For Love of Oliver

"Below are 50 large diapers sets, 50 small diaper sets, 5 sets of size 2 hats, 25 sets of size 3 hats, 28 sets of size 4 hats (80 full sets with a blanket), all ready to be donated to Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA on Thursday, April 24, 2014 in honor of my son Oliver who was born there 6 weeks prior.

Oliver was diagnosed at 18 weeks with Trisomy 18, which is a chromosome disorder that is not compatible with life. This was our first baby, who we were so very excited and anxious for, so naturally we were devastated at this news. Amongst other things, we were told that there was a high likelihood that Oliver would not make it to delivery but each month we prayed that the ultrasound would not detect any hydrops or other signs that his little body was failing him... And thankfully it never did. 

 He was so strong until 32.5 weeks, when my water broke. Unfortunately his little heart could not handle the stress of labor and he was born still on March 12, 2014 at 3:14pm, 2 lbs 12 oz 15 1/3 inches long. It was the hardest day of our lives but were surrounded by our immediate family and a hospital full of the kindest souls we've had the pleasure of meeting. With all of the challenges stacked against him, Oliver was a little fighter and made it further than anticipated. And he was so handsome! As parents who were routing for him, we could not have been more proud.

For me personally, this experience has been so humbling and has made me reevaluate my priorities in life. Making these diapers, hats and blankets with the help and support of friends and family has been very healing and I'm so happy to have a way to not only thank Evergreen and bless other hospitals and families in the future, but to honor my son's memory in such a way.

Oliver, I love you son and until we meet again.... "... I hold you in my heart..." (Philippians 1:7)"  Kim, angel mother to Oliver


For Love of Mara #19

"This donation is the start of a new tradition for me in sending out diaper donations. Last year, I ordered several different fabrics during the Black Friday sales. I washed them and folded them for use throughout the upcoming year, til I came to one fabric. I had managed to order the exact fabric that Mara's gown was made from - a simple pink and white checkered flannel. I had not realized it was the same fabric as it looked different in the online photos and I had not seen that particular print in the stores before. I was paralyzed with what to do with this fabric - I only had a yard or so of the fabric and then it would be gone. The fabric sat untouched for months. This past spring, I cut two small squares from the fabric to use in a baby quilt for Mara's new sibling but put the rest back in my flannel stash.

I ordered several yards of the fabric because now I have a plan - every donation I send out will include a set of the small diapers in the simple pink/white checkered fabric. It is a way for me to make each donation have a personal connection. I wish I would have had a diaper for my daughter, but I am so very grateful that someone took the time to make her a precious gown so she could be clothed." ~Katrina, angel mommy to Mara Grace

To read more about Mara, please click here.


For Love of Mara in Chicago

"The leader of the support group that I attended after Mara died asked me if I would bring some diaper samples to a bereavement conference being held at her hospital. She loved the diapers when I brought them to group as something that I do in memory of my daughter. I donated some to her hospital and she wanted other hospital personnel to see the diapers in person. Being at the conference was a wonderful chance to hear from hospitals that were already using Teeny Tears diapers about how much they were appreciated by the staff and the families. The nurses loved having something to offer the families that was handmade with such love. The conference was also a great chance to introduce new hospitals to the diapers. Nothing is as convincing as seeing how truly small the diapers are and touching them to feel how soft they are for delicate skin." ~Katrina, angel mother to Mara Grace.

In addition to handing out 140 diaper samples to staff attending the conference, Katrina worked hard after the conference to donate 412 more diapers for 7 Chicago-area hospitals that requested diapers!  

Diapers were donated in memory of sweet Mara Grace to:
Adventist Hinsdale
Adventist Lagrange
Adventist Bolingbrook
Presence Mercy Medical Center
Seasons Hospice
Central DuPage
Rush Copley