Sew Prem Part #5

More diapers and other beautiful angel items have been donated by Helen Childs of "Sew Prem" in Australia:

This parcel includes 18 medium gowns, 8 large gowns and 16 hats for preemie babies in the Special Care Nursery of Launceston General Hospital. They are also receiving 3 small diaper sets and 3 large diapers sets in memory of twins Evie Mary and Zoe Kate Cutting and Henry Harvey.

For Love of Lillian Part #5

Caren, angel mother to Lillian Grace Cahoon, has donated more beautiful diapers and teeny little blankets in her memory for families in need:

For Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo, New York.

For Love of Natalia Part #8

Angel mama Elaine has made more precious diapers (and blankets and hats!) in memory of her little Natalia.  You can read more about sweet Natalia by clicking here.

This collection was provided for the families served by Sanford Birth Center in Bismark, North Dakota.

For Love of Gabriel and His Angel Siblings Part #4

I delivered these diapers to Kennestone Hospital in Mariette, Georgia. I just love this ministry. Makes me think that when Jesus said "I was naked and you clothed me" that maybe this is what He meant. ~Carol H., angel Grandma.

For Love of Lauren and Alyssa

"A real team effort to make a large stockpile of diapers, and the willingness of the Young Women of Monticello 4th Ward and the Eastland Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to make hats came together on a Wednesday night, and by Friday we were able to donate 20 sets to a hospital in Maryland. 

For Lauren as well as Alyssa, born still at 32 weeks. She is the daughter of a friend found through our mutual losses last year, and Louisa whose sweet Grandma Stephanie helped sew MANY diapers with love."  ~Amy, angel mother to Lauren.

To read more about Lauren's story, please click here.

Diapers by Amanda L.

These beautiful diapers were handcrafted with love by Amanda L. and donated for the families of Centegra Hospital Woodstock, in Woodstock, Illinois.

For Love of Caleb

"On December 15, 2011, we went in for our 18 week ultrasound only expecting to find out the gender of our new arrival. Instead, we received the tragic news that our little boy had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS or essentially half a heart) and only one kidney. We started discussing treatment options when he would arrive in May. Sadly, one month later, I stopped feeling movement and was informed that he no longer had a heartbeat. On January 19, 2012 Caleb was born to heaven weighing in at 1 lb. and measuring 12 in. 

My sweet angel boy was the inspiration for me to join Teeny Tears. I didn’t know about the organization until Heidi Vawdrey from Angel Babies took pictures and provided clothing for us in the hospital upon Caleb’s delivery. I knew right then that I needed to help continue the wonderful work of serving these special families in need." ~Vicki, angel mama to Caleb

The first donation of diapers donated in memory of Caleb Steven Alvey were 120 precious treasures were made for the families of:

Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, Minnesota
Methodist Hospital in St Louis Park, Minnesota
Park-Nicollet Clinics and Maple Grove Hospital in Maple Grove, Minnesota
Caleb's family donated a second collection of 60 diapers (and 41 blankets!) in his memory to families served by United Health Center of St. Paul, Minnesota.

As a small side note, when I received this blog submission, it took my breath away.  I realized that these diapers that were worn by precious Caleb were the very very very very first diapers that I had ever sewn and donated.  Cut by the Copper Oaks Young Women at Girls Camp.  I had given them Heidi for her families just a few months before Caleb was born.  The circle of love and service continues.  ~Megan, Founder of Teeny Tears

For Love of the Pollard Angels Part #4

Vanessa Pollard, Vice President of Teeny Tears, hosted her 3rd annual event in memory of her three angel babies.

More than 40 friends, family, and fellow angel mamas came to help make Angel Outfitters buntings!  (Angel Outfitters is a division of Teeny Tears).  Several others showed support by sewing buntings in their homes across the country.

Several members of our Facebook participation group were able to meet in person for the very first time.  It was a wonderful and memorable event!  

This is the wonderful Vanessa:
This is Christine, the Founder and Director of Angel Outfitters:

"I have lead and attended many sewing events for Teeny Tears, yet whenever a new event comes around I am once again shocked at the outpouring of support in both volunteer service and materials. This year's event did not disappoint. What can sometimes be more important than the number of buntings or diapers created is the relationships and camaraderie that is formed. I can only say a simple thank you to the people who continue to show up and help me and Teeny Tears make a difference in this world. 

 In the case of this event we completed 150 buntings that were brought by Angel Outfitters to the event. They needed to be finish stitched and ribboned. Then we managed to cut more yards of flannel than one could probably wrap their head around. In the end it all equaled 103 completely finished buntings, 385 buntings ready to be finished stitched and ribboned and a 28" tall stack of cut outs ready for the entire process. That doesn't even include the additional flannel that was donated happily to Angel Outfitters. 

I am blessed and so very lucky to be affiliated with Teeny Tears and cannot wait to attend events all over the state as I begin to prepare for my 4th annual event."  ~Vanessa, Vice President of Teeny Tears

 Christine, Megan B., and Vanessa

For Love of Tessa part #21 through #24

Angel mother Debra continues to spread her diapering love to any hospital in need!

Debra has donated more than 3,000 Teeny Tears diapers for angel families including 480 more diapers for hospitals in Illinois and Maryland. 

Read more about little Tessa by clicking here.

For Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois

Advocate Condell in Libertyville, Illinois

Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, Illinois

Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland
Thank you so much, Debra, for all that you do to serve angel babies everywhere, in memory of your sweet Tessa.

Diapers by the Heritage Ward in Fort Worth, Texas

Here are some pictures from our Teeny Tears Service project for the Heritage Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Fort Worth, TX on Oct. 26, 2013. This came to me as part of my calling as the Humanitarian Aid Specialist in our ward (congregation). 

I began this adventure this summer when I was in Alaska and made my mom help me do a few to get started to make sure I could do it. When I decided I COULD do this, I decided it would be the PERFECT project for our ward. So after many months of planning and prepping, our event came, and went. We had a three hour block at the church where we completed about 250 diapers. About 5 or 6 ladies then split up the rest to finish and we came together about 3 weeks later as a group of about 15 and finished pinning and ribboning about another 500 diapers (!!)  that have been donated to several hospitals in Texas. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity for service and all around good time spent with some wonderful sisters and friends in our ward!  ~Azure

Diapers from this special service event have been donated to the following hospitals:

Cook Children's Hospital in Dallas, Texas (this collection made by Azure herself as she prepared for the event!  Practice makes perfect!)
Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, Texas
Christus Spohn South in Corpus Christi, Texas
Methodist Child and Heart/Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas
Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas
Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos, Texas


Angel Mommies of Arkansas #26

Maranda from the Angel Mommies of Arkansas continues to her mission to comfort bereaved families in Arkansas... and beyond!

These 200 sweet diapers were donated for the families served by North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison, Arkansas in memory of the Tyra babies.  You can read more about the Tyra babies by clicking here.

For Love of Gabriel and His Angel Siblings Part #3

These precious treasures were donated by volunteer seamstress and angel grandmother Carol H., in memory of Gabriel and his angel siblings.  For families of Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center in Hartsville, South Carolina.

"My daughter has had five miscarriages. The last one in February, 2012 - a little boy she named Gabriel. She will forever miss all of her angels. I wanted to do something in their memory and Teeny Tears has given me that opportunity. I hope and pray with every stitch that these diapers will somehow ease a mothers aching heart." ~Carol H., angel grandma 

Diapers by Franzi

"My name is Franzi and this is my first donation to Teeny Tears. In December 2013, I first heard about Teeny Tears through a post on Facebook. I looked up the organization to find out more and I can’t really tell you what drew me in, but I knew I wanted to contribute.

I only started sewing a year ago so my skills are still developing. But I like to sew and I like to make people happy with what I give them. The idea of being able to help families in their darkest hour is something that just speaks to me. If I can make a diaper for a little angel who doesn’t fit available diapers, and through this give him or her the dignity she/he deserves, why not do it? I can’t imagine the emotions of a family in such a situation and if my sewing can help them even a little bit then it was all worth it.

My first donation is going to the Easton Birthing Center in Easton, Maryland. They received 24 sets. When I started to cut the flannel, I realized how tiny the diapers are but I have to say, it hit me again when I folded and pinned the diapers. I have small hands but even in mine the small diapers look tiny!

I picked cute ribbon to tie them all together. They are not perfect but they were made with love and I hope they provide the families that receive them some comfort.

One thing I noticed was that people have a difficult time approaching the topic of stillborn babies or preemie death. Conversations typically started with “So what are you sewing currently?” and I would say “Bereavement diapers for stillborn babies. I donate them through Teeny Tears.” and that was the end of the conversation. Makes me wonder, if people feel uneasy talking about this to me, who is not affected, what must it be like for families who go through this? Who maybe want to have this conversation as part of a healing process but only encounter awkward silence?

I enjoyed making these diapers and I will make more. That box of safety pins holds 1400 pins. Maybe I can use them all for diapers. That's a mission!

All the best,