For Love of Rachel and Jason

Recently the Orchard Park Relief Society sisters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created beautiful bereavement diapers in memory of Rachel and Jason Harrison.  These diapers were donated to McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah and the Davis County chapter of SHARE.

"It was a wonderful activity and everyone that participated was honored to be there." ~Rebecca Hyer

Gabriel's Gift

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of volunteer diaper seamstress MarRene Moulton and the Green Family, we were able to make a donation of diapers for the families served by Gabriel's Gift, a division of Project Sweet Peas.
Corin (Gabe's mother) and Jeanne (Gabe's grandmother) started Gabriel's Gift because we understand the stress of having a sick child in the NICU. Our goal is to give comfort and support through this project. Being in the NICU, especially for an extended stay, can be tough, but we want to let parents know that they are not alone.

To read more about little Gabriel, who passed away due to complications of an undiagnosed Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), please click here.
"Although he was only here for a short time, he touched so many lives, was loved by so many and will always be in our hearts."  ~Corin, Gabriel's mother

We were honored to donate these diapers in memory of Gabriel Nava for families of Southern New England.

By MarRene, 120 sweet little diapers for angel families

 40 diapers by The Green Family

To find out more about Gabriel's Gift and to follow them on Facebook, please click here.

Thank you so much, MarRene and the Green Family!!

For Love of Kevin, For Love of Karsyn

Northwestern Diaper Dreamer Jana donated diapers for NILMDTS in memory of children of fellow loss moms.

These diapers were donated in memory of baby Kevin Campbell for families served by photographers in Rathdrum, Idaho.

These diapers, blankets, swaddlers, and hats were donated in memory of Karsyn-Ruth Eldean Moore for families served by NILMDTS in the Yacolt, Washington area.

Thank you, Northwestern Diaper Dreamers!

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #14

Maranda, Amanda, and Brenda, three of the Angel Mommies of Arkansas, made a donation of 25 sets (50 diapers) for families served by St. Bernard's Birthcare Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

To join in the Arkansas bereavement support cause, find the Angel Mommies of Arkansas on Facebook!

For Love of Millie -- Arcadia Cotton

We received this letter from a mother that had received a set of Teeny Tears diapers from her local hospital for her angel baby:

"My name is Barbie, and the other day I delivered a sleeping angel. I was 22 weeks when Millie got here, she only weighed 1lb. As you know, that's not something you prepare for, it was unexpected and devastated all of us. In our time of darkness, I was thankful that people like you guys exist. We received one of your little diapers, and it gave me peace to know my beautiful little daughter had something to wear that was made with love. I was very thankful for that. Anyways, I just wanted to send you guys a huge thank you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Its people like you guys that make the world a better place, thanks for being caring and creating something special to remember our little angels by. God bless you all." ~Barbie, angel mommy to Millie

When we received this sweet note from Millie's mom, we knew that we wanted to make a donation from our headquarters team in memory of Millie for other angel families.  

Thanks to Arcadia Cotton for a donation of beautiful flannels, we were able to make a donation of 72 diapers in memory of Millie for families at Greenville Memorial in Greenville, South Carolina.  Thank you, Arcadia Cotton!  And thank you to Cyndie Call and Vanessa for transforming the fabric into diapers!

Diapers by Sarah Reyes-Gomez Part #1 and #2

"My name is Sarah Reyes-Gomez and I made my first donation! I donated 20 sets of diapers to Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, California and another 20 sets of diapers to Essential Health in Fargo, North Dakota.  I donated in memory of all angel babies gone too soon. 

I was inspired to join in sewing and donating diapers because I miscarried the twin of my 9 month old daughter. Had the twin been farther along I would have been able to hold him or her, and I know the diapers would've been something to help with the grieving. Contributing has helped me come to terms with my loss, and I will continue to sew and donate for all angel babies." ~Sarah

For Love of Andrew Part #6, #7, and #8

Angel mama Shanti has been adopting requests from the headquarters waiting list and donating to hospitals all across the country in memory of her little TTTS angel Andrew Cole Woodside.  To read more about Andrew's story, please click here.

These 162 diapers were donated in memory of Andrew for angel families served by:

Boone County Health Center in Albion, Nebraska
Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, Maryland
Sierra Nevada Hospital in Grass Valley, California

For Love of the Pollard Angels -- All Brands

Thank you so much,, for the great flannels that made this donation of 342 diapers possible!
And thank you, Cataract Lasik Center of Utah for your wonderful service project, transforming this beautiful fabric into diapers.
Vanessa Pollard is the Vice President of Teeny Tears and my right-hand gal.  Sometimes she is also my left hand.  And occasionally the more sensible portion of my brain.  Today she shares the story of her three angels:

"At 18 weeks something didn't feel right in my pregnancy. It was the day of our big ultrasound and were so excited to find out if our baby was healthy and a boy or a girl. Sometime during the morning I realized things were drastically wrong. I called the doctors office and they told me to come right in. Within minutes of being examined it was discovered the baby and amniotic sac were coming into my cervix and I was diagnosed me with an incompetent cervix. I was sent to the hospital to consult with a high risk doctor and determine a plan. I was placed on strict bed rest in the hospital and told the only chance of our baby's survival would be getting the amniotic sac to go back into my body through medication and gravity. If that worked they planned to do a surgery to put in a stitch that would hopefully hold the baby in my body till viability. 12 hours after checking into the hospital my water broke and our son was born. We named him Adam and were lucky to hold him for the 30 minutes he was alive. Our family was shattered. We had many years of infertility and miscarriages and now we had lost our son. They offered a few items of clothing and services, but it was such a clinical experience. We left the hospital without our son and buried him in a local cemetery 2 days later and 5 days before Christmas.

We never doubted that we should try again to have a baby. After a plan of action being put in place regarding my care once I was pregnant we forged ahead with infertility treatments. We were pregnant the first attempt and were thrilled. As we went in for our appointment with our doctor we were anxious to make sure everything was just fine. That is when we got the most shocking information of our lives. We were having twins. They were deemed healthy and measuring right on track, but this was going to take my care in a totally different direction. After a few other issues we finally made it to the point where we could place a stitch in my cervix to help my body hold these babies in. Soon after that surgery was completed I found myself on bed rest at home. At 18 weeks I was at an appointment and the stitch was failing. My cervix was dilating. I was immediately taken to labor and delivery and another surgery was performed to place another stitch to help the other one. As I awoke from the surgery I realized my life would forever be different. I was taken upstairs to remain in the hospital for the remainder of my pregnancy. I spent my time in the hospital learning all there was to know about my babies. While in the hospital we learned they were two fraternal twin girls and I knew their personalities and talked to them all the time. At 22 weeks my water broke on baby A and all seemed lost. We were told she could survive as long as I stayed down and did what the doctors told me to do. 

We talked to Perinatologists about success rates, viability and everything in between. 4 days later I began to feel the labor pains and knew it was the beginning of the end. After being examined we knew the worst was happening. Baby A was delivering past the stitches. I was rushed to labor and delivery where I would give birth to the tiniest of angels at 11:45 pm. We named her Cayla Quinn Pollard. We of course knew she was far too fragile to place a breathing tube and we wanted her with us when she passed away. One hour and forty-five minutes later surrounded by our families and friends we said good bye to our first daughter. The battle was not over. I had been in labor for hours and Baby B still had yet to progress to delivery. There was no way to stop it from happening, yet it wouldn't happen. Around 9:00 am the next morning Marley Rae Pollard was born. She was also too small to survive and we loved every minute we were given with her alive on Earth. The experience I had with this loss was warm, inviting and spiritual. It was so different from the birth of Adam. We had an amazing NILMDTS photographer who came and captured the most love filled hours of our life. We were given two sets of dresses. A matching pink set and white set. They were buried in the white set and we still are able to look and hold the pink set. I cannot imagine not having the items we were given. Our daughters were laid to rest 3 days later on their daddy's 30th birthday.

14 months after we buried our daughters we were granted a medical miracle and carried a baby to 36 weeks. She was born tiny, but healthy and came home with us. She is three now and whenever she asks we take out her sister's memory box and we touch all the contents inside. I tell her about her brother and sisters and I try to explain how much I love them.

Being able to work as a partner at Teeny Tears has given my hands and heart something to do. I do it for the names of the angels are being spoken all over the country and world. I do it for my kids. I do it for my daughter who watches me cut, sew and count diapers daily. I do it for the people who made and donated the most cherished items I own." ~Vanessa, Vice President of Teeny Tears and angel mama to Adam, Cayla, and Marley

Teeny Tears SLC Diaper Diva Domonique is responsible for many many diapers being trimmed and flipped and is an employee at the Cataract Lasik Center of Utah. She is also the angel grandmother to Adam, Cayla, and Marley Pollard.

Every year the employees of the Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah have their annual spa day and they like to make sure they mix in a little bit of service in their down time between treatments. Vanessa P cut and first-sewed several hundred diapers to be trimmed and flipped. Then fabric was cut into over 100 diapers and sewn by members of of the Cataract and Lasik staff. All the top stitching work was completed by Vanessa and Barbara B.
These diapers were donated to Sanpete Valley Hospital in Mount Pleasant, Utah
Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi, Utah
Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii
And Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) of Davis County, Utah

Thank you so much,!

NILMDTS in Davis County

Some wonderful ladies made a beautiful collection of 406 diapers (203 sets) for families served by Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) in Davis County, Utah.
Thank you so much very much to Nola Larson, Laurel Barton, JoAnn Hansen, Neala Perez, and Candee Fitch!  The angel families that receive your precious gifts will be so appreciative of your service on their behalf.

For Love of Mara Part #10

Mara's mommy Katrina has provided 100 diaper sets (200 diapers) in her memory for angel families of University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Thank you, Katrina!

You can read more about Mara Grace by clicking here.

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #12 and #13

The Angel Mommies of Arkansas have taken good care of the diapering needs for families at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Unfortunately, the hospital has used them up faster than they anticipated.  As their supply diminished, Nurse Nancy let us know they needed more diapers; the gals in Arkansas replenished their supply immediately!

Diapers from Melissa....
Diapers from Maranda, Amanda, and Brenda...
To join in the Arkansas bereavement support effort, find the Angel Mommies of Arkansas on Facebook!

For Love of Asher Part #3 and #4

"Working on bereavement items such as teeny tiny diapers, small crocheted blankets and little hats and gowns is the most productive time I have ever spent. Connecting with other women who have suffered similar losses has been (aside from my faith and a supportive family) the key to my healing. You cannot put a price tag on being able to talk with another woman who says, "I have been there, it sucks but you can make it through this". The first donation we made was almost to the date of Asher's due date. I got a pit in my stomach the moment I step foot into the Labor and Delivery unit and wanted to run out of there as fast as I could. After meeting the L & D manager, being able to talk with one of our nurses and several others it was clear to see we were making a difference and in turn our son's albeit brief life has made a difference.
Fast forward five months and this time I am at a less familiar hospital making a similar donation. This time it was just me, there was no excitement or expressed appreciation from the staff, but my initial thought as I walked away from the NICU was on that day at that exact moment there were cheers in heaven. Cheers from my son, and all the other babies whose lives mean only something to a select few. Infant death is not something people openly talk about, I think the very thought makes people feel too sad, too vulnerable. The need is great and unfortunately this is something which happens all the time. The time commitment is minimal and the joy and healing which can occur is immeasurable." ~Lisette, Angel Mama to Asher

Lisette's beautiful bereavement gifts have been donated in memory of Asher Charles McKinley for families served by Overlake and Evergreen hospitals in the Seattle, Washington area.

To read more about Lisette's project in memory of Asher, please click here.  To follow the many adventures of Lisette and Cameron, follow their blog!

Angelitos Part #9, 10, 11 and 12

Angel mama Laura has donated to 266 diapers to 4 more hospitals in memory of her 6 lost angel babies.

To read more about Laura's story, please click here:

These diapers, gowns, and blankets have been donated to:
Valley Baptist in Harlington, Texas
Knapp Medical Center in Weslaco, Texas
Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas
Methodist Stone Oak Hospital in San Antonio, Texas