of a child. I had never been there. I am learning so much watching my daughter walk thru these times with faith, strength, love and hope.

Having these “local” hospitals has been really healing for me to work on. I think of the times I have been to those cities. It made me remember my dear mother in law. I grieve for her, too. She was a nurse in the newborn nursery for 35 years at Stevens Memorial Hospital in Edmonds, WA. She used to come home and say how they had another “tiny” one today and how she wished she had enough time, she would love to design and make preemie clothes. There was no “preemie” section, back at that time. I felt such a close connection with her while sewing these tiny diapers. I had saved some of the fabric from her “stash” and I found some of it to use on tiny swaddlers to ship with the diapers. I know she would have embraced this project with love! We enjoyed shopping for fabric together, discussing sewing projects, trading patterns and buying that special piece of fabric we knew the other would love. Our love of sewing was a strong connection for us. I now share this love of fabric, FLANNEL and the planning and sewing with my daughter.

My super husband who had flipped HUNDREDS of diapers and his mom, Gramma R.
Gramma would have been so delighted at Jana having twins. Never in our families has there ever been twins! As I sewed the diapers I kept thinking of how Gramma Rinehart is up in heaven rocking our precious angel, Carter, until the rest of the family arrives! Until then, I will keep making Teeny diapers with the hope that it will ease another families pain at losing their precious child."  ~Gramma Carol, angel grandma to Carter
These 92 diapers have been donated in memory of Carter Garen Kimmel to the following hospitals:

Mid Valley Hospital of Omak, Washington
Centralia Hospital of Centralia, Washington
Pullman Regional Hospital of Pullman, Washington
Mount Carmel Hospital of Colville, Washington

Diapers for Central Texas

Volunteer Jodi recently adopted a hospital request off of our headquarters waiting list.  50 beautiful diapers for the angel families served by Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos, Texas.  Thank you, Jodi!

Angel Babies

Angel mama Lisette continues to make diapers in sweet Asher's memory.  She had some single diapers leftover from her sewing adventures, so she sent them off to Angel Babies, to be donated in local memory boxes to families who did not receive remembrance items in the hospital, for love of Hunter Grace.
Follow Lisette on her blog!

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Avi's Embrace

Avi's Embrace is a division of Project Sweet Peas that is dedicated to providing comfort to the families of Indiana by donating packages for those with a child in the ICU as well as to families suffering the loss of their baby.

"Project Sweet Peas is a way for me to heal and to help other families heal as they endure the reality of a NICU stay and/or the loss of their baby. It is through subtle, precious moments that I came to know my own child and so I hope that through Project Sweet Peas I can help families treasure every moment they have with their babies." ~Sarah King, Avi's Mommy
The Northwest Diaper Dreamers handcrafted 60 diapers in memory of angel baby Charles Avi Edward.
These diapers will be included in precious memory boxes provided by Avi's Embrace.
Learn more about Avi's story and see how Avi's Embrace is making a difference by visiting their website;  don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

Cotton Blossom Farm

Many thanks to Cotton Blossom Farm, for donating flannel that SLC Diaper Diva Vanessa was able to transform into 26 teeny tiny blankets for angel families served by Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.
It is so nice for families of teeny angel babies to be able to have blankets that are appropriately-sized for their  needs.

Thank you, Cotton Blossom Farm!!  Check out their gorgeous fabrics, downloadable patterns, quilt kits, pre-cuts, and more! And don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

Teeny Blankets for Illinois

SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa and Megan B. handcrafted 5 little blankets for the angel families of Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

For Love of Breanna

Angel mommy Erin shares her story as written 6 months after the full term stillbirth of baby Breanna, and her reflections 6 years later.

"When we found out we were pregnant in June of 2006 we were shocked! We had been married for 7 years and only used birth control for 4 months (3 of those months were due to medical reasons) and we just did not get pregnant easily. We were blessed with a beautiful son in 2001 after using Clomid for 4 months. He did not come into this world easy though. I ended up having an emergency C-Section, but after all was said and done we had a perfect baby. We hoped to have more children; our plan was to have 4 children all 2 years apart. Its funny how you plan things out in your mind but the way they actually happen can be completely different.

My pregnancy was perfect, I only threw up once. I felt a little queasy at times but nothing to keep me down. We found out at 20 weeks that we were having a girl. I felt that life could not get any better. It was so fun planning for a baby again. We had everything ready. Her diaper bag was packed and her clothes were washed and in size order hanging in the closet. We decided on the name Breanna Marie and were eagerly awaiting her arrival. On January 10, 2007 I had my last check up before delivery. I couldn’t remember her moving since earlier the day before; I didn’t think much of it, thinking she may have just run out of room.

I went to my appointment and when I sat down I told the nurse that I had not felt her move that I could remember since yesterday. She started to listen for her heartbeat. At first she could not find it, which was normal, because Breanna was usually moving so much, we could hear her kicking, but it would take a few minutes to find her heartbeat because of all the movement. After a few minutes though I began to worry and to cry. She suggested that we go and do an ultrasound with the doctor just to make sure everything was ok.

I remember the tech was there first and she was asking me how my Christmas had been and all I could think was: quit trying to change the subject to make me feel better just tell me what is going on. My doctor and his nurse came in. The nurse held my hand and as soon as they put the ultrasound wand on my stomach I knew. I looked at that screen and I could see our baby and her heart and it was not beating. I was screaming. He asked if he could look again just to be sure, but she was gone. I was crying, saying but we wanted her so bad. My doctor held me as I cried and I think I even pounded on his back. I said I need to call my husband, but how am I going to tell him that our little girl is gone, how am I going to tell our son that his sister is not coming home with us.

When I got to the doctor's office, I called my husband, and I had to tell him over the phone. He rushed to the office from work. I was worried about him the whole time. I knew that he would be driving fast to get to me. He was just as devastated. He held me and we cried and told each other that it was going to be ok. My mom came immediately as well--she was such a rock for us. My husband called his mom and she too came right away. I found out at about 10 am that morning and by 4 pm on January 10, 2007 I had a C-Section. Afterwards my doctor explained that I had a placental abruption and that there was blood in the membranes. He said that sometimes these things happen, and for no reason.

My doctor and the hospital staff were amazing! They let us take Breanna with us back to our room. After a while they took her and bathed her and brought her back. We got to love on her and hold her. She was perfect... she was going to be here in 8 days, how could this happen? I looked over her whole body. I wanted to remember what she looked like. She looked just like her brother. We dressed her in the outfit that we were going to bring her home from the hospital in. We put on a bracelet that her aunt had made, and we wrapped her in the blanket her grandma had bought her and that we planned on using on her blessing day. We took several pictures and just tried to soak in the moment. Heavenly Father had given us the most beautiful baby, if only for a short time.

That was on Wednesday. On Saturday we had a funeral for her. So many people came. Family flew and drove many miles and friends from church were there to show their support for us. I truly believe that Breanna was just too perfect to come to this world, she needed a body and we gave her that. I know that we will be with her again, and I look forward to that day.

I am ok with Breanna's death, I am not mad or bitter. I don't completely understand but one day I will. I am thankful that she chose us to be her parents. We feel truly blessed to be her mom and dad. Without the Gospel and help of family and friends, this experience would have been impossible to go through. We have received so much support from everyone.


I wrote the previous words 6 months after Breanna passed away. It has now been 6 years. Since that time so many things have changed and our family has been blessed beyond measure. Four years after we lost Breanna we were blessed with another beautiful baby girl, Riley. She brings our family so much joy. Sixteen months after Riley was born we were blessed with another beautiful baby boy, Carter. Every time I look at my sweet babies I just can’t believe how blessed we truly are. We now have an 11 year old, a 21 month old, and a 5 month old.

For so long after Breanna died I felt like I had empty arms. Now my arms are truly filled with sweet blessings from God. We talk about Breanna often and we as a family continue to look forward to the day when we can all be together again." ~Erin, Breanna's mommy

These 20 diapers were handcrafted by Julie Mitchell, friend to Breanna's mommy.  They have been donated for the families of Georgia Health Science University in Augusta, Georgia

For Love of the Self Family Baby

Gia Welch donated diapers in memory of her friend's angel -- the Self Family Baby.  She donated 94 diapers, which were donated for the angel families of Advocate Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois.
She included a special collection of Christmas-themed diapers for the families that would, unfortunately, be welcoming an angel into their arms during the holiday season.  
Thanks to fabric from the Quilted Castle, SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa and Megan B. included 54 more diapers for Oak Lawn, all in memory of the Self Family Baby.