For Love of Lael and Avery

"I found this group in October of 2012 after my sister-in-law lost her baby girl, Lael Gutierrez at 18 weeks. My heart fell & I wanted to do something in her honor. Well, life got the best of me during the holidays and I hadn't even sewn up 1 diaper. 

In January of 2013 I found out I was pregnant. I have 3 beautiful children from a previous marriage but this baby was our first. Brayson was nervous watching my tummy grow (it was his first all together). Our 18 week ultrasound came & my heart fell as we learned I had lost the baby just days before mother's day. Our daughter Avery was born with no nurse or MD in the room, just us & it was peaceful. I was very blessed to have delivered at the only hospital in San Antonio that carried these lil gems. 

Soon after Avery s birth I started sewing. I needed this group so much. It is honestly what has helped me to heal. My children help flip the diapers & even pin them. We talk about sister & how much we love her often. She is forever with me. 

With each donation of diapers, I send it off with a kiss & a prayer in my heart for the angel families and the staff of all these centers."   ~Naomi (mom of Avery Verzella & aunt to Lael Gutierrez)

486 diapers have been donated in memory of Lael and Avery for the families of:

Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas
Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Gila Regional Medical Center in Silver City, New Mexico
Methodist Child and Heart/Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas
Renown Regional Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada
University of Maryland  St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland

For Las Vegas, Nevada

Diapers by Edy

These are my photos from the delivery I made to the University Hospital in Tampa, Florida. 20 large and 20 small diaper sets. I had a strong need to get involved with a charitable organization and especially one dealing with infants or children so I contacted several and did not get any response until I contacted Teeny Tears and you got back to me immediately. Currently its just me, sewing for all of the angels who are gone to soon, and I will continue to sew as time allows. It feels so good to be a part of your team, thanks for all you do!   ~Edy Tampa, FL

For Love of Lauren Part #4 - #12

Angel mother Amy Watson remembers her precious Lauren through service in her memory.  She serves in a variety of ways, including advocating for angel families at hospitals across the country and providing sewn diapers and other clothing treasures (including buntings, hats, and gowns!)

To read more about Lauren, please click here.

The Watson Family has recently provided donations of Teeny Tears diapers and other clothing items for the families of:

Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding, Utah
San Juan Hospital in Monticello, Utah
The Women's Hospital of Texas in Houston, Texas
Sanpete Valley Hospital in Mount Pleasant, Utah
Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, Colorado
Southwest Memorial Hospital in Cortez, Colorado
Sevier Valley Medical Center in Richfield, Utah
Castleview Hospital in Price, Utah
Steele Memorial Hospital in Salmon, Idaho

"Cortez and Durango, Colorado are relatively close to me. I called and offered them diapers and they were very receptive and had never heard of tiny diapers. I mailed off boxes to them" ~Amy

In an effort to reach all hospitals in Utah, we reached out to Richfield and Price hospitals. As we went to visit family for the 4th of July we were able to work these towns into our drive. It was fun to drop off diapers in person, especially for my daughters who help me so much with the project." ~Amy

"I sent two small sets to Steele memorial in Salmon, ID for an 18 week baby being induced.I also sent a large bunting in case it was needed. Although a donation is in the works, this was an immediate need I was so happy to be able to fill. Also included hats, a lay-me-down wrap and blanket with each set."  ~Amy
"Here in our neck of the woods, there are some ladies who take care of any stillbirths that happen. They do hand and foot molds, pictures and dress the babies. The Angel Babies group was running low on tiny clothing, so some of us here made up sets to fill that need. We made diapers, blankets, gowns and  hats. The need is rare but we are ready." ~Amy
And ten more sets of diapers for Sanpete Valley in Mount Pleasant, Utah
Thank you, Watson Family!