For Love of Adelaide

"Just a few months ago, in July of this year, we lost one of our precious twin girls to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome at 20 weeks gestation. After weeks of devastating grief, I started to prepare for our daughter to be stillborn. I began looking for clothing for her to wear when she is born. I searched website after website and found little available commercially for a baby as small as our Adelaide. I shared my frustration with my sister Laurel who had happened upon the Teeny Tears blog and was able to share it with me. I have been sewing diapers ever since. 

 I experienced greater peace in making these diapers for other loss families than I had felt through anything else I had done to help me through my grief. When I joined the T.T. Facebook Participation Group I saw the Angel Outfitter’s No-Sew Stockinette Hats and decided I needed to make some of those as well. I have absolutely fallen in love with both of these projects. I feel like they are the main thing that is helping me through the grief of losing our daughter Adelaide. It is so healing to know that we are doing something to provide some comfort to other grieving families. 

We have had the misfortune and blessing of knowing ahead of time that our Adelaide will be born sleeping, but I know so many families don’t have time to prepare like we have had. It means so much to me to know that when our Adelaide is born we will have something for her that is her size. I love that we are able to share that same blessing with other families. We are so grateful for the blessing of our twin girls and the good we are able to see happening in our lives and the lives of others because of our angel Adelaide’s sweet short life. She is definitely an influence for good in our family, and I love seeing that influence spread to other families." ~Keira, angel mother to Adelaide

These precious Teeny Tears diapers were handcrafted by Adelaide's family in her memory: Mom, dad, brothers, sister, aunts, and uncle.  For families of UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

The Angel Outfitters No-Sew Hats were created and packaged by the Relief Society Sisters of the Cottage Park Congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (in Sacramento, CA) in honor of Adelaide Miller, Ella Reese, Avery Khan, Christian Taylor, Baby Girl Germaine, Joseph Owen Shaw, Baby Mills, and twins Dale Anthony & Gail LeAnne

For Love of Kaitlin, Kaitlin's Angels

Tiffanie, the angel mama behind Kaitlin's Angels, created beautiful diapers for two hospitals in New York. state.
You can read more about Kaitlin's Angels on their blog and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

For Columbia Memorial Hospital of Hudson, New York
For Unity Hospital of Rochester, New York
Thank you, Tiffanie!

For Love of Avery and Kenley

We were able to make another donation for families served by National SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support.  We are so thankful for all that SHARE does to help support bereaved families everywhere!

These diapers were sent to in memory of my cousin Avery Diane Hanson who earned her wings June 12th 2012 at just six days old, due to Sids, and also for Kenley Wood who was born sleeping earlier this year. I work midnights at a law enforcement agency and make little diapers on my nights off when I stay up all night.  ~Nicole, cousin and friend to angel babies

 For National SHARE and the DePaul Health Center in DePaul, Missouri
Find our more about SHARE on their website and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

MJ's Memories Part #4

Volunteer Diana donated diapers for the families served by MJ's Memories in Topeka, Kansas!
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Thank you, Diana!

Sawyer's Heart Part #5 and Tessa Part #20

We love Sawyer's Heart and think they do great work for the families of Chicago!  It is always an honor to provide diapers for their hospitals.
Sweet Sawyer and his precious little toes.
Debra (diaper enthusiast extraordinaire and angel mama to Tessa Mosher-Curry), sewed 100 sets of diapers (200 diapers) for Sawyer's Heart in memory of Tessa and Sawyer.

Teeny Tears Diaper Tutorial

For Love of Julian

"On October 31, 2013 , would have been our son, Julian's. 1st birthday. On this day we made our first donation of teeny diapers to Prowers Medical Center in Lamar, Colorado. My husband and I met with the Labor and Delivery nurses who took a few minutes of their busy day to accept the diapers and to talk to us for a little bit about our story. They especially wanted to know about the care that was given to myself, our son, and my husband. We answered their questions honestly and we hope to have given them a few ideas of how they can care for other people in the same situation. They were very thankful for the diapers we made them!" ~Cynthia and Rafael, angel parents to Julian

Diapers donated in memory of Julian Rafael Rodriguez

Angel Seams Part #5 and #6

We have a sewing group in Ohio that gets together to make diapers for angel babies wherever there is need!

They recently made donations to three Ohio hospitals!  Thank you, Angel Seams of Ohio!

Good Samaritan Hospital and Bethesda North in Cincinnati, Ohio
Adena Health System in Chillicothe, Ohio

Cortland MOPS

There is a lovely group of angel moms that have been getting together to sew diapers for the families of New York.

Thank you, Cortland MOPS for your donations to:

Wilson in Johnson City
Lourdes in Binghamton
Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca
Cortland Regional Medical Center in Cortland, NY
Chenango Memorial in Norwich
Crouse Hospital in Syracuse

For Love of Lillian Parts #2, #3, and #4

Caren, angel mother to Lillian Grace Cahoon, has donated more beautiful diapers and teeny little blankets in her memory for families in need:

For Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk, New York

For Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York
For Sisters of Charity in Buffalo, New York
Thank you so much, Caren!

Angel Mommies of Arkansas Part #22

Maranda from the Angel Mommies of Arkansas continues to her mission to comfort bereaved families in Arkansas... and beyond!

These sweet diapers were donated for the families of UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas.

For Love of Karter

"We were blessed to have diapers made and donated to Brandon Regional Hospital in honor of our sweet angel Karter Maverick Dunn. The diapers were made in Lynden, Washington by Carol Rinehart, a grandmother of a fellow TTTS angel also named Carter. A combination of 70 diaper sets plus Angel Outfitters buntings were delivered to our local hospital here in Tampa, Florida. I found Teeny Tears on facebook and was so touched by all of the love the volunteers and this organization was showing other bereaved families. 

Three and a half years of trying to conceive and 9 fertility procedures later, our prayers were answered in the form of an identical twin pregnancy. I first saw my baby boys on an ultrasound at only 6 weeks pregnant. They looked like tiny little beans. We had weekly ultrasounds and were so excited to watch them grow and develop. We already had their names picked out and as soon as we found out they were boys we started calling them by name. 

I was then diagnosed borderline stage 1 twin to twin transfusion syndrome at 18 weeks. The boys now had another thing tagged onto their names, Baby A Karter now also being called the donor and Baby B Kolton the recipient. Our TTTS progressed so slowly we thought for sure we’d make it past the critical point. By week 24 everything changed drastically and we were diagnosed stage 3. Our only option at that time was to fly to Cincinnati, Ohio to potentially have laser ablation surgery to try and save Karter, who’s heart was quickly giving out. 

The day before we were to undergo the laser surgery, we saw on an ultrasound that it was too late; Karter’s heart had given out. Our angel Karter lost his fight to TTTS on July 2nd 2012. We were in shock and heartbroken over his passing. Three weeks later at 28 weeks pregnant, I gave birth to our miracles, Karter already in heaven and Kolton rushed to the NICU continuing the fight for his life. Our hospital's bereavement team was so kind and caring! They helped to give me some peace during the scariest time of my life. They documented the boys birth with photos and a beautiful memory box for us to take home. They took footprints and handprints of the boys side by side as well as photos of Karter swaddled in a beautiful gown and blanket next to Kolton in his incubator. These are the most precious things we own that help us to remember our boys together besides our ultrasound pictures. 

As the boys' first birthday was quickly approaching, I thought it would be the best way to honor Karter by having diapers made to donate to our hospitals'  bereavement team. I know these diapers are so precious and will be a special thing for other bereaved families to have. Karter was such a little fighter! We know in our hearts that he gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life in exchange for his brother's. For this we are forever grateful! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Karter and feel a huge empty hole in my heart. I miss him so much it hurts, but I know he’s up in heaven smiling down on all of us and that gives me peace. 

My husband and I vowed to not let Karter’s passing be for nothing. I speak regularly to my now 15-month old Kolton about his guardian angel brother and will continue to tell him how much of a bond they share. We will always be a mommy and daddy of twin boys and I was so blessed to have gotten to feel his little life inside me! Thank you so much to Teeny Tears and the volunteers in helping us honor our sweet baby on what would have been his first birthday. We are setting up a team to continue sewing diapers to donate yearly to our local hospital. We are so excited to be a part of such an amazing blessing that the Teeny Tears organization is to other families like ourselves!" ~Danielle, mother to TTTS survivor Kolton and angel baby Karter
Below is a poem I wrote for Karter on the one year anniversary of his passing. It really helped to bring some much needed healing to write this for him.

Karter Maverick Dunn- Forever in my heart
A year ago today, you had to go away to be with our dear Lord.
Even though you were gone, I had to be strong for the brother you left behind.
You were so tiny and brave for your life you gave so selflessly to save another.
For this I’ll thank you forever and ever.
Up above I hope you feel my love with every tear I shed.
For a mother's love doesn’t go away.
I take comfort knowing we’ll be together again someday.
So as these tears fall from my eyes, I’m sending you kisses into the sky.
Your brothers growing so big so strong and through his life you will live on.
For now I have to say goodbye to my precious angel way up high.
Although now we’re far apart, you’ll always live close inside my heart.
For the families of Brandon Regional Hospital in Brandon, Florida

And buntings

For Love of Abigail, Handful of Hope -- Quilted Castle

We recently made a donation of 96 diapers for the families served by Handful of Hope and the DuBois Regional Medical Center in Dubois, Pennsylvania. These little diapers were handcrafted in memory of Abigail Elizabeth.

"Abigail was born at 26 weeks. She was born July 9, 2006. She was born weighing 1 pound and 12 inches. She was born early due to complications of preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.  She lived for an hour and forty-seven minutes before she died in her mother's arms. This photo was taken during the few precious moments she was alive. She is being cradled in her Daddy's hands.

We created Handful of Hope as a way of sharing God's love and as a way of offering hope. God helped us through our darkest days and blessed us with our two rainbow babies. Our youngest daughter Leah was born at 26 weeks, 3 days weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces. She was given a 10% chance of survival. Whenever Leah was born, we relived our experience with Abigail and we were afraid we were going to lose another baby. Through much pray, God healed our daughter and she will be turning 4 in February. We hope through Handful of Hope that people realize that God still answers prayers and even if their prayers don't turn out the way they expected that He will be there to carry them through their darkest days." ~Kristen, Handful of Hope
These little girlie diapers were made by Bailey and her friends and family for her senior project as well as the SLC Diaper Divas.  The flannel had been donated to our headquarters by The Quilted Castle.

And these little boy diapers were sewn up by the Jana Hudspeth of the SLC Diaper Divas (AKA, our headquarters team!)