Diapers in Iceland

What's a family vacation to Iceland without a diaper donation to the National University Hospital of Iceland in Reykjavik?

The Green Family members have been long and loving supporters of the Teeny Tears project, helping us behind the scenes in so many meaningful ways with our mission to "diaper the earth".  We are so appreciative of everything the Green Family does to bless and support our project!

They took the mission very seriously and very literally when on a family vacation to Iceland this year!  They packed along a donation of Teeny Tears diapers, of course!
The Green family serves in memory of one of their own, Aurora Knudson, who passed away more than 20 years ago when she was born without kidneys..  It is fitting that they should take itty bitty diapers to a country where they were able to see the Northern Lights.... also known as the "Aurora Borealis."

For Love of Hudson -- Hudson David McNeel Foundation

The Northwestern Diaper Dreamers recently made a donation in memory of a fellow local angel family.  They serve the families of the University of Washington NICU through a project started in his memory, the Hudson David McNeel Foundation.

Every cent raised for our foundation is gifted to the University of Washington’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where Hudson was cared for until his passing. Hudson was born at 25 weeks and his odds of survival were 50/50. Our mission is to contribute funds for further research and development, to prevent or aid in the treatment of premature complications and deliveries. The NICU can use these funds for continuing education, fellowship programs, unit expansion, increased technology and infant transport programs. Due to Hudson’s severe prematurity, he needed to cared for in a level IV NICU, which can handle the most complex level of neonatal care. We feel fortunate to be living in an area with these resources available, and were nothing but amazed at the profound care that he received.

The mission behind the Hudson David McNeel memorial foundation is simple – to celebrate, honor and remember his life by giving back and making a difference in the survivability of premature lives…one breath at a time.

"Hudson David McNeel was born January 27, 2011 at 25 weeks. After a very tough fight, Hudson was sent to heaven, but only after leaving a legacy for his family to carry onward. Although he is not physically with us today, he helps by spreading awareness about prematurity and raising money for these delicate lives, all giving back to the NICU where he was cared for, at the University of Washington Medical Center. 

 Hudson is survived by his Mommy, Daddy and sister, who take great pride in keeping his memory alive and making a difference. You can read more about Hudson’s story and the Hudson David McNeel Foundation at www.hudsonmcneel.com" ~Heather angel mother to Hudson
The Northwestern Diaper Dreamers made a donation of 200 diapers in memory of little Hudson for the families of Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan.
"Last week I tagged along to the UW NICU with Jana. She had a meeting and I went along to keep her company. I ending up sitting in the meeting. Afterwards I met Heather McNeel. She is mommy to an angel, Hudson David McNeel. I saw and felt instant connection between Jana and Heather. After the meeting I asked Heather if she would mind if I made my next diaper donation in Memory of Hudson."  ~Carol, Northwest Diaper Dreamers

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Diapers by Lexie

Lexie is a sweet, 13-year old Young Woman from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Minnesota.  She made a donation of beautiful diapers to our headquarters as a service project.

"Hi, these diapers are from Lexie.  I am doing a service project for one of my Value Projcts at church.  I am LDS (Mormon).  Hope this helps.  Hope they are good enough.  I just started sewing and I'm 13.

I really enjoyed making the diapers! It was weird to think that any baby could be that small, my mom just had a baby and we compared the size of the diapers, the difference was huge!"  ~Lexie, friend to angel families
Indeed, they are good enough, Lexie!  They are perfect and will be dearly appreciated by the grieving families that will receive them for their little ones.  These parents will understand that they were made with love just for them, by someone who very thoughtfully took the time to serve them in their darkest hour. We are honored to place them with The Tears Foundation for families served by St. Luke's hospital of Boise, Idaho.  Thank you, Lexie!

The Tears Foundation

Over the summer, we coordinated with our volunteers nationwide to make a donation of diapers for every single hospital served by every single division of The Tears Foundation!
The TEARS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to compassionately assist bereaved parents with the financial expenses they face in making final arrangements for their precious baby who has died. Many of the founders and volunteers at The TEARS Foundation have experienced the loss of their own baby, and want to reach out in this way to support newly bereaved parents in their time of devastating sorrow.

For Tacoma, New Jersey, and New York, by the Northwestern Diaper Dreamers, in memory of Carter Garen Kimmel:

For New York by Sadie, in memory of Arlo Church.
Diapers by Sarah for Florida.
Diapers by Renee of Josiah's Song, in memory of Josiah Darin Lane.  For Oklahoma.
And from our headquarters.....

To Boise, Idaho:

Diapers handcrafted with love by the SLC Diaper Divas in  memory of Grace Faith Daseler.

Diapers by the Lehi 25th Ward Young Women of Lehi, Utah and the SLC Diaper Divas, with fabric that was donated to the Teeny Tears Headquarters by Allbrands.com

Diapers by Alexis, a young woman in Minnesota!
Diapers by Megan and Vanessa in memory of Spencer Dee Johnson.
And diapers by Jeannette Adams:
All together, our volunteers donated 2,120 diapers for the precious families served by The Tears Foundation hospitals!

Thank you, Tears Foundation, for helping us reach these special families!

Find more information about The Tears Foundation on their website and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!


Youth Making a Difference (YMAD) is a non-profit organization and year long leadership-training program for teens. YMAD strives to build responsible leaders by providing teens with the opportunity to make a difference personally, locally and globally. These experience create a life-changing perspective. At the end of the year long leadership training the teens go to India for 2 1/2 weeks and put everything they learned and prepared into practice in rural village orphanages. When the teens return home they continue to make a difference through service.

YMAD currently has two expeditions made up of local Utah high school students and adult leaders traveling to two remote areas of India. Operation Akata is helping in the villages of West Bengal and Operation Roshni has arrived in the Himalayan village of Chamba. While they are in India they will be teaching English, providing maintenance to buildings and facilities and changing the lives of Indian orphans while changing their own lives.  To read more about YMAD and the differences they continue to make in the world, please visit their blog:  http://www.ymad.org/blog/

On two separate occasions, leaders and alumni of YMAD got together to create diapers for Teeny Tears. All of the diapers were created in memory of MaRee Cowart.

MaRee's mom, Eden shares her story:

"At 18 weeks we found out that our second child, a little girl, was diagnosed with Turners Syndrome. Shortly after that, we found out that she not only had giant cysts on the exterior of her body, but her organs were filled with fluid patches that had spread to the placenta and were spreading to my organs as well. Her chance of survival was less then minimal and was seriously compromising my health. It was at this time that we made the difficult decision to end the pregnancy. On September 15th, 2010 (After 40 hours of labor), our tiny MaRee was born sleeping at 19.5 weeks. It was evident by her physical appearance that she was not meant to stay on earth for long. Even though many of her features were distorted, her smile was very apparent. Our little family has always embraced humor and laughter as a healthy coping mechanism. We are sure that little MaRee's smile was a way to remind us that even in the most difficult of times, a good sense of humor is always important. So along with the tears, we made sure she heard our laughter as well. I can't think of her now with out a grin coming to my face.

We are eternally grateful for the support we received from so many loving friends and family members, as well as medical staff at Riverton Hospital in Riverton, Utah. We are especially grateful to NILMDTS for the images they took of our daughter (they captured her smile perfectly). Our hearts and prayers continue to reach out to those who have lost sweet babies, and we hope that comfort and peace finds you as quickly as possible." ~Eden, MaRee's mama
Thank you, YMAD, for your service to our angel families!!
These diapers were donated for families served by Relief Share of Missouri.

Relief Share!!

This past summer we had the opportunity to make a donation of diapers from our headquarters for the families served by Relief Share of Missouri!

"Relief Share provides clothing & bedding for babies, quilts for the aged, essentials & household goods for those who have lost everything in floods, house fires, or due to job loss. We help wherever help is needed.

Our most precious work is done for the tiniest children of God who only need one last outfit and blanket to be snuggled in. Our hearts are fully engaged as we create the tiny gown, bonnet, blanket and memorial item that will bless the lives of the little ones gone too soon. It is difficult for a new mother to say goodbye before she got a chance to say a decent hello. Our ministry of love includes the families left behind, temporarily, until it is their time to go through that doorway we call death. Memorial items are an important part of the infant demise layettes given to hospitals and funeral homes. When arms are left empty, momentos help ease the pain.

Another aspect of providing infant demise layettes is the healing that surrounds volunteers that have gone through the same experience, some of them still the walking wounded. As they reach out to others in a similar plight, a miracle happens. When they finish the work the Lord has called them to do of succoring the afflicted and sorrowing, they find their own sorrows lessened. The Lord is wise in encouraging us to do charity work - in that, there is much healing and love - a blessing to both the giver and the receiver." ~Carol Green, Relief Share

Thanks to the generosity of many, we were able to make a donation of 912 diapers to Relief Share!!

 Diapers in memory of Jonathan Blake Brookes, sewn with love by his Grandma Norma.
Diapers in memory of Jonathan Blake Brookes, sewn with love by his Aunt Carrie.
Diapers made by the Clearfield 16th Ward Relief Society in Clearfield, Utah
Diapers in memory of Alyssa Ashleigh Erickson, handcrafted by the Spokane East Stake Youth Conference.
Diapers transformed by the Copper Oaks Young Women, Desert Sage Young Women, the Lehi 25th Ward Young Women, and Sara Millward from flannel donated by Arcadia Cotton.  In memory of the Millward Family Angel Babies.
Diapers made by the SLC Diaper Divas from fabric donated by The Quilted Castle.

Diapers made by the SLC Diaper Divas and the Desert Sage Ward Young Women, from fabric donated by The Quilted Castle.
Diapers made by the Sandy Utah Central Stak S.W.A.P. Committee (Sisters With a Purpose)
Diapers sewn by volunteers from YMAD.
Diapers made in memory of the four Hudspeth angel babies, sewn with love by their mother, Jana.
Diapers by Jen Dodson of Pleasant Grove, Utah
Phew!! We did it! 912 diapers to Relief Share!