Aiden's Project Part #2

Aiden's Project was created in loving memory of Aiden Grace Kimbrell to provide bereavement support for families that lose a pregnancy or a newborn.  They provide memory boxes for the angel families of Medical Arts Hospital in Lamesa, Texas with a blanket, tiny baby rattle, candle, Bible, bear, CD, and now diapers.
Aiden's Project also provides memory boxes to local funeral homes and when Aiden's mommy learns through the grapevine about a family in the community that did not receive a memory box for the loss of their angel, she has been known to drive a memory box right to their front door.  Aiden's legacy has touched families in Lamesa, Dawson county, Colorado City, Plainview, and beyond.  Eventually, Aiden's Project hopes to be able to provide memory boxes to all those who stand in need.

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Northwest Diaper Dreamer Kim made 20 sets of diapers, blankets, and a collection of Angel Outfitter's buntings for the families served by Aiden's Project.

For Love of Joshua part #10

These beautiful little diapers and blankets were sewn in memory of Joshua Greer by his mother Crystal.  They have been donated for the families of Monroe County Hospital in Monroeville, Alabama.  You can read more about Joshua by clicking here.

Fundraiser AND Pattern Release!

As the demand for our teeny little bereavement diapers increases exponentially, so does the need for supplies and shipping funds to get our treasures to their intended destinations!  We are now hosting our first FUNDRAISER!

Historical Arts and Casting of West Jordan, Utah has generously donated the machinery and labor to help Teeny Tears Headquarters make beautiful, professionally-cut, true-to-proper-size wooden diaper patterns!  We have been testing these patterns for several months and are absolutely in love with them.
Please help us continue and expand our quest to provide bereavement diapers for hospitals and bereavement support organizations across the world by making a direct donation AND/OR purchasing patterns for yourself or your favorite seamstress!

Patterns are $10 for the first set and $6 for each additional set  (includes shipping within the United States).

There is also an option to simply make a direct donation to our project!  If you would like to make a monetary donation in memory of a specific angel, simply include that information in the "notes" of your donation.  Every little bit TRULY helps!!

All proceeds will go towards diapering supplies and shipping funds!  Teeny Tears is a 501c3 legal non-profit organization.

For Love of Kaylin

"My babygirl, Kaylin Lee, was born almost 18 years ago, October 24, 1995. She was born with anencephaly. Most devastating experience of my life to say the least. After 8 miscarriages, the last being twins, and bleeding problems, I am unable to have children and ended up having a total hysterectomy at the age of 38 (now 44); that too being one of the most devastating experiences of my life, just the decision because of the finality of it all; can't even "hope" anymore. I have come to peace with all of that, and know some day when I am called Home, I will be reunited with all of my babies then :) 

 Even though its been 18 years since Kaylin's birth/death, not a day goes by that she is not with me, on my mind, wondering where she would be at in her life as an 18 year old.... 

Finding this group has been such a Godsend- I know how devastating it was for me. I also know how much I treasure her little nighty gown that was given to me, is a huge comfort for me as that is all physically I have of her to help me through the rough times (which start about this time of year and take me through October 24th, her special day). Knowing what this group is doing for others going through such a loss just brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart and has truly been a comfort for me - I feel as though healing can finally begin to a level I never was able too before. I was always afraid somehow I would forget her, knowing I really wouldn't, but just afraid I would forget every single little detail about her, every tiny little perfect feature, her little nose which was just like mine, etc...this group has changed that thought process for me in such an amazing way, words cannot even explain (my dad even gets choked up!)" ~Rachel, angel mama to Kaylin

Angel mother Rachel has joined our project to sew teeny little diapers for any hospital in need.  She has already donated 260 diapers and several itty bitty blankets for families across the United States:

For Montclair Hospital Medical Center and San Dimas Community Hospital
Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Illinois
St. Luke's Magic Valley Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho
And Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois
Thank you so much, Rachel, for all that you are doing in Kaylin's memory!

Diapers for Dayton

The Ohio team is at it again!  This sweet diaper collection was donated to Dayton Children's Hospital in Dayton, Ohio for the families they serve.  Donated in memory of Leila Marie Hendrickson.  You can read more about baby Leila by clicking here.

Granting Hope Ministries

Volunteer diaper seamstress and angel grandma to baby Liam made a contribution of precious diapers for the families served by Granting Hope Ministries in Arizona.
"The mission of Granting Hope Ministries is to share God's love and comfort to families who have lost a baby. Our organization distributes Baskets of Remembrance to local hospitals in the hope that they will bring encouragement to these families." ~Jody, mama to Grant

"I have sweet memories- no, I never got to meet him face to face, or feed him, or change his diapers, but I was given the gift of his life-- his little kicks and hiccups. I saw him waving on the screen, I saw him hiccuping and sucking his fingers. I sang to him, read to him, and told him all about Jesus, and Heaven, and how much fun he would have when he got there. I told him just how much he was loved by us, but yet how much more he was loved and would be loved by his Heavenly Father." ~Jody

You can read more about baby Grant by clicking here.

These little diapers were handcrafted with love by Jody's friend Lynn, in memory of Grant Thomas Abernathy and his sister Miracle Noelle, who was miscarried at 10 weeks.

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Diapers By Sydra Part #5

More diapers by volunteer seamstress Sydra!  These special treasures were donated for families of Houston Medical Center of Warner Robbins, Georgia.

Thank you, Sydra!

The Haven Network Part #2

The Northwestern Diaper Dreamers recently made a second donation of diapers for the families served by The Haven Network.
"The Haven Network, Northern Illinois' perinatal hospice and bereavement center, provides companionship on the grief journey to families who are facing a terminal diagnosis of their pre-born or newborn baby. The Haven Network also supports those families who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, SIDS and early infant death." ~The Haven Network

Thank you, Northwestern Diaper Dreamers, and thank you, The Haven Network!  You can visit The Haven Network's website by clicking here, and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

Seams of Love

Susan is the seamstress behind Seams of Love, providing love through her serving hands.
"I've been sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. I enjoy sewing garments, costumes, quilting and sewing home decor. I believe my ability to sew is a gift from God. As I grow in my walk as a Christian I have developed a strong desire to help others. I use my gift of sewing to do just that.

 May my hands faithfully serve the Lord. My He always receive the glory for my good works. I began sewing burial gowns for my local hospitals two years ago. Before retirement, I worked for a research company that developed a life saving device for babies born less than 3 pounds. During our research period

I discovered that parents with tiny babies had no resources for burial clothes and my heart ached for them. It was then I realized that I could help and began sewing these layettes. I sew in hopes that God is glorified through my gifts to those hurting from the loss of a child."  ~Susan, Seams of Love

Thank you, Susan, for the beautiful layette sets that you provided for the families served by Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania!!

For Love of Mara Part #11

Mara's mommy Katrina has provided 20 diapers in her memory for angel families of Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney, Illinois.  Thank you, Katrina!

You can read more about Mara Grace by clicking here.

Diapers by Angelina, HeartFelt Angels

Angelina found out about our diapering project through her involvement with HeartFelt Angels, an amazing bereavement support organization serving families of Virginia and West Virginia.

"HeartFelt Angels is a non-profit organization of volunteers that make handmade baby items for area hospitals to give to parents in need. Whether it be from a loss of a child resulting from miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, to an illness of a child or even parents who are financially challenged and may not have an afghan or a handmade outfit to take their baby home in.

 Over the years, the hospitals needs have grown. Therefore, we have grown to help these hospitals with their needs to help families. Not only do we make afghans,but we make many other much needed items such as gowns, hats, booties - preemie and newborn; angel ornaments, burial items, sweater sets, etc. These items are either knitted, crocheted, sewn, quilted, etc. If you would like to volunteer your talents to help these babies and families, we would love for you to join!"  Beth Parsons, Director of HeartFelt Angels
She came to us with a desire to sew diapers for HearFelt Angels as well as for any other hospital that may be in need.  She wasted no time in sewing hundreds of diapers with love and energy!!  In a very very short period of time, she had provided 676 diapers for HeartFelt Angels hospitals, Angel Babies memory boxes in Massachusetts, and Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, West Virginia

THANK YOU, Angelina!

For Love of Aaron

"These 20 sets of diapers were donated to labor and delivery at Massena Memorial Hospital in Massena Ny. In memory of my good friend Kimberly's baby Aaron. Aaron was born at 20 weeks, too early to survive and when I had my own angel baby she was a great comfort to me. I am so honored to have made these diapers while thinking of my friend and her son. Just a little way of giving back to her." ~Crystal

For Love of Liam Part #8

Angel Grandma Lynn has sewn again for the American Military Service Families.  This collection of diapers was donated for families of Camp Pendleton, California in memory of her grandson, Liam.

The Quilted Castle -- Sawyer's Heart Part #4

Included in our last donation of diapers for Sawyer's Heart, we provided a sweet collection of diapers with fabric from The Quilted Castle.  We are so grateful for the support of the Quilted Castle!!!

These sweet diapers were a group effort!  Cut with love by the wonderful Young Women of the Eastmont Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; sewn up by Gia, one of our SLC Diaper Divas!  62 of the diapers were donated to Sawyer's Heart for Illinois families.

Thank you, Eastmont YW for your night of sweet service for our angel babies!  Thank you, Gia, for always sew-sew-sewing for us!  Thank you, Quilted Castle for your generous support of our mission, and thank you, Sawyer's Heart for the beautiful work that you do on the front lines for families in Chicagoland!

For Love of Tesslee and Vic Part #6

The Millward family has dedicated themselves to serving the angel families of their community and beyond.  Mama Sara served on the BYU Women's Conference Service Committee to make precious keepsake envelopes for angel babies.

And their family continues to make beautiful bereavement clothing collections for families across the country.  These precious packets contain blankets, no-sew stockinette hats, and Teeny Tears diaper sets.  They were donated for the families served by Methodist Child and Heart Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.  Their facility loved them so much that they navigated network bureaucracy to arrange for us to make similar deliveries to other area hospitals.
Thank you, Millward Family, for your darling gifts in memory of sweet Tesslee and Vic

For Love of Liam Part #7... GUAM?!

Angel Grandma Lynn continues to sew Teeny Tears diapers in memory of little Liam.  You can read more about Liam by clicking here.

These diapers (and coordinating mini-blankets) were handcrafted with love in Liam's memory for families served by the US Naval Hospital in Guam.