Calypso's Ocean Part #2

The Northwest Diaper Dreamers recently donated 140 diapers for angel families in memory of Calypso Paikea Rhyder, the inspiration behind Calypso's Ocean.

You can read more about Calypso's story by clicking here.

Little diaper helper on the way to the post office!
Diapers packed up by Calypso, ready for delivery to St. Francis in Mooresville, Indiana!
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For Love of Carter in Wisconsin

Northwest Diaper Dreamer and Angel Grandmother Carol sews diapers, blankets, and swaddlers in memory of Carter and ships them off to wherever there is a need.  This time, Antigo, Wisconsin!  In memory of Carter Garen Kimmel for angel families served at Langlade Hospital Birthing Center.

Sawyer's Heart Part #2

Sawyer's Heart was one of the very first bereavement support organizations that we donated our teeny diapers to last year. We were honored to make another donation for their needs recently as they continue to serve the families of Chicagoland in memory of Sawyer Erik Williams
"Sawyer Erik Williams was born on June 1, 2010 - at 28 weeks gestation and exactly three months before his due date. Just two days later on June 3, 2010, Sawyer died in his mother's arms.

Sawyer's life was cut drastically short by a congenital heart defect. He was diagnosed with a severe form of Tetralogy of Fallot and had many complications including a large hole between his left and right ventricles called a "ventricular septal defect" and "pulmonary atresia" - an extremely rare CHD in which the pulmonary valve does not form.

 Sawyer's spirit lives on in the hearts of many who he touched so deeply in his brief life. May this [project] be of comfort to other mothers, fathers, grandparents and families who have experienced the deep pain of infant loss." ~Michelle, Sawyer's mommy

The Northwest Diaper Dreamers 160 diapers for 80 families served by Sawyer's Heart.  Thank you, NWDD!!
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For Love of Elizabeth Part #3

Heidi is an angel mom, nurse, and busy volunteer bereavement photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her "Angel Babies" website offers online resources for bereaved parents; her local efforts and regular sewing events have helped to mobilize her community to serve angel families through the creation of handmade bereavement clothing.

She is also a huge fan of Teeny Tears diapers.

Heidi's passion for meaningful bereavement support comes from a place of personal experience.  You can read the tender story about sweet Elizabeth Jane by clicking this link and clicking on "stories."
The treasured pictures their family received during this special time inspired Heidi to become a volunteer photographer and bereavement crafter herself.  And the rest is history.
"What I can tell you from personal experience both as the mom of an angel and from my service as a Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep affiliated photographer is that the items you provide can literally turn the worst day of someone's life around into one of peace and closure. Having something beautiful to dress and wrap their baby in is a gift of immeasurable value. Particularly in the cases of sudden stillbirths and micropreemies, the parents are unprepared with anything appropriately sized. 

What you contribute will make a difference, and my belief is that everyone can be taught to do at least some aspect of the crafting. So round up a bunch of friends, go shopping for supplies, and set to work making clothes for angels. You will be blessed for your efforts."  ~Heidi, Elizabeth's Mommy and the champion behind Angel Babies

See more photos of Elizabeth and her family as well as read more about Heidi's inspiration by clicking here.
"We miss our baby every day. She is such a special part of our family. She brought with her a spirit more amazing than I can describe. We feel privileged to be her parents and look forward to being reunited with her again." ~Heidi

Jana H. and Anita, two of our Salt Lake City Diaper Divas, donated these sweet little diapers in memory of Elizabeth Jane for local families served by Angel Babies and other NILMDTS photographers.

For Love of Easton

Once upon a time, angel mama Deborah gathered friends, family, and neighbors together to honor several angel babies in her community through a diaper drive.  You can read more about their project by clicking here.  

Deborah and the ladies of the West Park Ward Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Clearfield, Utah rolled up their sleeves again to provide another 186 diapers to our headquarters for angel babies.  These sweet diapers have been donated in memory of Deborah's little guy Easton Kroeger for families served by Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. (Read more about baby Easton's story by clicking here)

Thank you, West Park Relief Society!!

For Love of Tessa Part #5, The Preemie Project

We love working with The Preemie Project to serve the families of Iowa.

One of our volunteers in Illinois recently made a donation of 350 diapers to The Preemie Project in memory of Tessa Mosher-Curry. Thank you, Debra! To read more about Tessa's story, please click here.

For Love of Andrew Part #4 and #5

Angel mama Shanti has been adopting requests from the headquarters waiting list and donating to hospitals all across the country in memory of her little TTTS angel Andrew Cole Woodside.  To read more about Andrew's story, please click here.

These 68 diapers were donated in memory of Andrew for angel families at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Covington, Tennessee and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital in in Wyandotte, Michigan.

Clearfield 16th LDS Ward

"It all started when I was invited to help a good friend, Deborah, with a "pay it forward" project for her angel baby Easton. I was so honored to be a part of such a beautiful project. I was so touched by these teeny diapers that I couldn’t just stop there. I knew I had to do more, so I put together a humanitarian project for our LDS ward/congregation. I asked for donations and the wonderful ladies in my area did not disappoint. We ended up doing two nights of working on diapers. The first night we traced, cut, and sewed the diapers. The second night was pinning, tagging, and bagging.

 It was so good to see so many willing to spend their time to benefit someone else. I also had many phone calls asking how they could help at home when they couldn’t make it to the two nights. One in particular I want to give a special thank you to…Chris Rogers not only donated fabric and her time with making 60+ beautiful diapers, but she then made 30 matching blankets. I am in awe of her generosity. She is such an example to me and I could not have done it without her. When I began I had a goal of 400 diapers and we ended up with 472. It was more than I could ask for and I am so thankful for the ladies of the Clearfield 16th Ward Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

 In that moment I knew I was hooked. My kids watched me night after night making diapers and they now want to help. We have decided to all continue making these diapers for as long as we are able. It is the least we can do to show support and our love to the many families with angel babies. Thank you for letting us be apart of something so wonderful." ~Tracie Fellows

Tracie and the Clearfield 16th Ward donated their diapers and teeny tiny blankets to the Teeny Tears headquarters.  We were able to make several donations to hospitals on our waiting list with their diapers!

The diapers and blankets donated by the Clearfield 16th Ward were donated in memory of angel babies gone too soon for families served by:

American Fork Hospital in American Fork, Utah
Orem Community Hospital in Orem, Utah
Greenville Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina
UPMC Magee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Hudspeth Four Part #5

SLC Diaper Diva Jana H. has made another donation of diapers for angel families.  These diapers were donated in memory of her angel babies for families at Ogden Regional Medical Center in Ogden, Utah.

To read more about The Hudspeth angel babies, please click here.


1,388 diapers for angel families, ready for flight out of our headquarters! On their way to: Utah, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Michigan!!! I won't be sharing a picture of what the rest of my house looks like at the moment, but I am very proud of this particular square foot :)

We are so grateful for the Salt Lake City Diaper Divas and all they do for angel families across the country!


Diapers for Shawnee Mission

Diana's passion is serving in her local community.  She sews hats for MJ's Memories and God's Tiny Angels. She also crochets hats, booties, dresses, etc. for three hospitals in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  She has recently adopted the Teeny Tears project as well and will be adding diapers to her regular donations!

These 72 beautiful diapers have been donated for angel families at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.
Thank you, Diana!

Angelitos de Villanueva #8

Laura has been busy making diapers for angel families in Texas and beyond!  Like many of our volunteers, Laura has been adopting hospital requests from our headquarters waiting list.

These sweet little diapers have been donated in memory of her 6 sweet angel babies for families at Providence Park Hospital in Lyon, Michigan.  To read more about Laura's story, please click here.

For Love of Jenny

"Jenny had such and amazingly beautiful and strong spirit. It reached outside the walls of the hospital and touched people who never even met her. In just ten short weeks, she blessed, taught and inspired. She left the world a better place than when she got here. She is still so loved. We feel so blessed to have had her. (and still have her.)" ~Kelly, Jenny's mommy.
One of our volunteers sewed diapers and blankets in memory of Jenny Marie Martin, whose brief life made a lasting impact on her.

"When I found out about Teeny Tears, I immediately felt I should make some diapers for them, and I kept thinking about Jenny, she was such an inspiration for me, she faced such challenges in her short life and she overcame so much while she was here. I feel so very often that she is in the next life doing something incredible." ~Beth, friend to Jenny's mommy
These precious diapers and blankets have been donated in memory of Jenny for angel families at Alegent Creighton Health Mercy Hospital in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Cherishing The Journey

The Northwest Diaper Dreamers adopted a request from Cherishing the Journey, a fantastic support organization that provides pregnancy and postnatal support for families whose babies have received a fatal diagnosis, or when their baby passes shortly before or after birth.

Founder Jennifer Harden started working on the ideas for "Cherishing the Journey" in 2009 after her son, Matthew Alexander Harden, was given a negative prenatal diagnosis at 16 weeks in-utero. Before and after the birth of Matthew, she realized there was a need in their local community to support parents who have experienced the loss of a baby, or who are currently pregnant and have received a negative diagnosis for their unborn child.  You can read more about The Miracle of Matthew on his blog.

"There we so many times that I would cry, wondering how I would ever make it through my entire pregnancy knowing my child would die at the end of it all. However, it was the best decision possible for our family, and my time with Matthew was precious. 

We found ways to enjoy him, make memories and be happy while he was still with us. He taught us about love and true happiness. He brought us all together, closer than ever before. It didn't take long before we’d realized why this precious baby boy was given to us. 
Cherishing the Journey is here to offer comfort and guidance to parents who lovingly continue their pregnancy after receiving a negative prenatal diagnosis for their baby, as well as parents who have experienced the loss of an infant. We believe that each child is a gift, and we wish to help families honor their beloved baby by providing memory items, support, and resources."  ~Jennifer, Matthew's Mommy  

These diapers have been donated for memory boxes provided by Cherishing the Journey to hospitals in Central Florida.  Visit their website for more information and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

For Love of Alaina, The Quilted Castle

Thank you, Quilted Castle, for making another donation of diapers possible!

These diapers have been handcrafted by SLC Diaper Divas Janna and Vanessa, in memory of Alaina Lillian Hart, Janna's daughter.  They have been donated to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon...
With teeny little blankets
and OHSU Doernbecher's Children's Hospital of Portland.
"Alaina Lillian Hart was born Sept 27th 2011 at 7:12 am.  She was 23 weeks 5 days gestation. The doctor said that my placenta had torn. As far as we can tell there was no reason for it. They told me that had I been drinking, on drugs, or taken a bad fall, those are things that would have caused my placenta to tear. But I had done none of those things.

Alaina was breathing with just a c-pap for the first day or so then was put on a ventilator. Around the 3rd day of her life, she was not doing very well on the vent. The doctor on duty suggested pulling the vent and letting her go peacefully. I knew that I could not do that. I made the decision to leave her on the vent. Luckily they just had to adjust the vent and she started breathing so much better. 

For the six weeks that Alaina was at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, OR, things were very rocky. She did good for a few days then she would have trouble with her breathing. She had kidney problems for a little while and could not produce urine. She was being given breast milk for a while then they took her off of it. The day that my sweet Angel turned six weeks old the doctor on duty thought that she might need surgery. They did not have a surgeon at the hospital so they flew her to Portland to the children's hospital there. I had talked to the doctors and surgeons and residents and medical students that kept coming to look at her. They had said that they wanted to do an exploratory surgery to see if there was something in her stomach. She had not been given breast milk for about 2 weeks and her stomach kept growing and becoming hard. I was very scared about this surgery that she would be having. One of the Residents told me that because of her ultrasounds and xrays, they did not think that they would find any thing and that she would be just fine. I was not prepared for what happened. 

When the Surgeon came out of the O.R. and called me back to one of the rooms to tell me that my daughter had no viable bowel and there was nothing they could do for her I was in shock. I did not know that he was saying that my baby was going to die. He said that if she had even 30cm or 12in he would be able to do something for her. She would have had to have more surgeries in her life but she would be ok. On Nov 11th 2011 my baby was rushed from the O.R. on life support to a private room in the NICU where I could be with her for the last moments of her life. As soon as they stopped bagging her and pulled the tube from her throat, my Alaina died. They handed me my baby and I held her for the next 18 hours. I choose to believe that she took her last breaths in my arms. We were able to bring our sweet angel home to Utah thanks to my younger brother. I am so lucky to have my baby up the street from me." ~Janna, Alaina's Mommy
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For Love of Mara #6

Mara's mommy Katrina has provided 24 diaper sets in her memory for angel families of Integris SW Medical Center of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

For Love of Natalia Part #3

Seamstress Elaine donated Teeny diapers and sweet little burial bonnets in memory of Natalia for families at The Mayo Health Clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  You can read more about Natalia by clicking here.
These diapers and bonnets were handcrafted in memory of HLHS Angel, Natalia Tatianna.
Elaine is the seamstress behind Yane'z Wee Lovies, the wee cottage industry of quilts, lovies, burp cloths, machine embroidered bibs, sock monkeys, sock dolls, sock monsters!  Yane'Z Wee Lovies helps fund Elaine's philanthropic adventures!

Teeny Diapers for Westerly, Rhode island

One of our volunteers donated Teeny little diapers for a teeny little hospital in a teeny little state.  These 8 diapers have been donated for angel families of Westerly Hospital in Westerly, Rhode Island.