For Love of Zoe and Evie Part #3 -- Sew Prem Part #4

More Teeny Tears diapers have been donated in Australia!

"These two parcels were made to celebrate the lives of Evie Mary (Twin 1 in the pink hat) born at 27 weeks 1010g and Zoe Kate Cutting 940g born on 28/11/2009 and lost their battle for life on 30/11/2009

I never knew these babies and at the time I did not know their Mother Sarah Cutting but two years on I came into contact with her through social media, with a little prompting from Sarah who pointed me in the right direction to get patterns I began sewing gowns for preemie babies, I knew that not all babies won the battle to survive and I wanted to make sure they to had something tasteful and appropriate to wear. 
Then when I actually met Sarah for the first time she told me a little about her family and the loss of her beautiful twin girls, since then we have collaborated on a lot of things regarding preemie gowns and burial clothes. I have tried lots of different patterns and finally stayed with my original patterns but with a few adjustments, then I found the Teeny Tears diapers and I knew I was heading the right way to having an almost perfect set. My packs now consist of two matching gowns, diapers and hats and when I have time some get little crochet heart softies.

This will be the second time I have donated parcels for the girls' birthdays and I'm so honoured that their Mother Sarah will be hand delivering them to both hospitals which are over 5 hours drive from our home town Sarah and husband Michael also have two gorgeous boys Joshua and Lachie also both born prematurely. Evie Mary and Zoe Kate continue to inspire me to do more, these two beautiful little girls have certainly changed my world forever, in memory of their 4th Birthday XOXOX"  -- Helen, Sew Prem
Two donations of complete burial sets for Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide, Australia and Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide Australia

Glines 4th Ward Serves Angel Babies

During the month of November, the women of Glines 4th Ward Relief Society in Vernal, Utah gathered supplies to make Teeny Tears Diapers and blankets. Our goal was to make 350 diapers and as many blankets as we could.

We sewed and compiled kits one afternoon and evening and some women took items home to sew. By the first week in January we had surpassed our goal and made 400 diapers and 140 blankets. We also put 20 of the Memory Boxes together for mothers experiencing grief for our local hospitals.

The above photo shows the Glines 4th Ward Activity Day Girls and the mother & baby bracelets they made for the Memory Boxes. They loved it!

There are several of us who have been affected by the loss of a child. Some mothers chose to have Teeny Tears tags made in their child's memory. Some chose not to have tags made but gave hours of service and donations instead. As the coordinator for the project, it was very touching to hear the stories and witness the love and compassion these women expressed.

Pictured above is a sample of the diapers and blankets we made.

The Memory Boxes we made will be given to mothers experiencing a loss in our local hospitals. Each kit is placed in a photo box and contains a baby hat, mom and baby bracelets, stuffed animal, grief journal and pen, local resource list (journals and resource list compiled by Carrie Austin of Small Angel Babies, Small Town Support,) a hanky with and angel ornament, penny poem, peaceful music CD, disposable camera, and a footprint/stat card.

The diapers, blankets and layettes are packaged separately so that the nurses and mothers may choose sizes and patterns.

These angel pockets were made shortly after our activity with scrap fabric.

We had a wonderful experience putting all of this together!"  ~Ivy, coordinator for the Glines 4th Ward Angel Service Project and friend to angel families everywhere

Diapers from this project have so far been donated to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Nassawadox, Virginia, Ministry St. Joseph's in Marshfield, Wisconsin, and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

For Love of Molly

"We lost Molly in December 11, 2009. She was perfect in so many ways. She was born sleeping at 24 1/2 weeks. We went for a routine u/s and found that she had no heartbeat. I had no idea, that this could ever happen. I had at that time a 10 y/o daughter and 8 y/o son and step son (they are 6 months apart).

Teeny Tears was the first thing in over 3 years that made me feel like I was helping other angel parents out. Then I became overwhelmed with my older kids' schedules and my marathon training. This is when I found Holly M. (angel mother to Blake and Shane) who completed the diapers that I started and more with all the fabric that I bought to make in Molly's honor.

I truly can't express what Teeny Tears has brought me in my healing journey and others in their healing journey." ~Jenn, angel mother to Molly

These diapers were handcrafted by Jenn and Holly M. in memory of Molly for the families of Sanford Medical Center in Fargo, North Dakota.


For Love of Gabe Part #3

Angela, angel mother to Gabriel Peter Krusi, made another donation of diapers (and itty bitty blankets!) in his  memory.  You can read more about Gabriel by clicking here.

These 12 diaper sets (24 diapers) were donated to Franklin Medical Center in Preston, Idaho.

For Love of Lauren

"Our sweet, much anticipated daughter was due to arrive on March 17th, 2013. Lucky St. Patrick's day! All preparations had been made, the pregnancy had been uneventful, everything looked fine and we were ready to welcome our new baby sister to the family. Even Grandma was staying with us to babysit when we went to the hospital. We spent a gorgeous day in Canyonlands National Park on the 12th of March. That night some contractions began and I was so excited. I thought the big day was here and by morning we would have our little one. 
I wrote Grandma a note with all the instructions and let Dad sleep while I walked around the living room waiting for things to progress. After a sleepless night, contractions stopped. While resting in the morning I realized I had not felt much kicking. But she never did kick much and we had been scared before with other pregnancies only to find our baby was napping. I had an appointment the next day, but wanted to check instead of worry another 24 hours. I wanted to see if things were progressing and wanted to meet our baby. 

We went in to the clinic that afternoon. The doctor could not find a heartbeat with the Doppler, but still, it was not our doctor. We went to the small office ultrasound machine. Everything got quiet. They sent us to the hospital and the large ultrasound, but we already knew. There was no heartbeat. Things moved quickly to get set to induce labor. My husband had to go home to tell the children what had happened, when they all thought we were going to get their baby sister. 

From those first moments, we felt very much in shock, but very blessed. A wonderful lady and friend who had lost a nephew had begun helping with stillbirths and sewing angel clothing. She came to see us with her beautiful little outfits. We did not need them, but they were special none the less. Early in the morning of the 14th we delivered gorgeous little Lauren. 7 lbs 3 oz of perfection. We still do not truly know what happened, although we did find that the placenta had abrupted partially and bled internally, giving us no warning signs. Some more ladies came to make hand and footprints which we cherish. They took pictures for us. They gave us matching bracelets and helped us to dress our little girl in her cozy sleeper. Another family who had lost a baby too soon had begun handcrafting beautiful tiny caskets.
Here in our little town,so far from anywhere and during Spring Break, so many people were there to give their service to us. We were so grateful for all of them. They made our worst day a little easier and helped us get through it. We were treated with so much kindness. Some of my cousins in Canada found Teeny Tears online and made a donation as a gift to us. That is first how I heard of the organization. When I saw what they were doing and thought about those who had served us, I knew that this project was something I could do to give back. I wish there was no need, but I know how important it is. I usually described myself as a "straight line" seamstress. I already had a pile of flannel to make baby quilts. I ordered my wood patterns and started small. 
Life is crazy, my kitchen table is rarely clean enough to sew, and I never feel like I am quite mastering those little curves. But I love the project, my children love helping by trimming threads, flipping, handing me pins or cutting ribbons.They have learned the hard way that babies die, but they love helping others and I love teaching them compassion. 
I got brave enough to ask for help and was overwhelmed with the willingness of others to pitch in. I hope to make this a life long project and to continue to be able to speak out about these precious little ones, to help people understand what it is to lose a child in this way and that we can all help and be more empathetic in our lives. If we had not lost Lauren, my eyes would not have been opened this wide and neither would my heart. We miss her every day and there is a hole in our family, but her spirit and her lessons are here with us. I do this for her, to see her name blessing others makes me smile. A small few have mentioned to me that this project may be sad, depressing and hard to think of.  I feel exactly the opposite. I only think of how cute the babies will be in their fancy diapers and how the families will feel, knowing their baby is cared about and that they are loved. I have also found that this is a project that touches many hearts, and I love watching it grow. Thank you to the entire Teeny Tears team for all you do to make this service possible for the rest of us."  ~Amy, angel mother to Lauren

These 20 sets of diapers (40 diapers) were sewn in memory of Lauren for the families served by St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismark, North Dakota. Sewn by Amy and some wonderful friends and neighbors in Monticello, Utah. A small town with big hearts. Sewn in memory of Lauren Grace Watson and many other little ones gone too soon.  

Angel Outfitters, a Division of Teeny Tears

Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers is extremely excited to officially announce the addition of Angel Outfitters as a division of Teeny Tears! Their buntings and hats for babies 14-20 weeks gestation have been a true blessing to the bereavement community and we are thrilled to partner with them in their mission to bless angel families everywhere!
What this means for Teeny Tears volunteers:

It really does not change much regarding the functionality and diapering mission of Teeny Tears. All of our Facebook participation group activity, blog posts and website activity will remain virtually the same. All adoptions of hospitals and organizations will remain the same. All contact via email, Facebook or other methods will be handled exactly the same as before. Megan Bradshaw, founder and President of Teeny Tears as well as Vanessa Pollard, Vice President of Teeny Tears, will continue in their roles at Teeny Tears.

What this means for Angel Outfitter volunteers:

Angel Outfitter supporters will now be able to make tax-deductible financial donations via Teeny Tears Bereavement Diapers. All participation group, blog posts and website activity will remain virtually the same. Christine McCracken Damitz, Founder and Director of Angel Outfitters, and Keira Peart Miller (Assistant Director and coordinator over hats) will continue to work directly with all of their volunteers to coordinate bunting and no-sew hat donations across the world. They will organize adoptions, materials, and logistics of all Angel Outfitter requests as they have been doing previously.

We are very excited for this partnership and feel like it is a natural way for our organization to go. We admire the work and energy that Angel Outfitters puts into every item they create and coordinate. We welcome Christine, Keira, and their wonderful volunteers to the Teeny Tears family!

You can visit the Angel Outfitters website here:

And the Angel Outfitters Facebook participation group here:

For Love of Gabriel and His Angel Siblings

"My daughter has had five miscarriages. The last one in February, 2012 - a little boy she named Gabriel. She will forever miss all of her angels. I wanted to do something in their memory and Teeny Tears has given me that opportunity. I hope and pray with every stitch that these diapers will somehow ease a mothers aching heart." ~Carol H., angel grandma

These beautiful diapers (with cute little added charms to the back of the diaper pins!) were donated to Wellstar Kennestone hospital in Marietta, Georgia.

And this collection to Spring View Hospital in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Remembering Grandma Scott

Heaven gained another angel this weekend, as Grandma Scott quietly passed away from this life at 92 years of age.  Grandma Scott is the beloved grandmother of two of our volunteers, Melissa and Carrie, along with 58 other grandchildren, 8 children, and 69 great-grandchildren!
Grandma Scott has sewn countless Teeny Tears diapers in memory of her great grandchildren, Cassidy and Spencer.  When Melissa visited her grandma one last time to say goodbye, this is what she found by her sewing machine. 
She leaves behind a tremendous legacy of love, sacrifice, and service.  Thank you, Grandma Scott, for your amazing example to all of us!  I am sure that as you are reunited with your friends and family that have gone before you, that you were greeted by new friends as well, special angel friends for whom you provided the only clothing they would ever wear in this life. 

"Then shall the King say unto them on his aright hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in.  Naked, and ye clothed me..."  Matthew 25:34-36
Melissa with Grandma Scott;  Carrie with Grandma Scott with four generations

Diapers by Sarah Reyes-Gomez Parts #6-12

Sarah has made an incredible SEVEN more donations of diapers for angel families across the country!  430 precious Teeny Tears diapers for angel babies in need.

These diapers were sent to William Beaumont Children's Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan:
 Beloit Health System in Beloit, Wisconsin:
Dekalb Birth Place in Auburn, Indiana:
Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Clinton Township, Michigan:
Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona:
Hutzel Hospital in Detroit Michigan:
 and Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan

For Love of Chloe and Gabriel

Chloe Ella's Angel Closet distributes beautiful clothing for tiny angel babies throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties.  They have become good friends of Teeny Tears and we are honored to contribute to their amazing project for our local families.  In memory of Chloe and Gabriel.  To find out more about their work, please visit their facebook page.

Angel mother Kassie shares her story:

"On January 8th 2013, we were given the most devastating news of our lives. We went in for a routine checkup and found out our little girl had passed away at 20 weeks. We went home to prepare to deliver her the next day. There were so many things that were going through my mind and so many emotions. I felt so completely lost and had no clue what to expect. All I can really remember thinking is "how is this happening and what in the world am I going to dress our tiny angel in?"

My heart was absolutely shattered. We went to the hospital to deliver her and I felt so broken. I kept looking at the bassinet that was in the room with the blanket the hospital provides and kept thinking is this a cruel trick?? How awful for me to sit here looking at that, remembering giving birth to my two perfectly healthy kids and knowing that the normal activities that would take place when a baby is born and put in it wouldn't happen for me. Heartbroken I knew I had to trust what was happening and trust that my needs would be met somehow some way.

When our little Chloe Ella was born, she was wrapped in that blanket from the bassinet and placed in my arms. Shortly thereafter I was visited by some of the most amazing angels on earth. My husband and I prayed for angels to attend us that day and we were sent amazing ones. A dear friend of mine now from "now I lay me down to sleep" came to take photographs of us with our little one. She brought with her the most amazing clothing made especially for a little angel her size. She was dressed and placed in my arms. I knew right then what I was supposed to be doing here in my community and all around the world. Helping dress these babies and providing keepsakes for older children's family's that pass away.
So with lots of help from "Teeny Tears", "Angel Outfitters" and other angel closets, we were able to start an angel closet out of our home to help families. With Chloe we were given a set of diapers from Teeny Tears. One for us and a set for our kids at home. It was so touching to receive those items at such a heartbreaking time. Our little girl was dressed like a princess and she looked so pretty. We treasure the items we received so much. We showed friends and family the diaper we were able to keep to show them how big she was. It is so special to us, as is the clothing and bracelet sets we got.

In August of 2013 we were absolutely shocked and over the moon excited to find out that we were expecting our Rainbow Baby. That's what they call a baby after a loss. I was so happy and yet so scared at the same time. We were told that our Chloe was a fluke thing and that it wouldn't happen again. But there were still feelings of concern .  We visited our doctor every two weeks sometimes every week. Things looked wonderful as we approached the time I lost Chloe. I was very emotional but reassured by his little kicks and nudges.

A few days before we went in to our appt at the exact week Chloe passed, I hadn't felt our little man move. I was frightened but thought I was being overly sensitive because of what happened with our daughter. Appt day approached and we went in only to find out the same devastating news. Our little Gabriel had passed away. We again went home and were extremely blessed to be able to pick out outfits to take for our baby and "Teeny Tears Diapers" from "Chloe Ella's Angel closet." There was a bit of confusion in the ultrasound and we were told that Gabe was a girl, so we packed clothing, but I did listen to call it a prompting... And grabbed 4 outfit sets to take each filled with items donated by Teeny Tears and amazing other people.

I was in labor with Gabe for 49 hours. Longest 49 hours of my life, but in the time we were waiting for him to be born we were able to help other families going through the same thing we were, with the sets I took with us to the hospital. When Gabriel was born, we again were blessed with items from other angel families and a beautiful bunting and a set of diapers for him. I was able to take the time I needed with him. I was able to put tiny diapers on him. What a gift that Friday was. When I said goodbye to his mortal body he was dressed and wrapped up in clothing that was so sweet. It made me feel good as his mommy to know he was wrapped up and warm. When we laid him to rest on December 16th, 2013 he was dressed and wrapped in the most beautiful things. It brought tremendous peace to my heart. 

Teeny Tears has brought so much comfort to my life, and I know has blessed several families going through absolute heartbreak. I'm grateful for the help they have provided me in being able to honor both of my babies by paying it forward. These ladies are my heroes! Thank you all for your love and support. It is an amazing gift to serve other families while I heal and continue to build a legacy in my Chloe and Gabriel's memory. "

Today, January 9, 2014 would have been Chloe's first birthday.  To commemorate this tender anniversary, Chloe Ella's Angel Closet  has packaged together donations that they have received into 152 complete sets of beautiful angel clothing for angel families. 

We were honored to provide gifts from our headquarters.  Many thanks to the Chipman Family, Arcadia Cotton, and the Salt Lake City Diaper Divas (the internal HQ sewing team!)

In memory of Chloe and Gabriel...
From Arcadia Cotton and Diaper Diva Tracy in memory of Chloe and Gabriel...

From the Chipman Family:
In memory of Carter John Chipman, Auria Lynn, Burton Bear, Emeree Hope, and Tera Dawn.
Thank you, Howell Family for the wonderful, tender, and important things that you do for angel families!