Diapers for Stony Brook New York

Stony Brook University Hospital is a large, high-risk hospital serving the families of Stony Brook, New York.  We recently sent a shipment from our headquarters to them of almost 500 diapers for their needs.  It was a compilation of donations that had been donated from many generous individuals and families.

It truly takes an army of volunteers to spread the diapering love to hospitals in need.  We are so thankful to so many generous people that make our project POSSIBLE!!!  All of this was needed to serve just ONE hospital for a full year!

Diapers in memory of TTTS angel friends Spencer Dee Johnson and Dex J Bradshaw, handcrafted by the Johnson family.
Diapers in memory of Brody Van Riessen by the Van Riessen family (read more about Brody by clicking here)
Diapers in memory of Lily Dawn Damitz, handcrafted by the Damitz family and friends.  Read more about Lily and Angel Outfitters (itty bitty buntings, check them out!) by clicking here.

Diapers in memory of Tesslee Summer Millward and Vic Port Millward, handcrafted by their mother, Sara.
Diapers in memory of Liam and Malachi Allred, handcrafted by the SLC diaper divas, fabric donated by angel mother Ashley Allred.
Diapers in memory of Max and Kooper Padilla, handcrafted by Gia Welch and MarRene Moulton.

Diapering Love in Texas

"My fourth donation was to the hospital where I delivered Grant. It also happens to be the hospital where I work. I was able to deliver 77 sets of diapers 37 large sets and 40 small sets. The bereavement coordinator for labor and delivery loved them! I received an email the following day saying they had given a set to a family and that the family loved them as well. 

This donation was also a group effort from Teeny Tears Headquarters, Raindrop Memories (Keren Darden and Elizabeth Hepler) and myself. It was in honor of the babies that Raindrop Memories represents as well as Grant Bybee, Caleb Copeland and a friends baby Max Graham. I donated these items just before the anniversary of Grant's due date as well as just before Grant's little sister is to be born. It is so nice to know that families in my community are being blessed by these items."  ~Kristy, angel mother to Grant

For Love of Daniel -- Cottonwood Fabrics

Barbara has been serving as a seamstress for the headquarters team since August of 2012.  We are so grateful for her dedication to our cause.

"Daniel Robert Blodgett was with us and his family for 9 months and just a week before he was supposed to be delivered something happened that decided to change our lives and especially my daughter in law and son's lives forever. He was delivered c-section as a stillborn on Nov 3, 2012. It was a day of great sorrow to see such grief in my son's eyes. The hardest part he said was to see him come out and not open his eyes and the silence of no cries. We were able to say good bye because they spent the day with him. We thank our Heavenly Father for the plan of eternal families and will continue to strive to be with him some day. I have been sewing for Teeny Tears since August of 2012 (three months before Daniel was born) and do it because I love to serve and felt like it was a great cause. Maybe it was preparing me for our angel grand-baby that I didn't get to meet."  ~Barbara, Angel Grandma to Daniel

These diapers were donated for families served by Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah.  They were sewn in loving memory of little Daniel by Barbara, Randi, Vanessa, and Megan B. of the headquarters team, aka the SLC Diaper Divas.

They were sewn with love using beautiful flannels donated by CottonWood Fabrics.  Thank you, Cottonwood Fabrics!

For Love of Arlo

"My husband Michael and I met in 2006 and got married on May 23, 2009, which was the day we started trying to grow our family. Very quickly we realized we were going to have a difficult time conceiving because we found out I was not ovulating. After a few different medications/ combinations and a lot of testing, trying, and waiting, we got pregnant in December 2010. We had a super healthy pregnancy and our perfect little Rebekah was born September 6, 2011 (2 days before dad's birthday). 

We knew we wanted more children and after our previous experience trying to conceive we decided to let nature do its thing and we found out we were expecting again in June 2012. Everything seemed fine, and at our 20 week ultrasound the only thing the technician mentioned was that we were measuring about 10 days behind. Well, about 4 ultrasounds in as many weeks later, we were referred to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical center to meet with a genetic counselor and a Maternal fetal specialist, but we told that we could be quickly sent away with nothing wrong. Boy, was that doctor wrong to tell us that! 

It turns out that our son was very ill. He had developed a condition called Hydrops, which in his case was a build-up of fluid in his lungs and under his skin and an excess of amniotic fluid. There were other concerns that we never really discussed because the Hyrops was so likely to be fatal. We were given about a 10% chance and I was prepped for premature delivery with steroids and magnesium as they didn't think he would be able to make it very long. After a few more weeks, lots more tests and doctors we were eventually told our only chance of survival was to try the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (we live in Albany NY). Once we were there, they drained some of the fluid from his lungs in-utero and they did a lot more tests. They told us to prepare ourselves and gave us the option of doing nothing further or to try once last intervention in-utero if we were candidates. We were told to come back in 4 days. 

Sadly, Christmas morning (the day before we were supposed to go back) I felt no movement so we rushed down to Philadelphia right away. They found a heartbeat but his pattern indicated that he only had hours to a couple days left so we chose to deliver via c-section on December 26, 2012. Arlo Michael Church was held in daddy's arms for 20 minutes before he left us. Not long after we lost him I felt a need to help other families going through similar situations. I found Teeny Tears through facebook and knew right away this was what I needed to do! It has been a great comfort to know that these tiny diapers can really help a family in the worst moments of their life."  ~Sadie, angel mama to Arlo

These precious diapers and kimono gowns were made in memory of little Arlo by his mother, Sadie.  They have been provided for the families of CHOP, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Empty Arms -- SHARE

Empty Arms Bereavement Support is a Western Massachusetts division of SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support.
We were honored to provide diapers for four special hospitals served by this wonderful organization.

These diapers were provided by Bailey Miller, who gathered supplies and helped make diapers for her high school senior project.  These were the first of many Teeny Tears diapers that were donated by Bailey and her friends and family.

More diapers were donated by Ann Bradshaw and Julia Bradshaw, (grandma and great grandma to Dex Bradshaw) and the SLC Diaper Divas.

And still more were donated by the Green Family of Herriman, Utah

Find out more about SHARE on their website and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

You can find Empty Arms Bereavement Support on their website and also on Facebook!

Threads of Love

The Green Family donated 120 diapers for the families served by Threads of Love in Fort Worth, Texas!  Thank you, Green Family, for your continuing service to our angel families!

Diapers by Sarah Reyes-Gomez Part #5

Volunteer diaper seamstress Sarah Reyes-Gomez provided a resupply collection for the families of Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  She sent two shipments totalling 400 diapers!

For Love of Adrian

"Here is a picture of my first donation of Teeny Tears diapers to IU Health Arnett Hospital in Lafayette IN. I took 5 sets of the bigger ones and 5 sets of the smaller ones. This was just to get some there so they would be available and then I will be busy making some more. The head nurse that I have been in contact with was so glad for them and was so nice. She said normally the marketing dept requires samples of things like this to be brought for inspection before a decision is made, but she took one look at the Teeny Tears blog and saw the diapers and read the story and said "ABSOLUTELY!" So thankful for that because it made me feel so good to be able to give back to others in need. This all worked out just 3 months to the day since we lost our little Adrian Grant - May 6th 2013."  ~Stefany, angel mama to Adrian

These diapers have been donated in memory of Adrian Grant for families of IU Health Arnett Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana

For Love of Alex and Baby Marchitello

A collection of sweet little diapers were made in memory of Alex and Baby Marchitello for families at UNC Chapel Hill.  Handcrafted by the Triangle Diaper Fairies!


Can you BELIEVE IT?!! In the last 21 months, since we first launched the Teeny Tears project, 50,000+ diapers have been donated for more than 25,000 grieving angel baby families worldwide by generous and talented diaper enthusiasts! Our volunteers are absolutely AMAZING!!!

Angels Mommies of Arkansas Part #17

These sweet little diapers were donated by the Angel Mommies of Arkansas for the families of Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Diapers by Sarah Reyes-Gomez Part #4, SHARE

We are honored to serve the families supported by National SHARE Infant Loss & Support!  Find out more about SHARE on their website and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

Volunteer seamstress Sarah donated 50 sweet little diapers for the families served by SHARE of Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

Little ones
 And larger ones

For Love of Grant Part #2

"I made my second donation to Providence Hospital in Waco, TX after the bereavement coordinator contacted me stating they had had more losses than they had anticipated and were in need of more diapers. This donation was made possible by Teeny Tears Headquarters, Raindrop Memories (Elizabeth Hepler and Keren Darden), as well as some diapers, blankets and hats made by myself and some friends. Diapers were donated in memory of Grant Oliver Bybee and Caleb Copeland (of Belton, TX), and the babies represented by Raindrop Memories. I donated a total of 40 diaper sets (24 small and 16 large), 20 hats and 8 blankets. Thank you to Raindrop Memories and Teeny Tears Headquarters for supporting this donation."  ~Kristy, angel mother to Grant

More Diapers in Oregon

Gwen and Nancy in Oregon have donated 136 gorgeous angel baby layettes (including 136 sets of Teeny Tears diapers!) for families served by the following hospitals:

McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in Springfield, OR
Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg, Oregon
Sacred Heart Medical Center of Riverbend
Salem Hospital in Salem, OR
Samaritan Albany General Hospital in Albany, OR
Santiam Memorial Hospital in Stayton, OR
Silverton Hospital Birth Center in Silverton, OR
Willamette Valley Medical Center in McMinnville, OR
Good Samaritan Medical Center in Corvallis, OR

For Love of Tessa Part #16 and #17

Angel mama Debra provided 416 diapers for the families served by the Parkview Women's and Children's Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Rush Medical Center in Chicago Illinois. For love of Tessa. You can read more about Tessa by clicking here!

Angels of Arkansas Part #16

The Angel Mommies of Arkansas made a collection of diapers and buntings for the families of Delta Memorial Hospital in Dumas, Arkansas.

You can find out more about these sweet little buntings for angel babies between 16-20 weeks by visiting Angel Outfitters!

For Love of Reese

"In April 2011 to my complete surprise I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I was having issues with periods and cramps so my obgyn ordered an ultrasound. It showed thickening of my uterus which can be a sign of cancer. I was terrified and a biopsy was ordered but before a biopsy it's routine to do a pregnancy test. They drew blood an I thought nothing of it. The next day I got a call saying I was in fact pregnant and the thickening they saw was not cancer but rather a baby. 

I was sad confused scared happy ad mostly overwhelmed. Once it sank in I came to terms with it and began to get excited. On August 10, 2011 I was dehydrated due to the flu I had for a few days and I know dehydration can cause preterm labor so off to the ER I went for fluids. The first thing they did was check for a heartbeat. I wasn't alarmed when he listened for a few minutes because in the office sometimes it was tricky. After looking for 5 minutes or so they took me for an ultrasound and I could tell they were concerned. The ultrasound confirmed that my baby had died. I thought for sure I was dreaming. I was induced the next day at about 10:00 pm. 

It's all a blur and I only remember bits a pieces. At 7:21 in the morning my tiny perfect baby Reese Abigail was born. I was just shy of 18 weeks. I had some comfort in immediately being able to tell why she died. The cord was around her neck 3 times so tightly that her skin was white. The hospital had nothing that small for her so for 2 days I got to see her cold and naked. It was heart wrenching!! 

It was completely by accident how I came to know of Teeny Tears.  I looked further into their organization and their mission to provide a set to every family. I knew I had to help. I lived in denial for a long time but it could only be suppressed for so long and I was really feeling the rawness and intensity of facing her death. Once I started tracing and cutting, I started to have a sense of peace. I felt closer to Reese and ye,s I was still sad but it was manageable. This is my way to honor and celebrate my angel and I know she is blessing every diaper that is made and watching over the families that get them. So thank you, Teeny Tears, for giving me this opportunity to feel close to Reese and help other families even if its just a little :)"  ~Noelle, angel mom to Reese

Diapers in Ohio!!!

Several of our Ohio diaper seamstresses have joined forces for the families in their state.  They coordinate, collaborate, and even get together for bi-monthly sewing events!!

A collection of diapers and itty bitty blankets was delivered to Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North in Cincinnati, Ohio!