Diapers in Arizona

We have had a wonderful group of volunteers in Queen's Creek, Arizona, who has lovingly created diapers for many of our hospitals in the area.  They made a recent delivery of diapers to the following hospitals:

Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital of Tucson
Maryvale Hospital in Phoenix
Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale
Banner Baywood in Mesa
Northwest Medical Center

Thank you, Team Arizona!

Diapers in Dallas

These beautiful diapers were donated by volunteer seamstress Rebecca, for angel families at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.  Thank you, Rebecca!

For Love of Blake and Shane Part #15, #16 and #17

Angel mama Holly M. donates again in memory of her little boys, Blake and Shane.

These diapers have been made for families served by Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey
And Cape Regional Medical Center in Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey
Thank you, Holly!

For Love of Isaiah and Reagan

Amanda and Gina have been working hard for families in their community and beyond! They were recently highlighted in the Blessing Hospital newsletter:

Together, Gina and Amanda have donated diapers to:
Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville, Missouri
Hannibal Regional Hospital in Hannibal, Missouri
McDonough District Hospital in Macomb, IL

For Love of Natalia Part #6 and #7

Angel mama Elaine has made more precious diapers (and blankets and hats!) in memory of her little Natalia.  You can read more about sweet Natalia by clicking here.

She has made items for St. Mary's Hospital (Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota) and God's Tiny Angels.

For Love of Joshua, Faith and Hope

I first started making diapers in memory of my son Joshua. Born at 19 weeks after my water broke (pPROM). 5 months later found myself unexpectedly pregnant again. A month later I found myself not expecting one baby, but two. Identical twins, who shared a placenta. We were worried about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and pre-term delivery. We were, however, not worried about pPROM happening again. It was a fluke they said. It would be like lightening striking the same spot twice. A month later we found out our babies were girls. We were being given a double pink rainbow.

3 weeks after finding out we were having girls. August 5th,2013 at 16 weeks, my water with "Baby B" started to leak. The on-call didn't think it was my water. Said a lot of strange things happen in twin pregnancy. It was late. I didn't want to sit in the ER all night. So I waited and saw my OB the next morning. He confirmed my water was leaking. Lightening has struck twice. I was sent to the hospital and stayed 4 days. I was then sent home on bed rest and to try to make it to 22 weeks. Then I would be put into the hospital until deliver. I lasted 2 days at home.

On Sunday August 11, 2013 I went back to the hospital. I was having some pain. 4 hours after arriving at the hospital "Baby A's" water broke while I was lying in the bed. 20 mins later at 3:16 Aurbree Faith was born into silent. Her heart was beating, but that lasted less than a minute. Amelia Hope followed at 3:17 again silent. I was holding Faith and they wrapped Hope with her in my arms. They weighed almost 4 ounces each and were 6&3/4 and 7 inches long. They were beautiful babies.

We spent 2 days with them and then lied them to rest at Joshua's feet on August 14th.

I never thought I would have 3 Angels to make diapers in memory of. But I do and it helps to know I am comforting other mothers by providing a piece of clothing for their baby gone too soon.
These 24 diapers and 14 blankets went to the Labor and delivery at Cullman Hospital in Cullman, Alabama In memory of Joshua, Faith and Hope Greer.

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #18, 19, 20, and 21

Maranda from the Angel Mommies of Arkansas continues to her mission to comfort bereaved families wherever there is need!

These sweet little diapers were donated in memory of Lynleigh Grace Jacks for the families of Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord, Michigan
These are for families of Charlevoix Area Hospital in Charlevoix, Michigan, in memory of Lynleigh Grace Jacks as well as Sarah and Jaylee Tyra.
And diapers for Howard County General Hospital in Columbia Maryland, the Rising Hope Perinatal and Bereavement Program.  For love of the Tyra babies.
Maranda has also donated these tiny sweet hats for families of Mid Town Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia!

For Love of Tessa part #18 and #19

Angel mama Debra provided another 172 diapers for the families served by St. Alexius Medical Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and Vista Medical Center in Waukegan, Illinois. For love of Tessa. You can read more about Tessa by clicking here.

For Love of Isaiah

"My husband and I were very excited to find out, in the fall of 2011, that I was, once again, pregnant. We had already been blessed with two daughters and eagerly anticipated the arrival of this new baby. We decided not to find out the baby's gender-- we wanted it to be a big surprise! 

The pregnancy went well-- no real problems. My two daughters had both been born via C-section, but this time I was hoping for a VBA2C. On April 13, 2012, the day before my due date, I noticed that the baby was not moving very much. On the morning of April 14, we found out that our baby had died. Our hearts were completely broken. 

Precious little Isaiah was born via C-section later that day and no cause for his death could be found. My heart breaks for all the sweet moms that must say goodbye to their precious babies. I hope that, in some small way, the diapers that I sewed will bring some comfort to these grieving women." ~Juliana, angel mama to Isaiah

Isaiah's family donated these beautiful bereavement gifts for the families of AnMed Health in Anderson, South Carolina.

Diapers in Pennsylvania

Relief Society Sisters from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania made 90 precious bereavement diapers for Holy Redeemer Hospital in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania.  Thank you so much for your service, ladies!!


Just this morning, we hit 60,000 Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers donated....to the very diaper!!! That ALSO means that our amazing volunteers have donated 10,000 diapers... in the LAST EIGHT WEEKS.  We have such amazing, generous, and dedicated volunteers! They are truly the very best of the best! I am so grateful for all of the hands that reach out to bless our special angel families in large and small ways every single day.

Diapers by Diana

Volunteer diaper seamstress Diana continues to bless the lives of our angel families through her contributions to our diapering cause!

This sweet collection of diapers was donated for families served by Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.  Thank you, Diana!

For Love of Mary Clara

"I believe that our little Mary Clara is happy that we are helping so many families in their time of need in honor of her. Mary was born sleeping but was perfect in every way. The cause is unknown; she was born at 37 weeks and weighed 7 lbs 3 ozs. We have no other children and she will always be our little princess in heaven." ~Becky, angel mother to Mary Clara

These sweet diapers, hats, gowns, blankets, and Angel Outfitters buntings were donated in memory of Mary Clara for families served by Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

For Love of Elaine

Ellie is a wonderful young woman that lives in the Northwestern United States. Ellie was born with three congenital heart defect and has had four open heart surgeries. She is one of the toughest girls with courage beyond belief! Her life has not been easy but she does it all with a smile and keeps on going no matter what.

Ellie made diapers for angel families with the help of her mother and her Laurel class from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  More than 50 hours were put into these precious treasures!!!  These diapers were donated to the Teeny Tears Headquarters, after which they were sent to families served by Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

These sweet little diapers were made in loving memory of Elaine Raquel Dyer.

For Love of Kale

"A few days before Mother's Day, 2013, my husband and I went for our standard 20 week ultrasound. We were excited and scared to bring baby number 3 into our family. With baby number 2 my water broke at 23 weeks, and 1 spent 5 weeks on hospital bed rest. He was born at 29 weeks and spent many months in the hospital, and then a few more years after that needing medical help via oxygen and a feeding tube. After finally getting past that and surviving, we thought we could handle anything my current pregnancy could throw me. We were so wrong, as the ultrasound revealed our baby had no amniotic fluid, no kidneys, no stomach, no bladder, and an enlarged heart. Our baby could not survive. Our hearts shattered at the news. We couldn't comprehend it all and were in shock. We took some time to ourselves and tried to figure out what we should do. We don't regret our decisions at all regarding our sweet angel. We determined to carry our baby for as long as possible, even though the doctors told us that our baby's heart would likely give out any time, and it could result in a still birth. We wanted nothing more than to meet our baby and hold our baby for as long as we possibly could, but couldn't bear the thought of picking the day our baby was born, and would surely die as well.

After a few weeks of me frantically sewing burial outfits, and blankets for a little girl, I turned to Teeny Tears and started sewing. It was such a soothing thing for me, to know that these diapers would bless a family who was suffering and grieving over a baby, like I would be soon. I made a little kimono and diaper set for a little girl, which we had be told we were 'probably' having. The day before our baby was born, I felt the need to make some baby boy things "just in case". I went into labor naturally at 30 weeks 3 days, and very quickly delivered our baby boy Kale Link on July 16th, 2013. We were at the hospital less than 15 minutes before he was born. We were so grateful to have on call the midwife who had treated us with such love during my pregnancy, and acknowledged my desires as a mother, instead of disregarding things because our baby had a fatal diagnosis. She willingly delivered our baby breech.

We spent a precious 40 minutes with our son Kale, before he passed from this life. He got a chance to meet his older sister and brother, and he knew nothing but love. After he died, we spent the rest of the day just holding him and remembering every detail about him. He was buried 2 days before my birthday.

I love my dear Kale so much, and want people to remember him. To remember that I have 3 children. Donating in Kale's honor and memory help me with that. The families that receive a diaper set I sewed on his behalf will always remember him, and will be so grateful. I have an ambitious goal to diaper 365 angel babies by his 1st birthday next year, and this first donation to Arizona will diaper 30 angel babies. I know Kale is proud of the work I'm doing on his behalf, and the healing it brings me."  ~Krystal, angel mother to Kale

Kale's family made diapers for Embrace Palliative Care Program via Arrowhead Hospital in Glendale, AZ

And 32 more diapers for Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada
In memory of Kale Link Bockholt

For Love of Heidi

"We were so excited to find out we were pregnant with our first baby. Life just seemed to be working out just the way we had planned. I was teaching 4th grade at the time and was due the last day of school. At our 19-week ultrasound, we were thrilled to find out our baby was a little girl. We loved watching her move all over the place and were told that she looked completely healthy. Another 4 weeks went by and I went in for a 23-week appointment. As I lay on the table, my doctor was joking with me but he seemed to be having a hard time finding our baby’s heartbeat. There was an ultrasound machine in the room and he decided to use that because he said it would be faster. His next words changed my life forever, 'Oh no, this sucks. Your baby should have her heart beating here, but it’s not.'

We delivered our sweet baby girl Heidi stillborn several days later on February 6, 2010. About one half inch of her umbilical cord was not fully developed so she was not getting the nourishment she needed.

We were completely heartbroken and shocked that this could be happening to us, especially when life seemed to be working out just how we had planned. As we held her perfect little body, we felt at peace and could feel her spirit there with us. The following months were so hard and many tears were cried, but we became closer as a couple and were so grateful that we knew she would be our baby forever.
We were blessed with a perfect baby boy just 10 ½ months later who helped fill some of the emptiness we felt. But we will always love our Heidi and think of her each and every day. She taught us so much in the short 23 weeks she was with us and changed us for the better."  ~Laura, angel mother to Heidi
"We wanted a way to honor our angel Heidi for her 3rd birthday. When we heard about this project, we knew that it was the one we wanted to do. It allowed us to get many friends and family involved in remembering Heidi and knew the diapers would be appreciated by those that received them. We would have loved having a sweet little diaper to dress our angel in!"  ~Laura
Many thanks to Laura, Dave, Katie, Cameo, Leslie, Margaret, Carrie, Emily, Valerie, Randa, Rachel, and Sharla for their service in memory of sweet Heidi Cates. 216 diapers were donated to St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City Utah and NILMDTS in Kansas City, Kansas.

For Love of Angel Bimba

"This is a special delivery to me in many ways.

First how it came about... I received an email from a friend who works at Columbus Medical Center!  In the email it gave contact info for the bereavement coordinator. I contacted the coordinator to find she was in desperate need of things for families. The church group that used to help them would not be able to donate any longer. They would need about 240 diapers and 120 buntings. They needed them as soon as possible.

The next thing that happened was truly amazing, I received a phone call from a member of the Butler 4th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They had heard of Teeny Tears and wanted to know if they could help in a service night... Totally amazing to me!!! I was worried about how I would get so many done quickly... prayers answered!

The diapers and buntings were donated in the memory of Angel Bimba Frandsen.

Bimba means "baby girl" in Italian.

The sweet Frandsen family has suffered many heart wrenching losses.

They lost a very sweet little girl Vittoria, while waiting for a heart transplant at age seven. Vittoria went in to surgery for a simple valve repair. Something happened while in surgery and her heart was no longer able to support her life, so she was put on the transplant list to wait for a heart that would save her life... It didn't come in time :(

Val and James Frandsen were cautiously thrilled when they found out they were expecting a baby again.

When they found out it was a baby girl they were even more excited. The sweet little boy they had at home would again have a sister. But tragedy again struck with heart ache as they discovered during a routine ultra sound their baby girl was now an angel with her older sister.

Val was born and raised in Italy. When I asked her if we could do this for her family, she said 'but we didn't name her'... So we used Italian to describe their tiny Angel. " Bimba".. baby girl

Val works tirelessly getting the word out for organ donation, so other parents won't have to loose a child waiting for the gift of life!"  ~Jana Hudspeth, angel mother to The Hudspeth Four and friend to angel families everywhere

Atti's Lilies

Tanya, the angel mama behind Atti's Lilies, donated Teeny Tears diapers in memory of Atticus, C.E., and Riot Rubiss.  These diapers were donated to North Colorado Medical Center (The Hugs Program and Loops of Love)).

Atti's Lilies specializes in providing tiny little remembrance hats for bereaved parents.
"Atticus was born on Easter Sunday of 2011 and passed from SIDS in November 2011. I was lucky to receive some items from the hospital when he passed, but I have learned that many bereaved parents have not. This page is for creating knitted caps in remembrance for your angel baby, whether you lost them to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss."~ Tanya, Atti's Lilies
Thank you, Tanya, for all that you do for angel families everywhere.

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