Northwest Diaper Dreamers Part #50 -- Threads of Love

Our amazing volunteers in the Great Northwest continue to bless the lives of angel families across the entire United States.  They recently made their FIFTIETH donation of diapers, for a current total of 6,300 diapers handcrafted and donated for angel families by the NWDD team.

The Northwestern Diaper Dreamers are led by the Kimmel and Rinehart families!
Carol, Jana, Angie, Kim, Warren, Kaysha, and everyone else who contributes daily to the Teeny Tears effort as part of the Northwestern Diaper Dreamers, we are so grateful for your contribution and abiding love for the families we serve!

This particular donation of 400 diapers was provided to Threads of Love in Fort Worth, Texas in memory of Carter Garen Kimmel and Braelyn Elizabeth Corbin.
Just some of the fabric donated by friends and family of Braelyn and transformed by the NWDD volunteers!

"Threads of Love, through the effort and support of many participants in chapters across the country, provides clothing, blankets and other handmade articles for tiny premature and sick infants. We desire to show God's love to the parents and loved ones of these babies in their time of uncertainty. Perhaps those who are experiencing incomprehensible pain may know a peace and serenity that extends beyond the situation. We want to simply be there to bring the unsaid message of God's presence and His infinite love and compassion." ~Threads of Love

With Love, Juliahna

With Love, Juliahna is a division of Project Sweet Peas serving families in Indiana.  We were honored to provide 100 diapers for their project in honor of miracle preemie Juliahna Elise!  The diapers were donated by the Northwestern Diaper Dreamers.
"Juliahna Elise entered the world on September 13th, 2011 at only 25.2 weeks gestation. Weighing in a mere 14 ounces and being only 9.5 inches long, Juliahna put up a heck of a fight. After 143 days in the NICU and seven surgeries later we brought our Juliahna home from the hospital for the first time. After only 29 days home, Juliahna ended up being rushed to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital with more complications. We spent 38 days and had two more surgeries while in the PICU and pediatric floor at PMCH.

For the first seven months of Juliahna’s life, things were tough and we had to learn what seemed like a completely different life style. Times were trying and it was the longest roller coaster we have had to endure. God’s devotion and Juliahna’s strength continues to bless us daily.

With Juliahna we love. With Juliahna we have learned to be thankful for every day. With Juliahna we give back as a constant reminder of how precious life is, how amazing our God is, and how beautiful miracles are. " ~Jessica, Juliahna's mommy

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Project Sweet Peas is a non-profit organization run by volunteers across the country, who through personal experience have become passionate about providing comfort to families with children in the intensive care units and to those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss.

Our programs support the wellness of families by providing care packages and other services that offer comfort while furthering the bond between parent and child, and treasured keepsakes to families who have experienced a loss.

Through our services, we give from our heart, to inspire families with the hope of tomorrow.

For Love of Jonathan

I had the very sweet privilege of returning to the neighborhood where we lived when my boys were born, to share the Teeny Tears project with the Slate Canyon 15th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo, Utah.  They lovingly cared for our family during the tender months after our loss and we owe them our gratitude forever.  On this special reunion night, we sewed diapers in memory of angel prince Jonathan Blake Brookes, stillborn at full term and dearly loved by his parents and siblings.  ~Megan B.

I love the thought that other families are receiving these diapers in Jonathan's memory and honor. I hope that they help to comfort people during what is surely one of the hardest moments in life. I really wish that I could somehow ensure that every person that goes through this trial has the chance to hear about the Plan of Salvation and to hear testimony borne by others who have gone through it that Heavenly Father loves us, there is life after death, and that families can be together forever.  It pains me to think of people losing loved ones too soon and believing that's the end. ~Misty, mother to Jonathan

Misty and I took some time to share our personal experiences with infant loss that night with our friends and sisters before we all set to work making diapers for angel families.

My friend and angel mama Misty, Megan B (that's me!) and Carrie, auntie to Jonathan and diaper-making enthusiast.
Some of the Salt Lake City Diaper Divas traveled south for the event to lend their expertise -- and to have an excuse to get together to make diapers!
The 350 diapers made by the Slate Canyon 15th Ward -- started at the event and finished in homes -- were donated to our headquarters in memory of Jonathan Blake Brookes.  We donated their diaper treasures to 5 facilities on our waiting list across the United States. 

They traveled to Penn State Hershey Medical Center
New York Presbyterian University Hospital in New York, New York
Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho
And Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho
For Jonathan...
THANK YOU, Slate Canyon 15th Ward for your devoted service to angel families and all of the many ways in which you have supported those of us that have lost loved ones while living in your midst.


For Love of Henry

The Sandy Utah Stake S.W.A.P. (Sisters With a Purpose) committee sewed diapers in memory of Henry Lee Bridges, who is a TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion) Angel.
The SLC Diaper Divas donated diapers too!

82 diapers for Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina.  In memory of Henry.

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #8

Maranda made a donation of diaper singles for miscarriages to her local OB office, Cornerstone Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Keep Calm!

For Love of Joshua Part #2

These diapers were donated to Henderson Health Care in Henderson, Nebraska in loving memory of Joshua Henson Greer.  Handcrafted by his mother Crystal and grandmother Marilyn.

To read more about Joshua, please click here.

For Love of Mason and Isiah -- Poppyseed Fabrics

Thanks to the generosity of PoppySeed Fabrics, we were able to provide an absolutely gorgeous collection of 164 diapers in memory of TTTS Angels Mason Andrew Benner and Isiah Caleb Benner for families served by Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Teeny boy diapers...
 Larger boy diapers...
 Larger girl diapers...
 And Teeny girl diapers...

Isiah and Mason Benner were born on January 15, 2008 at 11pm, passing away just a few hours later on January 16th due to complications of TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome).  They were born at 23 weeks and 5 days.  Mason lived one hour and Isiah lived three hours.  TTTS took away everything I had dreamed about away from them.  I miss them very much and think about them every single day.  I had been depressed for years and it sometimes hits out of nowhere now, but I okay now in life and doing well.  
When you lose a child, you never get over it; it sticks with you.  My husband and I now have our rainbow baby girl Payton.  She is 21 months old and is the light of my life.  When she was a baby, she looked just like her brothers, especially when she was asleep, so I know she is a part of them and they are watching over her daily.  
I want to thank everyone who participated in making these diapers in memory of my sons.  This is a great cause; I talk about it to anyone who will listen! ~Amanda, mommy to TTTS angels Isiah and Mason Benner.

Who made these diapers?

The Young Women from the Edgemont Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took these diapers to their Girls Camp for a service project.  Their fearless camp leader (our very own Vanessa) pre-sewed the first stitch and then these lovely girls trimmed and flipped diapers during their camping experience. Other diapers they traced and cut!  After camp, they were all finished off by SLC Diaper Divas Vanessa, Megan B, Megan K, and Sara!

THANK YOU, PoppySeed Fabrics, for your generous contribution of fabric for our cause! Find Poppyseed Fabrics online and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!them every single day.

Diapers by Sydra

"My husband and I are blessed parents to two beautiful daughters and blessed grandparents to seven healthy grandchildren. Grandchild number eight will be arriving around July 23. On March 28, Matthew's Mission posted a Teeny Tears photo on Facebook and although I'm not an angel mom, when I saw Matthew's Mission's post, I just knew that this is something that I want and need to do." ~Sydra, Teeny Tears volunteers friend to angel families

These diapers were donated for families served by Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas
These diaper were made for families at Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Thank you, Sydra!

For Love of Conner and Logan, Quilted Castle

Thank you, Quilted Castle, for making another donation of diapers possible!

"Conner and Logan were the most amazing little boys in my life and even though I only held them for a short period of time after birth, I loved them both unconditionally since the day I found out I was pregnant. I loved every moment I felt them move and kick. I know they were in a lot of pain and dealing with a lot in the womb so I feel so much better that they were taken above. No more suffering. 

I had a condition called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), something had rarely happens in identical twins where they both share the placenta and one is getting more nutrients and has a lot more room than the other and is growing more efficiently. There is nothing that the mother did or can do to prevent. I just know that if they were here now they would take very good care of their little sister and I also do know that they are watching over mommy daddy and little sister Lilly every day. We love them so much and never go a day without them on our minds." ~Brittany, mommy to TTTS Angels Conner and Logan

The SLC Diaper Divas transformed beautiful fabric donated from The Quilted Castle, into precious diapers for angel families served by Mount Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

In memory of Conner and Logan Judy.

Large diapers
and small diapers.
(More diapers were donated in memory of Conner and Logan by Nathaniel Nelson's Eagle Scout Project.  Find that link here!)

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Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #7

The Angel Mommies of Arkanas have made another deliver for angel families!

These 60 sets (120 diapers) have been donated by Maranda and Amanda for families at Conway Regional in Conway, Arkansas.

To join in the Arkansas bereavement support cause, find the Angel Mommies of Arkansas on Facebook!

For Love of Joshua

"Joshua is my 6th child. He was born on December 13th,2012, he lived for 3 minutes. Joshua's life although so very short will help other mothers receive the gift of a diaper for her child. Joshua was born because my water broke at 19 weeks. Less than 48 hours later I was in full unstoppable labor. He weighed just 10 ounces and was 10 inches long. While in the hospital I kept thinking "my baby has no clothes" but I knew there was nothing small enough to fit him. (Or so I thought) we did have blankets though and Joshua was wrapped in a monkey blanket to be buried in. But oh how I wish we had a diaper.

We stumbled upon teeny tears when I was searching the Internet for blankets to make and donate in memory of Joshua. Everything we got in our memory box meant so much to us and I wanted to give back. When I saw the pictures of Teeny Tear diapers on the Internet I knew I would make them I just needed some help.

I called my mom and sent her a picture. I have never even wanted to learn to sew, but my mother has been doing it her whole life. We made a deal. I would cut, she would sew, I would pin. We had decided to make them just for the hospital that I delivered Joshua at. Then I connected with some wonderful ladies on Facebook and started reading the blog and realized that I would be doing this for a lot of moms and a lot of hospitals. And I am learning how to sew. This one hospital project has turned into more than I ever imagined and we are adding in the matching blankets soon.

Every person should have clothes. And after all, 'A person's a person, no matter how small' ~Crystal, mommy to Joshua
These diapers were donated in memory of Joshua Henson Greer for families at Mayer's Memorial Hospital in Fall River Mills, California

Nathaniel's Eagle Project

Local Eagle Scout Nathaniel Nelson gathered together his community to sew more than 500 diapers for the Teeny Tears headquarters for his Eagle Project!  We had the privilege of donating them on his behalf to worthy hospitals and bereavement support organizations on our waiting list across the country.

Huge THANK YOU to Nathaniel and all of his supporters for this donation for angel families!

Drum roll please...

These diapers were donated in memory of Kaitlin Terra Herne for families served by Kaitlin's Angels.

These diapers were donated in memory of Andy Curtis Helton for families served by The Heal Program at the Atrium Medical Center

These diapers were donated in memory of Conner and Logan Judy for families served at Mount Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

These went to Illinois for families served by Eli's Hope.

For Unity Hospital in Rochester, New York